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Post  MewMew100 on Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:06 pm

<sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Light Tribe Camp :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote><i>Pain.</i> Such a thought made the black-furred cat's skin writhe. <i>Pain.</i> Oh, how she hated pain, even if it didn't have anything to do with her. Only, now it did. And it was due to her own stupidity that the poisonous blossom finally bloomed. And in four places, nonetheless.

Had it been wise to continue with regular after hiking up Mt. Corvo all those weeks ago, leaving bruises and scraps unattended? Probably not, but it wouldn't have killed her. The dull pain she had felt then with Bella and even with Lithium had been bad when she first felt it, but thinking back upon the times of calmer nerves, Xeno dictated that the feeling she had felt then was more along the lines of stepping on a cloud in comparison to how she felt now.

Had it been in her best thoughts to transverse the Bog of Moving Rocks and slosh through the mysterious and bacteria-filled swamp water and marsh while her wounds were still in the process of healing? Indeed, it wasn't, she agreed, but figured her body's natural immune system would have purged any inconsistencies that were found. However, that had not been entirely the case. Such was that apparent to the White-Earth now.

As she sat uncomfortably in a den that carried the pungent scent of herbs and faintly familiar cats, Xeno felt her pelt prickle with paranoia. Her eye darted to the left and right as she took in what she could see of the Light Tribe camp. How long had it been since she was last here? A moon? <i>Maybe longer?</i> She couldn't be sure, but this was most likely because her brain could focus on processing time as her pads swollen and green throbbed angrily. Glancing down at them, she grimaced. How had she let them get to be that bad? At least she was getting help now.

<i>It hurts.</i> Her large ears twitched as she winced, and she turned her attention back to the individual who was to tend to her- a young-looking cat with stars of solid white marking his body. The idea of a cat about her age healing her would've unnerved the she-cat, though her sense of logic and pain worked together to tell her otherwise. This cat surely had spent more time honing his skills than she had, and the injuries she sported on her four paws were in no mood to argue with the help.</blockquote></sub>

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