Briarclan: The Adventure of Four Paws {OFFICIAL}

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Briarclan: The Adventure of Four Paws {OFFICIAL}

Post  MewMew100 on Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:21 pm

The scent of milk wafted through the air as two large bodies remained curled within the confines of their mossy nests. One roused from her light snooze from the sounds of scuffling kits and gave a soft yawn.

A pretty queen of dark cream blinked open her green eyes in the pale light that filtered through the Nursery walls, tucking her slender white legs under her chest and wrapping her long tail around her bulging belly. Her mossy eyes trailed lazily over to the queen opposite of her and gave a rusty purr from her tired throat,"Today's the day, isn't it?" She gave her sister and denmate a chipper smile. "Right, Peachspots?"

The spotted she-cat looked over to her littermate from where her gaze was focused on the grey and white kitten she was busy licking, her tongue still stuck out as she responded. "Yes. Willowstar's stated they're ready to be apprenticed. All three of them." Her amber eyes glowed as she gaze down at the forms of the clan's kits; Juniperkit, Frothkit, and Stormkit.

The small she-cat that Peachspots had just been grooming writhed in anticipation before hopping out of her foster mother's paws and scrabbling over her large belly to reach her other denmates. "Stormkit! Juniperkit! It's your turns!! Your tur-"

Frothkit's excited voice was cut short as the thick queen quickly pulled her back over with a gentle paw, cooing smugly,"Not yet, little one. You're not finished!" Peachspots and Blossomleg both giggled at the young she-cat's wails of protest that rang out into camp loudly.

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