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Post  MewMew100 on Mon May 28, 2012 8:54 pm

Alrighty then. I thought it would be nice to add this to the site. The Daily Frostclanner is something GH came up with a long while back, and I decided to keep up on it. It basically serves as a recap for all the major things that happened on anything on the site as a whole, but mainly pertains to the Frostclan RP. I've lately been keeping track of it by making a new issue each week. Any and every member is allowed add an article that they may find important to the site by PMing it to me or posting it here. And every week, (Not sure about a set day I'll put them all together and post them here and on DA Smile

Daily Frostclanner - Issue One: (by GH)

If you want gossip on this years hottest celebrities YOU CAME TO THE WRONG PLACE GTFO.

If you want information on the best Warriors Roleplay since Bananaclan, you came to the RIGHT place! This is the Daily Frostclanner! You can find the Frostclan Roleplay here: [link]


Current Leader: Smolderstar
Current Deputy: None

Newest Addition -
The newest addition to the clan is Star, a gentleman-like young tom with a black pelt and a white star shape on his chest. He was a rogue that already knew of Frostclan, and no one knows where he came from. Is this just a coincidence, or will this have something to do with major points later on? I guess we'll find out!

Recent Deaths -
Phoenixtalon was murdered by some goons from the Rogue Queen's forces in the Alleys.


Admin: Green Hornet
Mods: Mewmew and Rosethorn

Banned People -

Problems and Updates!

We are having issues with a certain former member, who is constantly hacking Torchic's account to post nasty messages and mess with our beautiful RP site. I am currently trying to get this fixed, but it's not working out so well.

Updates.... There is a new Pokemon roleplay on the site, as well as a secret agent RP.

That's all for now. Leave suggestions for future 'Daily Frostclanner' issues in the comments!

Daily Frostclanner - Issue Two: (by me)

Hey there, kitties! MewMew here, and don't be fooled by the name, we only update an issue each week with all the latest know-how on Frostclan. Its been a while since we've followed up on the Clanner issues (And I promise, we'll get back on on this) and there has been quite a bit of changes with the transfer from FC II to FC III, so I've decided to try and catch up on a few of those. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Starting out with our top story: Briarface, the current deputy, has begun his trip to Starclan. Tuesday, May 8th, around 8:40 pm, the tom was found ill and dying within the camp borders. Frostclan official Rosethorn must have decided that it was about time that the tom was replaced by perhaps a better suited cat and is currently allowing her character to fall victim to his sorry fate. So far, there are a few contenders who are eligible for the spot as deputy, though really only one cat's name is in Harrierstar's head.

And with other news: Currently in the Other Roleplays area of our little site, a brand new baby has bloomed into the world of RPs and is booming! Digimoj: The Clash of Corruption so far has been a smashing success, and though we are merely in the Exposition phase, I can already tell it will turn out to be a very fruitful, long-lived roleplay.

As for those of you who have been wondering, what else has changed in this new world of Frostclan, I have a couple of loose ends to tie up; things that were left hanging in the air.

One, to start off, Frostemort, our main troll and former member, has yet to make any appearances on the new RP. However, I fear that even now, we're still in an unsafe zone and we must not allow our watchfulness to fall for any period time. And poor Torchiclove, we are sorry you must deal with her outside the Interwebbed World.

Now, as for one of the biggest dramas from any of the clans, comes the Smolder/Jewel/Hawk love triangle. We all knew what happened, how Jewelfire cheated on Hawkscar with the late leader, Hawkscar threatened death upon his mate, and Smolderstar's spirit promised to protect the she-cat. And how Jewelfire had one kit who turned out to be Smolderstar's rather than Hawkscar. But what most of the members don't know is what happened before Bloodkit was born. Any cat could tell that Jewelfire's belly had been too big to hold only one kit, so how did only Bloodkit get birthed? Its simple; though my computer crashed and the post was lost, I believe Rosethorn might still have a copy of it. But here's basically what went down: Jewelfire originally had two kits, and
during a walk in the forest one day, she birthed one by surprise. However, she was weak and it was freezing in the snow, and the kit died instantly. Unable to continue the birthing process, she blacked out. Eventually, she woke up and headed back to camp after burying her son, Bravekit, who was Hawkscar's spitting image and kin. A few days later, she birthed Bloodkit, who was Smolderstar's daughter, and she grew up in the camp. Jewelfire kept quiet about her lost son so that no cat would ever find out about her ignorance and inability to be a mother and Hawkscar assumed she had cheated. Later, during her dying moments, Cherrywing's ghost returns to....oh, how would I put this?? Clear the air? Well, he tells Hawkscar about his dead son and then killed Jewelfire right before his former apprentice, and then disappears, leaving Hawkscar to grieve over his mate whose love for him had never left. Tada, and that is how Jewelfire dies in the end. (The short story The Hawk, Weasel, and Jewel was based off of this triangle.)

As for our Misc area, we have a few small notices:
I'm sorry, all you older Frostclan1 fans, but due to some summer updating and such, Pokefarm has deleted the original RP, so we won't be able to post the first Frostclan. But we shouldn't let the past interfere with the future, so it will be forgotten.
As for the other notice, Frostclan has gotten an new mascot, and a contest to accompany it. So there will be new news with that as well.

Now, before I go, our last story: How has our old charries adapted to these new changes? Well, they really haven't. Despite leaving his mark in the clan, and stories of his ghost scarring innocent kits into behaving, just as every villain's evil reign must come to and end, Cherrywing has soon been replaced as the giant of the clan. Now, as the old, murderous White Devil vanishes from the world, a newer, but just as old, perverted cat claims the spot as looming Gentle Giant. Enter Relicheart, the Red Lion.

Now as GreenLeaf inches closer and closer each day, so will more and more of our Daily Frostclanner issues, so keep a look out for brand new stories, contests, info, and drama as we sink our claws deeper into the Clan of the Cold.

Future Topics to Look Out For:
*Frostclan's Birthday
*Frostclan's Mascot: Contest
*Frostclan II Official Picture
*Frostclan's Deputy Naming.

Daily Frostclanner - Issue Three: (by me)

Welcome back, my furry friends. MewMew here with all the new news on Frostclan.

Starting off, BREAKING NEWS:
Last Saturday around 9:20 pm, a fierce battle broke out between Frostclan and Boulderclan patrols. A patrol of seven Boulderclan cats had crossed deeply into Frostclan territory through the Southwest borderline line, a corner between Frostclan, Boulderclan, and the ruling clan, Mossclan. The enemy team was composed of Seedfreckle, Fusionfire, Bonetail, Tabbyfur, Onyxpaw, Twisterpaw, and led by the crude Darkdew. The Frostclan patrol contained the leading cat, Relicheart, and a small paw-full of inexperienced apprentices with no training whatsoever, mainly being Owlpaw, Rip-paw, and Lavapaw, though the three were basically ghosted throughout the battle. When the Boulderclan cats overwhelmed the home team, reinforcements of Hellspire, Shadderpaw, Roguepaw, and Veiledmist, though the last two cats were a bit late and arrived two assist the two badly injured warriors and horrified apprentices.

Though no cats died, a few sustained both minor and major injures, the following: Relicheart had his body covered in deep gashes and lost a large amount of blood, though his main injury was over-exhaustion from fighting four cats at once. Hellspire also gained a few deep wounds, but the main injury leading to his supposed death is the lose of fur and skin covering his throat, leaving the open tissue to fester from the dirty forest air. Roguepaw's injuries contain a bit of bruised muscles and many slashed covering his eyes, though not blinding. And finally, young Shadderpaw gained a completely shredded left ear with no hope of it ever having it fully healed, though he still has hearing in it. However, neither Veiledmist, nor any of the other apprentices gained any sort of injury. However, as for the Boulderclan patrol, the only cats to sustain any real hurt would be Twisterpaw, having two ribs broken from Relicheart's step, and Onyxpaw, from blood lose and having his tail bitten off completely by Shadderpaw. It was the small black Boulderclan apprentice who had given Roguepaw his bloody eyes.

In other news, Harrierstar of Frostclan had chosen Veiledmist as the new deputy over Relicheart. Even though Briarface has yet to pass on, his death has been made apparent and his countdown is currently ticking. Veiledmist will make a strong and very well-suited tom with the makings of a grand leader, though perhaps he still gets bothered when his elder, Relicheart, provides the clan with better leading advice than the deputy.

Now with the news in Other RPs: The Digimon RP, Clash of Corruption, has come to a bit of a short pause as one of our members, dragonaruto, has been on a bit of a break from the site and we haven't had word on his return. But we have no worries, for all of our Frostclanners are loyal and would report their leaving if they ever grew distance towards the others or the RP. So we'll expect him back soon.

And finally in Misc: There has been no new news on PokeFarm mascot contest of Frost the Winter Turtwig, however, he must have been forgotten for it has been many weeks since he left his first owner and he has completely evolved to his final form. I expect that our admin Green Hornet will restart the contest now that Greenleaf has come along, or at least allow me to become in charge of the contest, however though I am also in charge of the Daily Frostclanner news committee, so I may have my paws, or hands, full. As well, our Frostclan II Official Photo has yet to be made, so keep your eyes open.

So, with Frostclan's birthday on its way, we are proud to announce the publish of another issue of the Daily Frostclanner, and with further ado, we must again part for another week. So, with that, may Starclan light your paths!

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