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Post  MewMew100 on Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:25 am

<sub><b>[ Xeno | Green-Earth | Earth Tribe Camp ]</b><blockquote>Birdsong floated wistfully on the breeze and a sigh of relief came from a sleek black form as it strode through the forest clearing that she had so deeply missed. It had seemed like a lifetime had passed since the she-cat had been able to walk the grounds that she had called her home. And yet, after all the time that had passed, she was back. Oh, how the Green-Earth had longed for her home.

And her tribemates!! The opal-eyed scholar had missed all the familiar faces and scents that she had grown accustomed to, and without them all around her, she felt lonesome. Of course, being out in the Exile Lands, she still had her closest of friends accompanying her. But while she cherished the Blue-Earth's companionship, the little Siamese didn't offer the same security that Xeno had derived from Earth Tribe after spending many moons amongst them. She was truly happy to be back with her friends and adopted family.

With a long yawn, she stopped her walking to arch her back in a stretch and gave the area quick look over. They had only arrived back in camp a few days ago, and Xeno was still readjusting herself to the once familiar landscape of Earth Tribe's home, but found herself running into things that she had forgotten. Each hidden dip in the ground seemed deeper and each quick turn seemed sharper than she recalled,
and the scholar found herself making light of her clumsiness by laughing off how awkward she must've looked. <i>Then again, won't everyone else be the same?</i> She snickered at the thought of all the Earth Tribers tripping over their own paws as they attempted to navigate their old camp.

As she giggled to herself, the Green-Earth caught a glance of a familiar rusty pelt and rose her head a bit. Xeno's curiosity was piqued-
she remembered the spunky little White-Earth that had been Tiki. She had only a few interactions with him in the past, all but one short and unworthy of noting. The one she did recall had been where she had goaded the poor apprentice into joining her on a trip into the territory,
and she was fairly certain that he didn't care much for her character. But, that didn't stopped her from wanting to antagonize him on occasion. So in true Xeno fashion, the she-cat padded over to the tom, who seemed unaware of her presence, and jumped out from behind him. <b>"Yo, Tiki! It's been a while, huh?"</b>

However, her cheerful expression fell a little as she looked at the younger cat straight on; many tears in his ear and scars upon his front left the young soldier looking rough and haggard, and Xeno instantly felt a bit downcast. The half-blind queen took particular notice of Tiki's injured eye. <i>How much have I missed in my absence?</i></blockquote></sub>

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