The world of Azgar

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The world of Azgar

Post  dragonnaruto on Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:07 am

The world of Azgar is an expansive realm, featuring five different humanoid races and hordes of mythical creatures. It brims with magic, and stirs with tell of war. But a dark shadow has started to rise over the land. And the world itself, is in jeopardy.

But moving on from morbid things, we come to the five races. Before I begin describing them. Let me put this out of the way:

The world of Azgar is inhabited by Therianthropes, or simply Anthros. Creatures that are half human-half beast.
The five races are such, the Leonin, the Tigeran, the Wolfir, the Merfolk and the Aviagan.

The Leonin

The Leonin are the most numerous of all the races. The people themselves stand on two legs, their body covered in a thin layer of fur. They are lionlike, with some of the eldest males having thick mane-like beards. In height and build they are very similar to humans. Though most are more muscular.

The Leonin live in northeastern part of the continent of Amaria, their eastern and northern border being the ocean of Herul, their southern border meeting the Garuk mountains, which the Aviagan call their home. And their western border being with the warlike folk called the Tigeran.

The Leonin have and have always had a monarchy. The throne being passed to the child the current king and queen feel would serve best on the throne. Though occasionally, the council can decide otherwise. The council is a group formed of the 10 heads of the most powerful noble houses, and any other Leonin given the right to have a voice in the council. The king is, of course, a member of the powerful noble house of Ramaja. The current king being none other then [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

For more information on the Leonin, see their thread.

The Tigeran

The tigeran are the tigerlike folk that inhabit the Tierga waste. Their eastern border is with the Leonin, their southern with the Aviagan, and their north and western border being the unclaimed Hagarian desert.

The Tierga waste is a dry land, it is a waster. The only thing preventing it from being called a desert is that the dried ground is primarily hard stone. Not many outsiders, except merchant,s ever travel into the waste and return.

The tigeran are a powerful race and guard their secrets closely. They are a warrior race, divided into thirteen clans that each control their own land. They are not a particularly united people. Each clan has a clan chief, that occasionally meet with other clan chiefs to settle disputes over land and water. Oasis's are few and separated, but each clan has at least a steam in its land.

The tigerans hold steadfast to their traditions, and water and shade are prized in the waster. As is prowess in battle. They are a complicated people. To learn more, see The Tigeran thread.

The Wolfir

The wolfir claim the land south of the Garuk mountains, and north of the Herul ocean. They are a wolflike people.

The wolfir are ruled by the Alpha Male, and Alpha female. Or in other terms, the King and Queen. They are a patriarchal race, with the King having significantly more power than the queen. And the throne passes onto the eldest son.

But the eldest son, the prince, can never be made an Alpha until he has found his mate. Thus when he is of age, and spring comes, the princes prances around the land, trying to find a mate. Typically, it is a female heir of one of the seven tribes, occasionally it will be a commoner.

The Beta, is the Alpha's trusted second in command and leader of their armies. No Alpha is complete without a second. Often, most Alphas have their beta's chosen before they find mates, and with good reason. The Alpha puts their lives in the hand of their Beta, and vice versa.

Blah blah, Wolfir thread.

The Avagian

The Avagian's strange customs come in a close second to those of the Tigeran. See The Avagian thread, for more on that.

The Avagian call the mountain tops of the Garruk mountains their home. For the most part, the Avagian have the sharpest eyesight of any in Azgar. They typically have hooked noses, as well. They are very humanlike, in fact, except for their bones being lighter with airholes in it, and, of course, the great feathered wings on their back.

The Avagian are ruled by the Elders, headed by, The Eldest. The Elders are, contrary to non-avagian belief, not the oldest people among their race. But the wisest, typically, the older avagian being the wiser. Their are a group of five elders, in every major Avagian settlement. And the Grand Elders, in the capital peak have the most power.

But the elders are not like kings, they are deeply respected. But their words are not order, not command, they are not law. Yet most follow the word of the elders anyways, otherwise punishment is usually in order, and you are scorned by others.

The Merfolk

The Merfolk reside in the Herul ocean, primarily, but can be found in any great body of water. The merfolk look human, except for their webbed hands and feet, and the gills on either side of their neck. They can breathe underwater, as well as above, and when underwater shimmering gem-like scales appear on their skin.

No one can match their speed in swimming underwater, especially since the water does not cloud their vision when submerged. For the most part, the merfolk are a joyous festive race that enjoy having fun.

They are ruled by a Queen, there is a king as well but the Queen has far more power. There as always been a queen underwater.

The World

This world is much like any other except for the five main races, of course. Their is greed, corruption, passion, happiness, depression and war. Though currently, Azgar is enjoying its longest period of peace ever. Oh sure there are brigands and bandits, but no war.

The World itself has all manner of creatures. There are regular animals of course, that are frequently hunted and devoured. (Though the merfolk can talk to their fish brothers, and most rely on a diet of seaweed and other such vegetables) There are also mythical creatures, the rare dragon, unicorn, pegasus, and pheonix. Griffons, and all manner of beasts. I could go on endlessly.


Magic users are rare, but there are numerous in Azgar. Not many can use it, but those that can are searched for and taken in by the Tower. To use magic, one must have either the inborn 'spark' or else have the ability to learn.

Those that have the spark will naturally be far stronger then those who can learn, but degrees of prowess varies from mage to mage.

The tower is ruled by The circle of Magi. Every full mage is a member of the circle, though the Head Mage has the most power in the circle. None the less, things are decided by votes in the circle.

I have so much stuff in my head, it's going to take forever to type it all. I'm not satisfied with this half-assed description of everything. I have much more to say, and I will try to say most of it before I start the RP.

But, I will try to make a character creation thread tomorrow.

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Re: The world of Azgar

Post  dragonnaruto on Wed Aug 01, 2012 2:48 pm

Neverming. I iz too lazy to go in depth with each race. I'll world build during the RP.

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