PMD: Explorers - Ashland Exploration Guild

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PMD: Explorers - Ashland Exploration Guild

Post  MewMew100 on Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:07 am

Welcome to the Ashland Guild; we don't get many new members these days. Most Pokemon prefer warm, grassy places with the sweet scent of growth. But the Pokemon here go through rigorous training in a low, rugged valley floor, with nothing but dirt and rock for a far as the eye can see. Can't handle the general lack of water or chilling touch of the heartless stone? Leave. Guildmaster Metagross, the lord with an even cooler heart of steel, will fret not. The Pokemon of the Village of Jewelspring might miss your business for a few days, maybe a week, but they will get on just fine. But we'd rather you not leave at the moment; we may seem strong, but we are dwindling on impending doom.

You are a Pokemon training in the art of exploration with teams in Ashland Explorer's Guild. Your Guildmaster is Metagross and you must listen to him and his assistant, Sentret. Usually, it's a normal day at the guild- training, rescuing travelers from the dangerous surrounding dungeons, arresting criminals.........but there is a new darkness afoot, and it can't be stopped so simply. Pokemon are becoming corrupted, one with the shadows, bloodthirsty, and absolutely driven to turn the whole world that way. Their condition is spread by bite, so watch out for their razor-teeth. You must find a way to stop the spread, even cure the Pokemon, and quick. Perhaps the downfall lives in the origins of the disease, or even in the origins of the Pokemon of the land.

Team (The Name):
Rank (The overall level of the Team):
Status (Pokemon's placement in Team):
Held item:

Some notes:
There is a no character limit- just be able to keep up with them all.
Only four or less members per team- unless they have a special circumstance.
You can make your own team or join the team of some one else.
Teams are advised to have 2+ members, but one member is fine.
You can forbid the joining of other members.
Romance is definitely in, but don't let it overcome the traditional plot Razz


Hidden Caverns of Jewelspring: The Central Village -
A beautiful oasis hidden within the drab landscape, engraved into the tall side of Spike Mountain where lovely crystals in all colors light up the small dens within the cavern that house the various shops of the village. The largest towards the back is a den that holds both the Spa Booth and Dojo so that each organization has a side to themselves- the right being the Dojo and the Left being the Spa.

Shellos' Shop (Orient/Blue) - Regular Items / (Occident/Pink) - TMs and Orbs

Cofagrigus' Storage

Hypno's Bank

Hitmochan and Hitmolee's Dojo

Miltank's Daycare (raises Eggs)

Porygon Z's Link Shop

Kadabra and Arba's Appraisal Tent

Delcatty, Espeon, and Blissey's Spa Booth

Clefable's Member Summoning Service

Team Gusto's Curios and Tavern (The twins run the joint while Tizi assists)

Straggler Teams
Team Rival - Rufflet and Vullaby
Team Cuties - Medicham, Gothita, Smoochum
Team Twilight - Lumi and Miki (Occasionally Tizi, but he prefers the warm bar in Team Gusto's curio shop)

Guild Teams
Team Golden Crush - Mori, Omi, Aya (Currently Away)

Team Bane - Tora, Skora, Aura, Bora, Gora (Currently Visiting)


Ashland Exploration Guild:
A stone-cold guild of ruthless fighters, scourers, and hunters that keep their cool and aren't easily vexed. Home to some of the most famous Explorers and bounty hunters, and most specially known for their uncomfortable beds made of polished granite.

Metagross [~]

Guildmaster Assistant
Sentret [F]

Crustle [M]

Lickylicky [M] and Munchlax [M]

Phoenix's Swap Shop

(#s represent the makeshift teams for apprentices)
1. Ducklett [M]
1. Glameow [F]
2. Deerling [F]
2. Hopip [F]
3. Wooper [M]
3. Archen [F]
4. Combusken [M]
4. Bagon [F]
5. Buneary [F]
5. Crustle [M]
6. Felix (Phoenix) Fester [M]
7. Rakka [M]
7. Haru [F]
7. Natsu [M]
7. Uintā [F]
8. Aelita [F]
8. Shinzō [M]
9. Stitch [M]
9. Topaz [F]


Discovered Dungeons
Sandy Wood -
~Dungeon Info~
Rank - Beginner (4 regular floors)
Wild Pokemon - Sandshrew, Bonsly, Sandile (Range from lv. 2-6)
Description - A small patch of smooth sand with long, spike-like boulders jutting out of the ground that stand looming like dead stone trees.

Gravel Basin -
~Dungeon Info~
Rank - Beginner (6 regular floors)
Wild Pokemon - Geodude, Machop, Stunflsk, Roggenrola (Range from lv. 7-10)
Description - Deep, vast pit where water once ran, but now only stone beaten to sharp gravel lays. Rather close to Ashland Guild.

Spike Peak -
~Dungeon Info~
Rank - Rookie (11 regular floors, 1 top floor)
Wild Pokemon - Graveler, Trapinch, Beldum, Sudowoodo, Diglett, Boldore / Top Floor - Excadrill (Range from lv. 6-18. Boss lv. 22)
Description - Small mountain with jagged edges and a steep pinnacle that stands along the edge of the valley. A bit of a ways away from Ashland Guild.

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Re: PMD: Explorers - Ashland Exploration Guild

Post  MewMew100 on Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:56 pm

"Hehehe!! I'm so excited!! Aren't you?!"

"To visit the home of a rival guild....I suppose. We can learn their secrets, after all."

"Heheheh off to the Snowcrest Guild!! Teehee!!"

The week was upon them- the one week each year where the guilds would come together at one chosen place to hold the Apprentice Tournaments, a series of trials and tribulations to test the skills learned from each Guild and the overall talent of a young Pokemon and their team. Of course, with the pandemic upon them as well, not every guild was set to meet at one place- too much risking the factors of spreading the illness. So, what was decreed was that the guilds closest to one another would compete; Metagross' verses Ninetails', Staraptor's verses Gallade's, and so forth.

For the Northern guilds, it was decided that the valley of Windhowl would support this year's Apprentice Tournament and put together the annual festival, while it would be the responsibility of Snowcrest to organize the events, as Ashland had done so for last year's celebration. Of course, this gives the home Guild an advantage over the others, picking the contests, but that's what makes it all the more challenging for the others.


The dark forms of various Pokemon's bodies darted by through the night, some holding flags and signs, other carrying luggage and bags of items, cooking utensils, and even objects for selling, and some even traveled empty-handed. At the front led a massive creature walking on all fours, like a robotronic spider, and small, fluffy form clung to its back.

"Hurry up!" one voice whispered.

"H-Hey!! Stop pushing!!" another hollered back lowly.

"Would you stop bickering?!"

"But he's bumping my curios!!"

"Woah, watch out! That crash-"

"Eeek!! I was gonna sell that!! And now you've gone and smashed it all up!! I'll make sure you end up paying for that!!"

"Grrrr who says I have to! It was a piece of junk anyways!"

"Piece of ju-"

The furry creature upon the lead Pokemon's back turned around to face the forms behind her and hissed through clenched teeth,"Would all of you shut up?! There are Pokemon trying to sleep!! Arceus, I should've know that traveling through the night would be a pain!! We should have settled down to camp out- sure, we would have arrived a little late, but at least would wouldn't be causing so much trouble!!" The Sentret wiped one small paw across her fuzzy forehead and sighed before looking up to see the swift, ninja-like movements of four dark members nearing the front. "Team Kage- oh thank goodness! Guildmaster and I thought you had fallen back to help some of the others who were slowing down?"

A pair of golden eyes peered at the brown creature through the shadows and a gleaming white, toothy grin soon followed. "Why, Sentret, of course we did. But we caught up afterwards. Why? Is there a problem up here?"

"Yes, yes! We are in a bit of a pinch, Rakka! We're not sure how much farther it is to the valley from here since its so dark. Would you be so kind as to go a little ahead to see where exactly we're at right now?"

"Why, darling, we'd be glad to!!" A rich voice as smooth, lucid, and sweet as honey curled from yet another fangy-faced maw.

"Oh goodly, Haru! We'll slow down a bit so you four can get a relative location." The little Normal type sighed- this time in content- as she watched the four bound away into the trees looking ahead. This damn forest cutting between us is sure a little bit of blasphemy!


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Re: PMD: Explorers - Ashland Exploration Guild

Post  Torchiclove on Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:19 pm

"I'm telling you, there won't be a footrace," Lotus said casually, sighing. Her giant scythe-like arms were crossing delicately over eachother, the tips pointing downward.
"They'd be fools not to arrange a footrace! I've been there very recently to deliver knews to their leader. They've a little Purrloin, and a Meowth, and Swablu for Mew's sake! All quick-but not as quick as I!" Stride argued, his red eyes glaring. How did he maintain his anger against Lotus? One couldn't understand the dificulty.
"Exactly. They've seen you. They will be smart enough not to arrange a footrace." Lotus sounded like she didn't care.
"But I was running far from top speed when I carried messages. I'm smarter than you think!" Stried tapped his long, thin claws against the ground, producing a sharp clacking sound.
"Your logic is flawed, actually. If it was a Swablu, it would be a wingrace, not a footrace."
"Shut up!"

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Re: PMD: Explorers - Ashland Exploration Guild

Post  MewMew100 on Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:35 pm

Aelita sighed as she watched the members of Team Hyr bicker, delicately grooming the sleeping body of Shinzō with lovely pink bows such as what she herself wore. Under her breathe, she mumbled quietly,"Those two...if is wasn't so clear that Stride cares deeply for Lotus, then that team would have fallen apart by now....or, at least, that's how I see it." She giggled softly and finished tying off the ribbons. She smiled as the small Eevee shifted in his sleep.

"....Hmmmm.....ackkkk....?...See.....wha...?" Shinzō mumbled, his lazy brown eyes blinking open slowly before a long yawn erupted from his tiny jaws.

"Oh nothing, Shin-bō," the Sylveon gently cooed before rasping her pink tongue affectionately against the side of the Eevee's face.

"Oh?" Shinzō sat upright, blinking away any signs of the sleep that may have lingered, his baby-like energy returning to him and his excitement pulsing. "So, Suki-chan- Are we almost there?!"

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Re: PMD: Explorers - Ashland Exploration Guild

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