Rebirth: Flameclan (Official)

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Rebirth: Flameclan (Official)

Post  MewMew100 on Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:25 pm

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~ Rebirth ~

| ~ * Flameclan * ~ |

It is the ending days of May, the start of Greenleaf, and the leaves on the trees finally provide sufficient shade from the pulsing heat of the sun. As days peak, the temperature reaches sweltering degrees despite the broad canopy above. Morning and evening become the ideal times of day to venture out, for they provide enough sun to warm your fur, yet not the potency to drain you of your needed energy. Some days, clouds speckle the sky and save you from the overwhelming heat of the sun and the occasional breeze brings with it the scent of prey and crisp river water. The intermittent gusts carry the wonderous aroma of the countless plants blooming throughout the land. Running water remains cool, yet the river has reached a very comfortable temperature for swimming and the current is gentle and passive.

Deer have begun to wander down from the mountains setting the Southern clans apart from the Northern ones, venturing from beyond the territory of Boulder and into the land of Moss where their breeding is rather successful due to lack of predators. Snakes weave through the tall grass, and mice dart from trees and bushes seeking seeds. Squirrels perch high above within the timbered wood, chittering and flinging the occasional acorn at foes. The fish have become active and energetic, often breaking through the water of the slinking river and leaping high above the surface. If you would watch this show for too long, you may witness a creature swoop down and catch one in its deadly talons- a hawk has come down from the mountains along with the wandering herds and has made its nest in the forest of Flame and Frost. Prey is plentiful, and save for the raptor, predators appear to be scarce.

The sky remains mostly cloudless, and during the nights, Silverpelt spreads out beautifully far above the land.

The land is rich and green and full of life despite some of the difficulties that are going on due to the change in season. The river has had a healthy bit of flooding from the melting of Leaf-bare's snow and though the rising water has dried off mostly in all the other territories, since Boulderclan's territory is more down hill and at a lower level than the others, they've been having a bit more trouble and are camping elsewhere in their territory for the time being. As well as that, about two moons before the current time- in the middle of March- a small landslide hit the edge of Flameclan's territory, killing a small patrol of Honewhisker, Nightburn, Windclaw, and Pepperpelt. The clan is still in a bit of shock from the loss of some of their finest warriors, as well as deputy, but life shall carry on with the promise of new birth among the clans.


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