Nation-Land-Village-Guild notes

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Nation-Land-Village-Guild notes

Post  MewMew100 on Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:32 am

List of Nations

Primary -

Land of Wind
Village of Windhowl
Guildmaster Lady Ninetails of Snowcrest Guild

Land of Thunder
Village of Jewelspring
Guildmaster Lord Metagross of Ashland Guild

Land of Earth
Village of Stingberry
Guildmaster Lord Yanmega of Greenleaf Guild

Land of Fire
Village of Gritcloud
Guildmaster Lady Staraptor of Stardust Guild

Land of Water
Village of Isleblade
Guildmaster Lord Gallade of Riptide Guild

Land of Shadow
Village of Whimswood
Guildmaster Lady Florges of Pixiemire Guild

Secondary -

Land of Ice - Minor to Wind
Village of Frostbite
Feudal Lady Lapras

Land of Clouds - Minor to Thunder
Village of Softpuff
Feudal Lady Clefable

Land of Sand - Minor to Fire
Village of Dunestone
Feudal Lord Rhydon

Land of Fruit - Minor to Water
Village of Sweetorchard
Feudal Lord Victreebel

Land of Meadows - Minor to Earth
Village of Flowergrass
Feudal Lady Bellossom

Land of Haze - Minor to Shadow
Village of Murkypetal
Feudal Lord Trevenant

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