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Post  MewMew100 on Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:22 am

<sub><b>[ Xeno | White-Earth | Light Tribe Camp ]</b><blockquote>A long-limb, dark creature flopped over from one side onto the opposite as she let a little groan escape her lungs, sounding deflated and defeated.as she laid in her unfamiliar nest. A thin ray of light came to life as a single green eye flickered open in the dimness of the den, and Xeno gave a quick sneeze. Bringing a sore paw up to her nose, she rubbed away the tickling feeling she felt and cringed. Her paws still burned and the movement sent pain up her veins like wildfire. The foreign scents of Light Tribe swirled around her, and she grimaced as she just began to realize the light filtering into her sleeping space, alerting her to the rise of the sun. Gingerly, she stood up on shaky paws, and stepped out into the sun-touched camp where cats sporting stars seemed to span in all directions. The lone White-Earth yawned, and sat down quickly as to remove the pressure from her recently treated pads, and brought her tongue to her sleek, but slightly disheveled fur on her shoulder, grooming herself lightly.</blockquote></sub>

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