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DATE: The seeds of sin have been sown!!!</ul><hr><u><b>|| Basic Information ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Names]</b></ul></small>  <small><b>Spirit Name:</b> ???</small>
<small><b>Kit Name:</b> Chia</small>
<small><b>Nick Name:</b> Chichi | Kissing Monster</small>
<small><ul><b>[Name Info]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Chia:</i> Pronounced "Ch-ee-ah" | Named after dappled seeds of the lovely flower.</small></li>
   <li><small><i>Chichi:</i> Pronounced "Ch-ee-ch-ee-" | A cutesy-version of her kit name.</i></small></li>
   <li><small><i>Kissing Monster:</i> Pronounced "Ki-s-ing Mon-st-ur" | Given to her by Xeno due to her frequent kissing attacks.</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[Sex]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Female</i></small>
<small><ul><b>[Gender Identity]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Genderfluid | <i>Prefers either "she/her" or "them/they"</i> <small>(As usual, Mew will be using female variants)</small></small>
<small><ul><b>[Age]</b></ul></small>   <small><b>Arrival Age:</b> 0 moons</small>
 <small><b>Current Age:</b> 0 moons</small>
 <small><b>Birth Season/Date:</b> <u>IC:</u> ??? | <i><u>OOC:</u> ???</i></small>
 <small><b>Zodiac Sign:</b> ???</small>

<u><b>|| Appearance ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Description]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>???</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Breed]</b></ul></small>                  <small><b>Most Prominent:</b> <a href="">Siamese</a> | <a href="">Oriental Shorthair (Tabby Variant)</a> | <a href="">Havana Brown</a> | <a href="">Turkish Angora</a></small>
                <small><b>Least Prominent:</b> <a href="">Korat</a> | <a href="">Bombay</a></small>

<small><ul><b>[Notable Features]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Striped Points</b> | <i>Siamese/Oriental Shorthair traits</i>  | ???</small></li>
<li><small><b>Icy Eyes</b> | <i>Siamese trait</i>  | ???</small></li>
<li><small><b>???</b> | <i>??? trait</i>  | ???</small></li>
<li><small><b>Large Ears</b> | <i>Oriental Shorthair trait</i> | Although not much of a focal point to her appearance, Xeno has a pair of pretty big ears which look almost bat-like. Although she found them a bit annoying in her gangly youth, now that Xeno has grown fully, the size of her ears is no longer a bother. Their size doesn't do much to assist in hearing any better than others.</small></li></ul>

<small><ul><b>[Distinct Colors]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>??? | ???</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Pelt]</b></ul></small>                  <small><b>Pattern:</b> <i>Solid</i> - Body is a pure color, though her face and back bears faint spotting.</small>
                <small><b>Fur Type:</b> <i>Smooth</i> - Thin, close coat | Very sleek, and somewhat soft on longer portions of fur. Oiliness is average.</small>

<small><ul><b>[Scars]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Allergies]</b></ul></small>                      <small>N/A | <i>After receiving treatment for her previous pad infection, Xeno's body has managed to produce an abundance of antibodies that has cleared up any mild allergies that she may have had in her youth.</small>

<small><ul><b>[Size]</b></ul></small>                  <small><b>Height:</b> 15.0 inches at withers | <i>Taller than most others.</i></small>
                <small><b>Weight:</b>  8.9 lbs | <i>Not super heavy, but has some muscle weight</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Build]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Svelte, and well-toned.</i></small>
<small><ul><b>[Gait]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Extremely elegant and precise in any speed of stride.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Scent]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>Being that she lives within the deep recesses of the densest of forests, Xeno carries the musty scent of sod and rodent musk. Occasionally, the odd tang of metal can be tasted in her presence through her use of minerals and ore.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Muscle]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>As she has been training more and more lately, she has built up an extensive amount of lean muscle in not only her legs, but her full body like belly and neck. Thus, she runs like a well-oiled machine.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Tattoo Design]</b></ul></small>                    <small>Based off the foliage of the Sweet Potato, Xeno's <u>inactive</u> tattoo is comprised of a heart-shaped leaf with a long, curling vine that branches off into two parts. Upon the break between the two tendrils sits a second leaf, though this one is much smaller, and the longer, lower tendril bears three tight coils | <i>Xeno's <u>active</u> tattoo design is a collection of coiling vines which wrap down along the length of her right foreleg, with a few leaves appearing at the nodes of branching vine tendrils. Root-like hairs arch over the individual toes of her forepaw as if they were stretching to reach the earth floor. A few longer vines wind up her chest and neck to reach her face, where a heart-shaped twist of vines rest in the location of her heart- albeit on the opposite of her chest. Said vines continue up her head's eyeless socket and end in large curls on her forehead. Two large, feather-esque leaves fan on the outer corner of her eyeless socket, and give off a mystical lash-like effect.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Blood Type]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Accessories]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Opal Jewel Piece:</b> A rather massive chuck of an opal that was mined in Earth Tribe that was cut and cleaned up for Xeno to wear in her eye socket similarly to how a glass eye would be worn. She now wears it in memory of Kapua | <i>Originally received from an exploration with Kapua in Earth Tribe.</i></small></li></ul><ul><li><small><b>Star Stone Piercing:</b> A tinier-than-usual portion of the famous Star Stone that filled its insides. Bearing a glossy red appearance, it is often mistaken for a ruby by the less informed | <i>Originally received from the Star Stone at Ezrael's Lake. Later fashioned into a piercing by a professional in the art.</i></small></li></ul>

<u><b>|| Statistics ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Basic Stats]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Dexterity:</b> <i>9</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Strength:</b> <i>7</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Speed:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Stamina:</b> <i>8</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Constitution:</b> <i>9</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Wisdom:</b> <i>8</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Intelligence:</b> <i>7</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Accuracy:</b> <i>9</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Charisma:</b> <i>6</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sensitivity:</b> <i>6</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Immunity:</b> <i>9</i>/10</small></li></ul>
<small><ul><b>[Health Stats]</b></ul></small>                  <small><b>Physical:</b> <i>9.5</i>/10 | Took .5 off for hunger; besides that, she is in peak shape and muscle tone. She hasn't had an infection in quite a few moons as her immunity has stepped up in strength, and after exercising her body, her depth perception and visibility now matches those with two clear eyes.</small>

                <small><b>Mental:</b> <i>7.5</i>/10 | Still lucid and logically-driven, Xeno gets a slightly lower rate in the mental health category due to her now commonplace internal crises. These don't do much at first glance, but they seem to build upon her level of stress. So technically, her issue is more emotional than mental.</small>

                <small><b>Pain Threshold:</b> <i>8.9</i>/10 | Xeno still registers pain like most others and doesn't derive any pleasure from it. However, due to the time where she lost her eye to a hawk, the pain she felt then has managed to jade her a little to pain overall. The nerve endings in her right eye socket have been so damaged that she no longer has feeling in the tissues found there either.</small>

<small><ul><b>[Specific Stats]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Stealth:</b> <i>7</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Climbing:</b> <i>4</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Swimming:</b> <i>2</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Hunting:</b> <i>9</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Fighting:</b> <i>6</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Memory:</b> <i>7</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Tactility:</b> <i>9</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Depth Perception:</b> <i>6</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Sight:</b> <i>9</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Sound:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Smell:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Taste:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Touch:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li></ul>

<u><b>|| Tribe Information ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Tribe]</b></ul></small>  <small><b>Birth Tribe:</b> N/A</small>
<small><b>Past Tribe:</b> N/A</small>
<small><b>Current Tribe:</b> Earth Tribe</small>

<small><ul><b>[Tattoo]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Green-Earth</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Rank]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Adult | <i>Scholar</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Ability]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Secondary | <i>Modification Manipulation</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Former Mentor]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i><a href="">Adalin</a></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Current Apprentice]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>None</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Soulbond]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Skills]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Skill I:</b> What's Out There ✔</small></li>
<li><small><b>Skill II:</b> Stone Claws ✔</small></li>
<li><small><b>Skill III:</b> Fury ✔</small></li>
<li><small><b>Skill IV:</b> Grasping Roots ✔</small></li>
<li><small><b>Skill V:</b> Outta My Way ✔</small></li>
<li><small><b>Skill VI:</b> Alchemy ✔</small></li>
<li><small><b>Skill VII:</b> Mineral Manipulation ✔</small></li>
<li><small><b>Skill VIII:</b> Master of the Earth ✔</small></li>
<li><small><b>Skill IX:</b> Medusa's Stare ✔</small></li>
<li><small><b>Skill X:</b> Adaption ✔</small></li>
<li><small><b>Skill XI:</b> Puppetmaster ✔</small></li>
<li><small><b>Skill XII:</b> Construction</small></li>
<li><small><b>Skill XIII:</b> Fracture</small></li></ul>

<small><ul>:new:<b>[Signature Move]</b></ul></small>                    <small><b><i>"Petrify"</i></b> | Through the combined use of the skills <u>Mineral Manipulation</u>, <u>Alchemy</u>, and <u>Puppetmaster</u>, Xeno has created the ability to alter the various mineral nutrients in a living body. Rather than fiddling with all of those, however, Xeno manipulates the fine levels of phosphorus found in the muscle and bone tissues to ultimately freeze a target for a period of time. This not only stalls their physical movement, but also the rate at which one's body heals.

                  In smaller targets, she can change the molecular structure of the phosphorus to that of a gas, deemed toxic enough to kill, and poison the target from the inside. However, in the body of anything bigger than a rabbit, Xeno can only stall their movements for a period of mere minutes. As for the stunning of the body's cell reproduction, the stronger the focus, the longer the wait, but the affect of freezing caps out after 72 hours.

                  Rather than a means to kill, Xeno typically does this in an attempt to avoid fighting. Relaxing the body of another to the point where they cannot move, she can then flee freely or drag them back to where they initially came from without getting torn up.</small>

<u><b>|| Pedigree ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Immediate Family]</b></ul></small> <small><b>Father:</b>
Robin ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i></small>
Darkie ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i></small>
Rock ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
Mist ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i></small>
<small><ul><b>[Extended Family]</b></ul></small> <small><b>Father's Father:</b>
<strike>Melty ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown [buried]</i></strike></small>
<small><b>Father's Mother:</b>
Bloom ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i></small>
<small><b>Mother's Father:</b>
Dusk ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i></small>
<small><b>Mother's Mother:</b>
Icicle ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i></small>
Flash ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
<strike>Moon ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown [buried]</i></strike>
Lop ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
Mole ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
Marten ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
<strike>Hutch ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown [buried]</i></strike>
Twig ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
Darlin' ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i></small>
Smoke ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
<strike>Pullet ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown [buried]</i></strike>
Foxette ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
Marina ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
Asher ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
Salem ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
Yuke ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
Aviva ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i></small>
<small><b>Secondary Grandparents:</b>
<strike>Dank ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown [buried]</i></strike>
<strike>Bunny ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown [buried]</i></strike>
Lavie ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
<strike>Valley ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown [buried]</i></strike>
Mouse ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i>
<strike>Tooth ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown [buried]</i></strike></small>

<u><b>|| Personality ||</u>

<small><i><b>*existential cringing*</b></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Hearty | Wise | <strike>Lax</strike> | Motivated | Realistic | Cheeky | Wily | Tender | Prudent]</b></ul></small>    <small> <b>|| Hearty ||</b> <strike>Jovial and loud, Xeno is ever the optimist in life and the tribe. She's quick to make others feel comfortable and welcome by use of her open nature and strong sense of approachability. Along these lines, she doesn't have much of a personal bubble, and often finds herself well beyond the bounds of others'. However, when in a good mood, it seems that most don't mind her close contact simply because it's better when she's peppy and jolly rather than snippy, such as when she's trying to sleep or relax. And despite the rather blunt attitude that she tends to sport, her words are genuine and usually meant to be kind.</strike>
With all that has happened as of late, Xeno's outward demeanor has drastically changed, but not completely. The cat is still a friendly one, but more cautious and careful in whom she decides to interact with outside her tribe. Within it, however, she is a much warmer soul and finds ease in the company of others. The energy she gives off is still a relaxed one and her presence, when her pelt lies flat, is one that brings comfort and familiarity to those inside and outside the Earth Tribe camp.</small>

<small> <b>|| Wise ||</b> <strike>Xeno's open, outward appearance is what usually leads others to assume the she-cat is stupid. In fact, many factors about her make her out to seem dull and dimwitted- her lack of drive, quickness to oppose senior tribemates, and simply her fondness of avoiding tasks and overlooking small details in the things she does.</strike> However, Xeno truly is what's considered an 'old soul'. When serious, or even interested enough in a situation, her words can be ripened with knowledge thought unattainable for the lax cat, and she tends to use said wisdom to turn heads during the most interesting of moments. <strike>It helps that when she isn't trudging around lazily, Xeno is nose-deep into something new, doing her best to feed her mind about the world around her and to extend her knowledge as a scholar's student.</strike>
As her age has ripened with experience, so has her intelligence and wisdom. Clinical and calculated, she's not one to make risky calls unless it only affects herself, and even then, there is a method to her madness. Much of her wisdom has been derived from her thoughts as she pondered and worried over all the misfortune that has befallen the tribes and any personal traumas that she has had to suffer through. She wishes that those younger than her can learn from her mistakes. And for those lucky to have gained her full attention, they may receive an earful of the rare unfiltered thoughts and ideals of the black queen.</small>

<small> <b>|| <strike>Lax</strike> | Motivated ||</b> <strike>To say this she-cat's lazy is an understatement. Xeno's greatest efforts are often seen in avoiding work as she's said to always have become a shadow whenever there's work to be done. In the same way that she is physically lazy, Xeno's temper is extremely relaxed, as if she couldn't care about what is happening in the world around her, so long as if it has nothing to do with her. She always has a clever excuse about her mouth and three escape routes in mind when trying to work her way out of...well, work. Even more so, her temper is extremely chill and it is not easy to get her riled up. Only very few topics actually bother Xeno, and if she isn't confronted with one of those, then there really isn't much reason for her to get excited.</strike>
No longer is the cat lazy and seeking refuge from work. In fact, she's become quite the opposite. Driven by her desire to aid her tribe in their time of need, Xeno has turned around her child act and has started taking responsibility over her actions and the wellbeing of the Earth Tribe. This isn't to say that she no longer likes lounging around and relaxing, but she'd feel more comfortable doing so after a long day's work ensuring the health and safety of her tribemates.</small>

<small> <b>|| Realistic ||</b> <strike>Though bright and cheery most of the time</strike>, Xeno is thoroughly rational and capable of seeing the truth in most things. She's not one to get easily excited over things, <strike>and though most believe this to be an example of her laziness,</strike> it is in fact because she's wise enough to understand that she dislikes being let down, and thus doesn't expect miracles or acts of the ancestors to happen. <strike>It is along these same lines that she is considered an atheist and sometimes a 'buzzkill'. Even the concept of the Ceremony of Light puts her mind into a downward spiral as she tries to understand and create a reasonable explanation as to why the tattoos and powers appear. It's as if she's in almost constant denial.</strike>
Still ever the realist, Xeno does not let her actions and thoughts become swayed by hope in miracles and the like. She still does not believe that things can happen magically through anything except action. While her belief in the Spirits has been solidified, Xeno thinks over things logically and tries to apply a shred of intelligence to anything abnormal that comes across her path. And her moods are less likely to be dashed than others, especially now that her attitude on life is a little more grim.</small>

<small> <b>|| <strike>Cheeky</strike> | Confident ||</b> Brash and ballsy, Xeno's spirit as a hell-raiser is rather infamous among her tribemates as she enjoys finding ways to annoy others. No matter if she's up and moving, or curled up in her nest, Xeno has no problem sporting a cocky attitude, and more often than not finds herself in trouble for disrespecting her seniors. It can be amusing for some, and completely annoying and distasteful to others. She doesn't often mean to be offensive or crude, but at times, her stubborn nature wishes to take over or she simply just finds the interaction too hilarious to back down. Such is why this behavior of hers has yet to cease.</strike>
No longer that much of a shitstarter, Xeno is still ballsy and bold. However, it is more out of pure confidence in herself than a youthful rebellion. Her actions are smart, and thus when she feels she has the right move, she will take it in perfect stride. She has no problem trouncing another's who if it means proving herself correct, but she has developed a bit more tact as an adult. She only flaunts her feathers when she feels it is deemed appropriate.</small>

<small> <b>|| Wily ||</b> <strike>Although she often acts so tommishly that many mistaken her for a male or homosexual butch,</strike> Xeno is a she-cat with beguiling bone in her body, or two. She's clever and silver-tongued, and makes for one hell of a trickster in terms of an argument. This doesn't help with talking to those who know of her wisdom as she often finds ease in making asses of them all. This extends from how she watched her mother interact with others, <strike>and while she still has a ways to go before she reaches Darkie's lilting level, Xeno is still a master of the art among those of her age.</strike>
As a full-fledged adult, Xeno has certainly become one well-versed in the art of seduction and using her assets to her advantage. This includes having use of her keen knowledge of subtle gestures, expressions, and tones. And while not a tactic she uses often, the she-cat has no fear in demonstrating her honey-smooth moves and clever tongue.</small>

<small> :new:<b>|| Tender ||</b> As she has been coming to terms with all the trauma shaking Nandryx, Xeno's hardened exterior has crumbled some to make way for a more motherly figure. This isn't to say that she's become mush, but the previously cold cat has grown soft. She often finds herself seeking out others to ensure their wellbeing, and while this almost exclusively applies to Earth Tribe as of now- a product of her loyalty- Xeno still finds herself wanting to aid those close to her in the other tribes. Not yet tender enough to sink to 'Mommy status,' Xeno could see herself filling the role of a Nursemaid well if the chance arose, and she no longer would bat a lash at the thought of caring for those other than herself.</small>

<small> :new:<b>|| Prudent ||</b> This isn't to say Xeno wasn't careful during her youth; she just has altered where the majority of her caution lies. In her youth, her actions were guarded and wariness could be seen in how she carried herself and how her body language appeared. However, now it is what she says and how she says it that is carefully monitored and calculated before each reply. Her actions are calculated as well, but not to the extent of sensitivity applied to her words. In a period like the one facing the Tribes as of late, the word of one has the equivalent impact of the actions of many, and Xeno does not want to be the very one who may set into motion a war.</small>

<small><ul><b>[Secondary Traits]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i><b>Attentive</b>
Xeno is much more keenly aware of what happens in her tribe and territory and is almost never out of the loop.</i></small></li>

She carries herself in a very particular manner that somewhat demands a level of respect from her peers.</i></small></li>

Xeno has become quite displaced with the belief of where she stands in the world and often ponders the fragile lives of felines.</i></small></li>

She has become rather jaded to the subtly awful things that happen and seems to save her worries for more pressing matters.</i></small></li>

After the loss of many cats during the plague, including cats close to Xeno, she has tried to somewhat distance herself from others to preserve her own emotions.</i></small></li>

The devastation that the tribes have been going through have been weighing down on Xeno, adding up upon her shoulders with each passing moon and she finds it very tasking to keep up her cool facade.</i></small></li></ul>
<small><ul><b>[Extras]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Xeno has an unusually high IQ with the ability to formulate strategies on the spot. Although she isn't rash, she's quick to think and often is a whole ten pawsteps ahead of others. It worked well coupled with her previously lazy and unmoved demeanor. Now, it is even stronger partnered with her strong intuition and serious nature.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i><strike>Although she may not seem it, Xeno is very touchy about the topic of her right eye. This is because she is usually never asked about it, and thus, she doesn't think about it. However, when anyone makes reference to it, or any idea that she may be inferior or lacking in ability, she becomes worked up and almost unreasonable.</strike></i></small></li>

<li><small><i>Wits aren't the only thing that is quick about Xeno. <strike>Though she hardly ever displays it,</strike> she is fairly fast in terms of speed. Her long legs and small paws help to increase her stride while their litheness decreases weight and drag. <strike>She usually only runs at full speed when there is a serious ordeal, or when she is on patrol and unaware of it. Even when racing against others, she doesn't reach her limit.</strike>
Xeno's speed has been greatly enhanced through training and she uses it to her advantage more and more often. It is the only thing that makes up her less powerful offense more tactically practical.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i><strike>Though she doesn't favor cuddling with others as some may assume from her lack of understanding of personal space, Xeno has a bad habit of sprawling out while asleep, and often ends up kicking others nearby. Even when others specifically move away from her nest to avoid her wayward limbs, the slumberous she-cat has the uncanny ability to find herself rolling into others' nests, as if she had blessed with the task of keeping her denmates from having peaceful sleeps.</strike>
As a product of her more attentive nature, Xeno is more acutely aware of where her tribemates are resting as has made careful sleeping a new second nature skill within her arsenal. This was originally derived from her wanting to not impede on the recuperation of her ailing tribemates. She is also more of a fan of snuggling, as she now deems it an appropriate means of showing appreciation and affection to those close to her, but many are still blind to this fact. Xeno doesn't announce this softie fact about herself either.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i><strike>Despite living amongst others who believe completely and utterly in the idea that the ancestors exist, Xeno's sense of rationality keeps her from believing in the starry, sky-bound ancestors. Instead, the name of 'Alriyel' only leaves her mouth when she's making a joke or using sarcasm. Even her participation in the Light Tribe's statue's ceremony in order to receive her tattoo, Xeno feels as if it were merely a dream and she has yet to come up with a reason as for why her tattoo appeared. Though she gets along with most others, her deadpanning about her lack of spirituality tends to put a damper on her relationships with others.</strike></i></small></li>

<li><small><i>Xeno wasn't too fond of having others refer to her as her spirit-given name. However, as of recent occurrences and some new-found understanding of the importance of a name and the Spirits, the cat formerly known only as Egg now answers to and even introduces herself as Xeno, at last.</i></small></li>

<li><small>:new:<i>During the course of the last couple of moons, with all the drastic changes seeming to take place, Xeno's outlook on life and her own existence has come to a screeching halt. In seeing the frail mortality of those around her during the plague, and witnessing her former mentor's mental deterioration, Xeno has become much more reserved in personality. Pulling on the reigns of her previously outgoing and free-spirited ways, she has become more aloof and lost within her thoughts;  more conscious of her minimal meaning in the vast scheme of things, and surprisingly more driven to make her presence valued within the tribe.</i></small></li>

<li><small>:new:<i>Despite the fact that she's mentally exhausting herself in her seemingly constant existential crises, Xeno has toyed around with the idea of becoming a mother, as not only it a duty that only queens can do as a valued action to the world, but Xeno herself would really enjoy mirroring the feelings that her own mother bore towards herself. However, the fear of being vulnerable as a pregnant queue  during a potential upcoming war between the tribes currently her desires of becoming a mother.</i></small></li></ul>

<u><b>|| Sexuality ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Sexual Orientation]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Demisexual</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Romantic Orientation]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Demiromantic</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Preferences]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>As of now, it has been made apparent that Xeno's tastes in others in terms of attraction are both vague and particular. Xeno still doesn't fancy specific pelt palates or eye colors. Peculiar and strange markings and abnormalities draw her attention, it seems, and this could be attributed to her desire to find another like herself. Instead of being shallow, Xeno's attraction is more focused on personality quirks. She fancies those whom she can understand on a deeper level, and those even more so when she can communicate her emotions and intentions without speaking. Truly, what she seems to now seek in a mate is a life-long partner.

                 Currently, her emotions are conflicted; her affections lie in different places, directed at two different individuals:
                 <b><a href="">Azadeh</a></b> - The sense of mystery and confusion that the Shadow Triber instills in Xeno keeps her interests piqued.
                 <b><a href="">Cooper</a></b> - The feeling of comfort and familiarity that Xeno has established with Cooper has developed into devotion, keeping her emotionally tethered to the tom as he has accepted her at her worst.</i></small>
<small><ul><b>[Fluff Tracker]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>✔</b> | <i>Feel attraction towards someone</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>✔</b> | <i>Feel emotional confusion about another</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Have a first crush</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Have a real crush</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Have a same-sex crush</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Have a rival-in-love</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Share a nest with someone</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Learn the meaning of love</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Experience love at first sight</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Share a tender moment with someone</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Partake in 'cutesy' talk</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>To be blinded by love</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Have an open relationship</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Have a short-term relationship</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Have a quick fling</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Lose her virginity</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Have a long-term relationship</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Find true love</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Bear a litter of kittens</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Die while in love</i></small></li></ul>
<small><ul><b>[Crush]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Previous Relations]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Current Status]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Single</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Current Lover]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Mate]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Kits]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Fertility]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Unknown at current time | <i>To be determined after first litter is born.</i></small>

<u><b>|| History ||</u>

<small><ul><b><a href=""> History in Prose</a></b></ul></small>

<u><b>|| Trivia ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Memes]</b></ul></small>                       <small><i><a href="">Relationships</a> | <a href="">RP Tracker</a> | <a href="">Active Tattoo</a></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Voice Actor]</b></ul></small>                    <small>Michelle Ruff as Rukia Kuchiki | Bleach
                                        <i>|| A deep, rich alto; she carries it in a softer, more serious tone as of late. || </i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Sins]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>Probably still <u>Sloth</u> a little. I could also see maybe <u>Envy</u>, but for unknown reasons.</i></small>

<small><ul>:new:<b>[Symbolism]</b></ul></small>                  <small><b>The Bird:</b> <i>In respect to her name, her history has been written out as if she personified a bird, though no particular species has yet to be chosen.</i></small>
                <small><b>The Doe:</b> <i>Description-wise, Xeno's structure relates to what others would attribute to a female deer. Thus, Xeno has become the embodiment of the noir doe; graceful, enchanting, and dangerous.</i></small>
                <small><b>The Heart:</b> <i>In reference to the heart-shaped tattoo on her shoulder, it'll be stated that Xeno wears her heart on her sleeve- quite literally. The heart-shaped tattoo of hers resembles her own heart as the tattoo of a triber connects to their soul.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Likes]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Running- it is the only time see feels like she is truly uninhibited.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Snow- she likes the feeling of it beneath her paws.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Sleeping- she enjoys relaxing and the feeling of it seems to bring nostalgia to her.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Familiarity- it gives her a sense of calm and reduces her stress to know that nothing has changed.</i></small></li></ul>

<small><ul><b>[Dislikes]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Warfare- the idea of war and bloodshed among the interconnected families of the different tribes sickens her deeply.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Change- sudden, severe differences that cut through every day life cause her to stress out and lose fur.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Deep Thinking- although she does it a lot, thinking too hard about her place in the world often leads her to having existential crises.</i></small></li></ul>
<small><ul><b>[Secret]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>She wonders if her life would have remained peaceful if she remained lazy and not s

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