A Day on the Farm: Sally's Slumber

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A Day on the Farm: Sally's Slumber

Post  Torchiclove on Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:15 pm

I remember Mew writing a short thing with a Pokefarmer. This is an RP now. Woot. I have no life.


You are a Pokefarmer, hatching eggs, riasing Pokemon, living your daily life on your farm. The currency you use is credits, but, for some items, you need the rarer gold or, even rarer, savage crystals. You trade items and Pokemon with other farmers, chat with them either privately or publicly, warm their eggs, and feed their Pokemon with berries provided by the king, Kolink. These farms are in the lush Morri region, a somewhat secluded place where Pokemon of every region thrive, most imported and then introduced by Kolink's chief researcher, Professor Holly. Eggs can be adopted from the shelter or the Professor herself, and Pokemon can be found in the shelter or be hatched. Professor Holly has even created or discovered species that are unique to the Morri region, such as the oddly-behaviored Jester Aipom or the elusive Dienglitch. Travel to the dream world, a land where Pokemon journey through the other regions and battle, all in their sleeping mind. Spin the wheel with Doug, an exciting risk of the Amulet Coins that you traded your Pokemon for. Collect all the rarest Pokemon, such as the all-powerful Arcues and the elusive Ciphown.

The life of a farmer is a good one, but lately, things have gone terribly gone. The one who keeps everything good, Sally the Salamence, has been sighted less and less. Time itself is slowing to a drizzle in the Morri region. Pokemon run slower. It takes longer for eggs to warm. Even moving around the the farms near you has become a hassle. Sally is going into a deep slumber, one from which she may never wake. It is your duty as a farmer to find the cause of Sally's sleep-find what is Missing.


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