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Post  Green Hornet on Sun Aug 05, 2012 2:59 am

These are the site rules. Yay.

1. I, Mew, and Rosethorn are the administrators. OUR WORD IS LAW.

2. No flaming. Flame wars will ensue in me taking action, which you will most likely not enjoy.

3. Be a responsible roleplayer.

4. HAVE FUN! Enjoy yourself! And get out if you don't. Seriously, if we annoy you or you don't like roleplaying, you don't need to.

Mew's Additions:
Because they needed to be added.

* No spamming. If there is to be spamming, do it where it won't bother others.

* No double posting. This is only to be done during important moments.

* Correct grammar is a must. However, it is understandable if your character is speaking with an accent of the like or you are joking around in the Clan's clan.

* Minimum limit of three good sentences per post unless you have WB. In that case, warn one of the mods of the situation.

* If you are having problems with another member, please be courteous and don't take it out on their characters.

* No godmodding or powerplaying. And of course no ragekilling! Murder of other member's characters without consent will be punished with banishment.

* No Mary-Sues or Gary-Sue. Try to keep it original. However, if it can't be helped, try at least to make it as far from mainstream as possible.

* No extreme plot changes, unless advised by a moderator. However, slight twists like foxes or kit problems can occur without consent.

More will be added later if necessary. Sorry for editing your post, GH.
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