Escape the Forest of Nightmares - Interactive Story

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Escape the Forest of Nightmares - Interactive Story

Post  MewMew100 on Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:21 am

ABOUT - Escape the Forest of Nightmares - Interactive Story is an interactive story, like Icegaze and the Tunnels of Time. You start here at the beginning and follow the numbers corresponding to the choice that you choose at the end of the passage until you hit one of the many endings. Feel free to post what ending you got, and try again as much as you please!

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You are a young cat by the name of Frostkit, a naughty little creature who disobeyed their mother, even after hearing the stories of the shadows and souls who spirit away bad kits to places unknown. However, unlike the rest of your denmates, you were unfazed by such 'nonsense' tales and you continued to busy yourself by causing mischief around the camp.

But, as you went to sleep in your nest without a care in the world, as you are only a kit with zero responsibilities, you forget all that you were told eariler, and wake up to find yourself trapped in dark, unfamiliar forest where the grass grows black and the sky is a faded, bloody maroon; shadows twisting and turning like lanky tendrils throughout the tall trees, who were thick with crimson-tinted noir leaves and their trunks pale and bone-colored, covered in deep scars from claws and splattered from the blood of those you assumed were past victims of this ominous and terrible land. And you noticed, most horrifyingly of all, that there were no stars in the sky.

START - You must flee this place; this dream. No, this........nightmare! But to do so, you must think like the warriors you were annoyed by so much, or else, you fear the fate you will get for remaining here for too long. What will you, frightened little Frostkit, do?

You decide to stay put; Surely your mother will wake you up soon enough? - #2
You decide to leave; If you walk long enough, you should be fine....right? - #1

#1 - For the fear of whatever may befall you, you gather up your courage and stand up, your small legs trembling, and begin walking forward. As you look ahead, you notice two clear routes; one down a wide path with few trees in the way, lined with dark shrubbery; and the other a narrow, winding trail layered with small, sharp pebbles and sprouting with blood-colored weeds. Which do you take?

Take Wide, Clear Path - #3
Take Narrow, Winding Trail - #4

#2 - You decide to stay put. But as you tuck in your paws, ready to sit out this odd coincidence, you do not realize the dark form behind you, beginning to loom over your small body. And at the last second that you see its shadows cast on the ground past you, the form lashes at your tiny neck, it lithe, white paw's claws sucking the life from you, your pure kit-blood painting the nearby trees. (Go to Start)

#3 - You decide to head down the wide, clear path, as there is little to stand in your way. As you walk, you glance to the thick, black bushes that keep you from straying away from the path. You notice that they are flecked with bright crimson berries that you remember your mother and medicine cat telling you were bad, though you couldn't remember the name. Death berries perhaps? It seemed very likely. You stop in your tracks and think to yourself. If it is just a dream, then dying would just wake you up right? Perhaps it would just be easier to do in yourself?

Eat the Death berries - #6
Continue along the path - #5

#4 - You decide to take the narrow, winding path that appears to be more covered, feeling it would protect you more from any wandering eyes that may be following you. You hurry along, without watching where you are going and you step on a thorn buried under a few weeds that littered the ground. It doesn't feel too painful, but it is bleeding pretty badly. You then notice the few dark green leaves of a few plants that poke out from the trail you are walking along that appear to be well suited enough to act as a wrap and the stop the bleeding. Do you stop to wrap your wounded paw, or continue down the trail?

Stop and wrap wound - #7
Continue walking - #8

#5 - You decide to ignore the red fruit and continue along the path, feeling as if you are being watched. However, every time you turn to look for any following eyes, it feels as if the one watching has moved to your blind spot. Uneasy, your heart begins to beat faster and faster, your paws beginning to feel shaky and weak, and your pelt growing hot and sticky. You then see an old badger's den. What do you do?

Hide in the den - # 9
Keep running - # 10

#6 - You decide eating the berries would be more kind to your body rather than to get mauled by some unknown beastie. So you pluck a few of the red berries from the plant and pop them into your maw, you body beginning to feel funny after a couple of seconds and you find yourself lying on the ground, your mouth secreting a frothy, yellowish foam and your body twitching in awkward, uncomfortable motions. You then lose all feeling and your sight turns black. (Thanks for playing!)

#7 - You figure that it would be easier to take the time to stop and dress your wounded pad before taking off down the rest of the trail, guessing it would be nice to not have it open and free to becoming infected. As you rip apart the thin, leafy membranes and wrap them around your injured paw, your head begins to feel light and you feel a spell of nausea kicking it, as well as a burning sensation in both your face and wounded paw. You blink a few time in confusion, unable to cry out, unaware that the plant you just used was called Pokeweed, and its leaves are extremely toxic. You are now entering a toxic shock coma, and you are dying slowly. (Try again, folks!)

#8 - You feel that your wound isn't as bad as it seems, so you ignore the bleeding and continue along the trail, taking every twist and turn it gives you. You then come to a stop as a black form stands far ahead of you, though you can't see any of its features, you can tell that it is attempting to block your way. You feel that it is your top priority to make it to the end of this trail as you have already made it this far, but you can't shake the feeling that the creature beyond wants you dead. You notice there is a small hole in the underbrush to the left that could lead you elsewhere.

Continue along trail and confront the cat - #12
Fear the cat and flee through the hole - #11

#9 - You hurry to the den, feeling it will protect you from whatever has been stalking your bright white body. However, what you don't realize is that you have just wandered into the very place that the eyes were watching you from and you find yourself in the bone-littered, bloodied pit of a dark grey tom's killing chamber- his dark violet gaze telling you that you're next... (Oops! Better luck next time.)

#10 - You continue running, but as you do, a flash of gold flies past your eyes, catching you by surprise and causing your paws to shift towards the left without you noticing. You continue running, glancing back over your shoulder the entire time for the return of the golden creature, until you feel the smooth surface of rock slide across your paw pads, and in your shock of terrain change, you slip off the side of a steep ravine. You fall for only a split second, then hit the bottom and watch as a pointed, jagged stone slides through your stomach from your back, your in lower organs lacing the rock in gory fashion. Your last sight- its of the golden cat looking down at you as you witness your own death, his creepy grin twisting into a sickening curl. (Poor thing- Why not try for another ending?)

#11 - You are too scared of the cat standing ahead of you and you quickly dart into the hole to your left, rushing past all the sticks and thorns that grazed your ears, flanks, and back. However, though it was painful, you made it out without any real injury. Your heart is beating, almost too quickly for you to control, until you see a small patch of thyme. The familiar herb causes you to sigh in relief as it was something your mother often gave you when you were too excited for your own good, like when had tried prey for the first time and couldn't get the fur down, sending you into a frantic coughing fit, or when you were to hyper to sleep. You feel that the herb could calm you heart, giving you a better chance to run for longer without going into shock. But then again, won't it take a little time to eat the leaves and wait for it to take effect?

You eat the thyme - #13
You forget the herb and keep going - #14

#12 - You continue going, feeling that you should able to finish your trek down the paw-blistering trail that seemed to take forever to follow, not taking your eyes off the cat for a second. As you near, you see that the cat is really TWO cats, however, one leaves before you can get close enough to see them clearly, but you DO see a small flash of crimson eyes, and once you become within viewing point, you see that the remaining cat is a dark grey tom with black paws, a black-tipped, crinked tail, and a sharp creamy white stripe down the left of his face, his black eyes staring hungrily into your eyes, as if he was going to tear out your heart and eat it. He took a tentative step forward and you felt your courage wash away, replaced by terror. Your blood turns to ice as he suddenly is upon you, as if in a flash, his long fangs jutting upward from his underbite. He then brought one heavy paws over and crushed part of your spine, paralyzing you long enough to sink his teeth into your body and ravenously rip and tear at your insides until he pulled your stomach, holding it out before you and shaking the moist, flapping, pink organ until the digestive acids sprinkled out of the puncture wounds and began corroding away your own body. You emit pained, bloody screeches in agony as your own stomach literally digests you from the outside like an acidic rain, and you lay there, bubbling and drowning in your own dissolved body as the dark cat walked idly away back down the trail, your stomach still swaying in his clamped jaws. (Well, it could be worse...couldn't it?)

#13 - You eat the thyme- surely, it'll help you calm down and regain your sense direction, as well as keep you from going into shock. But as you stop to gobble down the herb, your heart give one last hard thump and you feel faint, falling over. You begin to sweat and your chest feels as if it is going to burst. You realize...that you are having a heart attack. Probably from the over excitement that you found a familiar herb. But nonetheless, you are sure to die as the face of a new cat, dark and menacing- his tabby face contorted with pink scars, white, toothy maw dripping with blood and bits of gore, his white eyes burning into you own. You watch as he picks up on massive paw and gently places it on your heart, over where your beating heart is having it frantic spasm, and his pushes, cracking through your kit-soft ribs and pressing down on the organ that normally keeps you living. However, as you notice before your sight fades away, you see in his eyes that it is as if you weren't his real target, and were the one he got to first. (Awww, perhaps he wouldn't have gotten you if he had found Tigerclaw? Razz)

#14 - You forget the thyme and bolt away, feeling you'd be wasting you precious time. But as you run, you are beginning to feel slightly at ease. You look ahead and your tired eyes catch the small glimmer of light- stars to be exact. AS you focus you gaze more, you see the border to Starclan, where your guardian ancestors will surely bring you back home. You are ecstatic and overencumbered with delight and pride within yourself. You don't know it, but you could have easily have had your throat gouged out by the original user of the Soul Stealer, eaten the deadly fruit of the Yew plant, poisoned and sent yourself into a state of toxic shock coma, fallen into the murder pit the leader of the BBOF uses for slaughtering his victims, witnessed as you were gutted alive by a stone stake, dissolved by your own gastric acids as a muscle head tom leaves with your stomach, or had a strained heart attack alone until a shadowy tabby comes along and crushes your chest. You are quite the little survivor, aren't you! And now, you're nightmare has come to an end, as you cross into the starry plains, or so you think. As you see there are no star-pelted cats wandering about, you notice one form does appear, and you know you remember hearing about. Approaching, with his long, blood-decorated tail swishing low to the ground, is the king of the Sky of No Stars, a kit's ultimate nightmare himself- Cherrywing. As he looms over your small, quivering body, he grins- ivory fangs glowing, all jagged and sharp, his crimson eyes leering at you with the spine-raddling chill of bloodlust. You then notice that the starry land was only a facade, the scene dripping away like blood and reappearing the dark, dreary forest you so wished you had escaped.

"Keh....heh heh heh...."

You yank your head back to face the tom, flinching as he has moved close enough to lick your face. You hear his voice and have to hold back your retching, hos tantalizing tone filling you stomach with the dread as he is EXACTLY as your clanmates claim him to be. You listen as he speaks...

"Silly little one, haven't you heard the stories? Naughty little kits never return home..."

There is an earsplitting screech, and you, dear reader, watch as what was formerly your small, white body get pulled down into a blackened pit of a wriggling miasma, bleeding everywhere and screeching a sickening, horrible sound...Until you wake up yourself, laid up in your bed. Sweat beads your forehead and your mouth feels dry, your fist gripping your covers tightly. You sit up, and there is something against your computer's screen. You walk over and cringe- it is a dried pelt, and on it, written in red ink, is the following:

"T'was only a dream, or rather a trip to the Forest of Nightmares, my own realm, dear kiddo, I have recreated for myself and for others. Only a small taste for you, the one who seeked my game, to fill your body with delight- I so hope you enjoyed yourself. But do always remember, whether you are a cat or twoleg, Naughty little kits never return home..."

Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

I hope you guys didn't think it was too bad. After seeing GH do it, I wanted to try for myself. Well, please leave me your feedback and any things you think could make it better.

Also, all characters belong to their respected owners. Frostkit is only a figment of space used to represent a generic kit of Frostclan, and is not based off of anyone or thing else.

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