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Post  MewMew100 on Fri Dec 02, 2016 1:47 pm

Welcome, one and all.....to my humble, little shack of a page ^^' As you can see, I am the poor artist barista in its natural habitat. And because a bit of an existential crisis has just unfolded in my life, I figured that cleaning up my life a bit and see if I can get some funds in order to start a savings account (because living from paycheck to paycheck isn't much fun ^^')

The Basics

I'm offering quite a little bit of diversity in pieces, I think. So, in trying to keep things as organized and simple as possible, I'm come up with a little system for how I want to sell my art.

Firstly, commissions will be broken up into five categories; Headshots, Busts, 3/4ths, Fullbodies, and Specialties.

Each range in pricing, but generally have the same options for how the piece will turn out visually. These features will be available to commissioners via filling out the Commission Form below.

The Details

Each category consists of decisions, between sketched and lined, flat-colored and shaded, etc. And depending on which you pick, the price differs. This helps to completely customize your commission so that you get to build the foundation up to match your desires.

Sketched - One of two styles I use to draw the character. It isn't as precise as Lined, but it has a softer look. It is cheaper than Lined.
Lined - Cleaned and smooth lines. It appears more professional than Sketched, thus it is a little more expensive.

Manga - A coloring style that applies a monochrome palate in a similar fashion to manga or comic book art. It is generally the same price as flat color, though it can be cheaper at times.
Flat color - A coloring style that uses a character's palate, but excludes general shading and highlighting. It is the style uses most often in coloring Sketched pieces.
Detailed - A coloring style that applied shading and highlighting to a piece alongside the character's own palate. It is the more detail-oriented, so it is the most expensive. However, the price may drop by sacrificing either highlighting or shading.

- Sketched Manga and Sketched Flat Colors are $3
- Sketched Detailed is $5
- Lined Manga and Flat Colors are $5
- Lined Detailed is $7

- Sketched Manga and Sketched Flat Colors are $5
- Sketched Detailed is $7
- Lined Manga and Flat Colors are $7
- Lined Detailed is $9

- Sketched Manga and Sketched Flat Colors are $7
- Sketched Detailed is $9
- Lined Manga and Flat Colors are $9
- Lined Detailed is $13

- Sketched Manga and Sketched Flat Colors are $13
- Sketched Detailed is $15
- Lined Manga and Flat Colors are $15
- Lined Detailed is $20

Specialties are items that don't fall under the other four. These consist of oddities such as Chibis, Ref Sheets, Animations, Scenes, Badges, Paintings and the like. Anything desired that isn't a simple Headshot, Bust, and so forth.

These have no set prices and instead require a quote from me for a general ball-park idea of the cost. (Don't worry, quotes are free and I'm speedy to respond.)


These consist of anything being added to the piece, including a character's name, the character's tail on a picture that otherwise wouldn't show it, props, and even extra characters.

- Names, tails, prop and other small additions are usually priced at $1, although this could rise depending on the complexity of the design.
- Each extra character is usually priced at half of the original character's price.

Other inclusions consist of background, of which simple or transparent ones are free. More detailed background may not be accepted as part of a commission due to myself not being so great at them yet. However, these will be more likely accepted in Scenes or Painting commissions.

My Rules

I'm always very excited to work with people and draw their little babies. However, that doesn't mean I'll be complacent with rudeness. I usually work in a timely manner, but I still work full time. Thus, I can understand people keeping up with me via the occasional update, but I won't respond to excessively impatient or pushy people.

*My method of receiving payment is through Paypal solely for now.
*I currently have no set number of slots. These many only appear after a surplus of commissions at one time ^^'

- A rule of thumb: For commissions, I prefer to receive half of the payment up front, and then the rest after the commission's completion. Full payment up front will be accepted as well, although not entirely favored when coming to more expensive pieces. However, a commission will not be started until a portion of the payment has been made.

As for what I will and won't draw, I don't yet have set limitations. I will draw both anthros and ferals, SFW and NSFW, and gore/vore. For specific fetishes to be included, please ask me beforehand. If it is something I feel comfortable drawing, then I will do so. If not, I will let you know and perhaps you can come up with a substitute. Either way, feel free to ask me any questions! :3

* And for those who may want one of my characters featured in their commission, the price for their inclusion is 1/3 of the original character's cost rather than 1/2.

Commission Form

Character's Name: (You would include all the characters wanted in the piece)
Character's Ref: (The Link)
Commission Details: (What it is you want; Sketched or Lined; How you wanted it colored)
Image Description: (What it is that you want the character to be doing, expressions, fetishes, etc.)

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