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Post  MewMew100 on Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:25 am

<sub><b>[ Xeno | Green-Earth | Earth Tribe Territory ]</b><blockquote>The sun glared down from high in the sky, casting a warmth that could still be felt beneath the dense canopy of Earth Tribe's foresty territory. A lithe black form slunk forth through the thick undergrowth, her emerald gaze blending into the surrounding vegetation and her pelt into the shadows. A velvety tail lashed quickly, stealthily, to signal a pause. Then, she sprang!

After a moment, the queen arose from the undergrowth, her tall profile in full view with a fat mouse dangling from her jaws. In a calm, slightly muffled voice, she meowed,<b>"Tiki, come and eat."</b><hr>The black cat had desired to explore the healing grounds of Nandryx after spending much of her time holed up in her den, away from prying eyes and questioning, pitying voices. But after all that had recently occurred, the she-cat was sure that her usual loner habits would be frowned upon. To leave the camp by herself would surely cause for more questioning. Something she really had no patience for right now. So Xeno revived the idea that had been forced upon her during one of her first days in Earth Tribe.

Plucking up the first young cat she came into contact with, Tiki simply had been at the wrong place at the wrong time. And how he was being forced to tag along on the tall scholar's trip into the forest. <i>Poor kit.</i> Xeno thought for a moment, but quickly quieted her thoughts. Taking time from fighting to study the earth would do an apprentice some good. After all, the black queen believed too many of the Tribes' soldiers to be complete clods anyways. <i>A little knowledge could never hurt them.</i> And she had caught him something to eat. She wasn't so heartless.</blockquote></sub>

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