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Gh's Random Mini Stories

Post  Green Hornet on Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:54 pm


She had been alone for so long.

This forest had no end. She trotted down the winding paths. What else was there for her to do?

Then she saw him. The one she hadn't seen in so long, for literally an eternity.

His eyes were wild, his pelt ragged, ripped. He wasn't what he once was.

Spending countless lifetimes chained between worlds does that to one.

"I trusted you..." He snarled, claws unsheathing. "And you did THIS TO ME!" His voice grew in anger, disappointment, and betrayal. "I watched them die! I watched them all die! IT'S YOU'RE FAULT!" He was screaming at this point, and she couldn't believe what he was saying.

"And this is my retribution..." His voice has suddenly changed to a low, dangerous growl, before he lunged forward, his claws and teeth sinking into her flesh.

She didn't die. Of course not, spirits can't die.

But they feel pain.

And she would, forever, now that he was here.
There were too many of them.

They swarmed like rats over the young deputy, his claws flashed as fast as they could, but it was no use.

The last thing he saw before he closed his eyes was the panicked face of Tasha.

"I'll bet you a few rat tails that I'm better off on my own than here in the clan. You guys don't need m-"

The tom was cut off by her indignant growl. "Don't say that! You're a great Medicine Cat, you've-"

"Come on. I've taught you everything I know, it's time, for once, that you stood on your own four feet." It was true. Between her mentor, and then his arrival, she had been like an apprentice all of her life.

"Promise to visit?"


He was never seen again.
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Re: Gh's Random Mini Stories

Post  dragonnaruto on Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:01 pm

I like the first one. :3

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