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*Name:* Izze Avoin
*Age:* 15-16
*Gender:* Female
*Occupation (Weapon or Meister):* Meister
*Personality:* Flirtatious and hyperactive, this sweet-toothed girl is not afraid to show the peppy, wild spirit that she holds in her svelte, attractive body. Adorn with pink everything, the girl loves all things 'cute' and ‘kawaii’, and adores using Japanese suffixes for those in her class that most wouldn't think to use, as well as the term 'nya'. However, she can be very calm when she become enthralled with a book that catches her glance- usually romance manga and yaoi novels. She is a somewhat stubborn person when it comes to fights, food, and passion- not willing to give up, but is very easily managed during school and outside of battle. In her later years, it seems, she has gained a bit more mature, but she still keeps to her usual innocent routine of acting like the others' pet.

*Appearance:* Human Form - A young, pale-skinned girl with long, yet thin cream colored hair tinted pink in some parts. She is rather slim and lanky, having little to no muscle, thus weighing fairly lightly and consisting of a rather frail bone structure (her distaste for milk also helps out with this). Her eyes are a sharp, yet gleefully bright yellow-green. She wears bright pink glasses adorn with little flowery studs of white on a beaded necklace, though she only really wears them for reading or focusing on small details. Other than that, she wears them dangling at her chest. She has small, cream ears with soft tufts of fur within in them that jut out slightly, though they are sometimes hidden within her hair, depending on how she wears it.

Cat Form - A small cream cat with fluffy tufts of pale fur in her ears, yellow-green eyes, a teal stud in her right ear, and her pink reading glasses around her neck on a beaded necklace.

*Bio:*  Izze was born into a litter of three to a stray cat. Strangely enough, she, as well as both of her sisters, have the ability to transform into humans for some strange reason, though she is the only one who can keep it up the best. Living like a mangy scavenger, she wandered close to the academy to grab a quick meal when a random first year student thought it would be cool to snag her up and keep her as a secret pet without know she could turn into a human. Long story short, she was taken into custody after the staff found her in the young student's room, trying on the student girl's clothes. They were eventually forced to enroll her once they found out she could wield a new student, Shinzo, and the stubborn boy wouldn't taken anyone other than her as a partner.

Despite being part of the DWMA, a school meant to re-enforce good, Izze grew up as a thief and not caring for anyone but herself, thus she has a darkness deep within her that she keeps masked, but could easily be used to influence madness into her heart.

~ Extras ~
*Nicknames:* Ko-chan, Azze (A mix of her first and last name.)
*Species:* Cat (Demon, not magic- Example being Blair.)
*Soul Appearance:* While Magic Cat souls often appear purple, Izze's soul is more of a magenta color, retaining the traditional violet hue, but with her own pink energy added to the mix. The appearance of the soul consists of small, kitten ears adorn with a pair of pointed teeth caressed by a cheery smile.
*Partner:* ~
*Special Ability:* Soul Perception
*Soul Resonance:* ~
*Cat-Form Techniques:* Neko Blitz, Focus Forepaw
*Other Stuff:* She turns into a cat generally whenever she is thoroughly exhausted or fatally injured. However, when she turns back into a human, she is able to appear in her human form already wearing clothes, but only when she's consciously aware that she's turning back into a human. If she were asleep as a cat and fully restored while still sleeping, there's a strong chance she'll transform back into a human, but without clothes.

In cat form, she is beginning to undergo a type of evolution or form change (similar to Free's full-on werewolf form) where her cat appearance grows in size and bears a split tail. She gets to being a fairly large size in comparison to other humans, but she's not at all good at keeping the form up or using it properly.

Izze, being a demon cat, is different from any other meister and that is something I will be stressing from the beginning. A cat monster who is able to wield a weapon may be cool and whatever, but she's not all that strong. Paired up with even her most significant partner to match her style of fighting, Izze often received injures that could kill her if it were not for her monster-class blood. And as for her transformation, it may be intimidating- but that's all it is. There's no strength behind it all fighting-wise as her tail has only just split a few centimeters at the tip, meaning that as a demon cat, she is beginning to mature. Its a process like that of humans almost, and as her tail splits more and more, she'll get more honed with her skill of being the big kitty. But its a slow process that would span the next few years of her life, so she'll remain weak for her time at school, thus just making her just a show if anything...

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