Short LeafGreen Creepypasta

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Short LeafGreen Creepypasta

Post  Chibi248 on Wed Nov 23, 2011 2:36 pm

Pokemon Leafgreen Creepy Pasta

When I was about 7, Leafgreen came out, and I was stoked because my mom was finally going to get me a Gameboy and 1 game. Since my sister loved pokemon and had the games, I thought I’d get myself a beloved pokemon game too.

We got to Gamestop and mom told me to pick out a game, while she went to get me a Gameboy. I skipped to the Gameboy game section and glanced at the rows of brightly-colored cartridges. To my excitement, I saw a shiny, green cartridge that read: Leaf Green. I squealed in excitement because my sister couldn’t tease me about not having a game, anymore. I jumped around when my mom walked over. “That’s the one you want?” she asked.
“Yes, mamma.”
“You sure?”

When I got home, I immediately shoved the game into the system and turned it on.
The word: Gameboy, popped up in a rainbow of colors, then turned blue.
I named my character Trinity, because that was my name, and the girl looked kinda like me, except for the goofy hat. I picked a Charmander, because I liked fire pokemon, and I knew it would turn into a dragon one day!!

I played my game for hours, my sister asking: “Do you need help?” every time I got stuck.
“You sure?”

It was time for bed.
“But mama, it’s the weekend!! Can’t I play my Gameboy a little longer?” I whined.
“No, you’re a growing girl, you need your sleep.” She replied.
“Please?” I begged. My mom picked me up and set me in my bed, tucking me in. I was angry. It wasn’t fair, Azlyn always played her game, but I only got a couple hours. I put my head down, and tried to go to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep.

I got up and snuck down the hall to the kitchen. I climbed onto the counter and opened up the cabinet. I saw the silver game system. I grabbed it and climbed down, crept down the hall, and climbed back into bed. I made sure the volume was all the way down before I turned it on. I smiled when I saw the rainbow letters turn blue.
When the game started, I realized that the names I had given my pokemon were stupid. I knew what to do. The name rater.
I made Trinity go to her box, and take out the pokemon with stupid names, to put into her party. When I went to put my Charmander in box, the little text at the bottom came up.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t do that.”

I sat there, puzzled. I pressed A, and tried again.

“Charmander doesn’t want to leave your party.”

I was now mad. That game was NOT gonna tell me what to do. My stubborn, 7 year old mind told me to keep trying. So I tried again.

Wrong move.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t do that. He wants to stay with you, Trinity.”

I was now a little scared.

I noticed something different about the sprite. It had on a huge grin that was curling inward. It’s mad, black, beady eyes were staring right at me. I tried again. My worst move yet.

This time the Gameboy made a sound.

A voice, more like it.

“HE DOESN”T WANT TO LEAVE!!!” a demonic voice boomed from the system.

I screamed in pure terror, and threw the Gameboy at the wall. I ran into my mom’s room and climbed into her bed, shaking with horror.

The next day, I gained the courage to turn on the game. Everything was normal, but the sprite still looked the same.

I immediately turned it off, and started a new save. I got a charmander, but this time he was normal. I didn’t really play my Gameboy that often anymore.

And to this day, I still don’t like pokemon games.

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New Creepypasta: Pokemon are not our friends.

Post  Chibi248 on Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:22 pm

My 5 year old little half-sister, Ema was coming to my dad’s house, and I was excited to see her. When she stepped out of her mom’s car, she had her 3DS shoved in her face because she played it so much.
“Hey, Ema-bear!!” I laughed, hugging her, as she stepped inside the house. She didn’t even look up from her game. “Whatcha playing there, kiddo?” I asked, curiously.

“Pokemon Soulsilver.” She said, still not looking up.

“Cool, hey you wanna go outside? Macy, the stray cat just had kittens.” I asked, smiling.

“No,” She said, simply.

“How ‘bout we run over to the corner store; they have a two for one deal on candy.” I pleaded.

“No, stop bugging me.” She snapped.
I was totally shocked. Ema is a very sweet girl!! She never talks to me like that!!!
“Okay.” I blinked. I walked to my room. It was that stupid 3DS!! Ever since her mom bought her the thing, she’s been playing it nonstop!!
It was no big deal….at the moment.

It was time for Ema to go to bed, and I walked into my room to get her.
She wasn’t there.
Okay no big deal, she must be in Gavin’s room.
Not a trace.
I checked the bathroom, then the kitchen, then Dad’s room.
She was nowhere to be seen.
But there was one place in the house I forgot to check.

The basement.

I hated that place ever since we moved in. It was dark, and creepy, and there were poisonous spiders down there. Ema hated the place too, since she had a small case of arachnophobia. I really didn’t want to go down there.
I had a small bit of hope.
Maybe she’s outside.

She wasn’t there.

A walked back into the house and faced the basement door. It seemed to stare at me, teasing me to be exact. A took in a deep breath and opened the door. The staircase ran down as far as the eye could see ‘cause it was dark. I gulped and began down the stairs.

Thump, thump, thump.

My steps made the noise as a tiptoed down the dark staircase. I brought a flashlight, and clicked it on. I finally made it down the stairs.
I scanned the area with the flashlight. The room was filled with boxes and canned goods.
“Ema?” I called, softly. I listened closely. I could hear a very faint sound. It was a small voice. A girl’s voice.

Even though it didn’t sound like her, I knew it was Ema’s voice; and what she said made me almost shit myself.

“Hush, little Pichu. She’s in the room now. We just have to wait ‘til right moment…..”

Pain shot up my leg. I screamed in pain, and ran up the stairs, wincing on every step I took with my left leg. I swore I could hear sinister giggling as I ran. Once I made it up the stairs, I slammed the door shut. I sat down, breathing heavily. I looked down at my leg. It was bleeding. I looked closer. It was a bite mark. She had bitten me!! I looked even closer and noticed something.

The bite mark was too small to be Ema’s.

I tried to calm myself down, as I dumped peroxide onto the wound. It sizzled and burned, and I winced. ‘There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. An animal of some kind bit me.’ I thought. ‘And Ema was talking like that because she was playing with toys….’ I tried to reassure myself. Then I remembered. My baby sister was in the dark basement, alone with some kind of rabid animal on the loose. A put a band aid on my wound, and open the bathroom door, to see Ema in the hallway, staring at me. Her face was completely plain. No emotion what so ever.
“Ema?” I asked, not sure what to do.

“You shouldn’t have gone down there. Pichu doesn’t like you.” She said, plainly.

“Ema, stop it!! You’re going to bed right now!!” I yelled at her.

She smiled a sickly grin. “Make me.” She challenged.

I reached out and grabbed her, throwing the little girl over my shoulder. She was kicking and screaming. I set Ema in her bed, and took her 3DS away. “GIMMIE IT BACK!!!!” she shrieked.
I flipped the lights off and shut the door. I went into the living room, and sat on the couch. I sat there, RPing on my laptop, when I felt something watching me. I turned to see the Soulsilver game cartridge, lying on a table.
I had never been a fan of pokemon games, but I wanted to see why Ema loved it so much. I grabbed the game and shoved it into my lime-green DS. When I turned it on, I saw a black screen. I thought it had frozen, so I turned it off, and tried again. Same black screen.
But then it started. Instead of the little file thing popping up, the game just started. Ema’s little character, Reagan, was in the Pokemon center. I wondered what kind of pokemon she had, so I went to the PC and clicked BOX. There were no pokemon in the BOX.

Okay then maybe they’re in her party.
I clicked PARTY.
There was only one pokemon there.


But it got weirder.

The Pichu had a sick smile twisted on its face, sharp, rotten teeth showing. Its beady eyes were red, with tiny, black pupils. It had blood on its paws, and it looked straight at me. I had the nerve to click it. A text box came up at the bottom.

‘Pichu doesn’t like you.’


‘In fact, it hates you.’


‘It wants you dead.’

My blood turned to ice.
I quickly got out of the PARTY and there stood Ema’s little sprite, Reagan.

But it looked different.

It had shoulder-length, reddish/purple hair with bangs. It was wearing a blue tee-shirt and yellow shorts.

It was me.

All of a sudden, the screen turned white, and a little gravestone popped up.

So did a text box..

Here lies Trinity Erickson.
She was murdered by her EMA’s Pichu,

Ema’s character was really named Reagan…

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