Ruka Pooka's Form

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Ruka Pooka's Form

Post  MewMew100 on Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:18 pm

1/4/17: Edited out her accessories.
12/27/16: Hope this looks alright ^^'</ul><hr><u><b>|| Basic Information ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Names]</b></ul></small><small><b>Spirit Name:</b> ???</small>
<small><b>Kit Name:</b> Plum</small>
<small><b>Nick Name:</b> Plummie | Sobrina</small>
<small><ul><b>[Name Info]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Plum:</i> Pronounced "Pluhm" | Refers to the bright color of her fur.</small></li>
<li><small><i>Plummie:</i> Pronounced "Pluhm-ee" | An alteration to her name | <i>Used by her kinmates.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Sobrina:</i> Pronounced "Soh-bree-nah" | Spanish for niece and used when showing her affection | <i>Used by Boston exclusively.</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[Sex]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Female</i></small>
<small><ul><b>[Gender Identity]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Female | <i>Prefers "she/her"</i></small>
<small><ul><b>[Age]</b></ul></small><small><b>Arrival Age:</b> 19 moons | <i>Arrived at the Enlightened during Winter 102</i></small>
<small><b>Current Age:</b> 30 moons</small>
<small><b>Birth Season/Date:</b> <u>IC:</u> Early-Mid Summer; Year 100 | <i><u>OOC:</u> September 4th, 2014</i></small>
<small><b>Zodiac Sign:</b> Virgo ♍</small>

<u><b>|| Appearance ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Description]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i> A massive cat in size and stature, Plum sports a bloodline thick with traits of hefty cats, and she sure shows it. Her muscly body is comprised of long, silken fur which appears to give her a mane around her strong neck and a lush, large tail. The plumed fur upon her legs, too, makes them seem thick than they truly are.

           With a dense coat like rosy cream in majority, the rest of her differing-colored part stand out greatly. Her hair-like mane and the fur atop her head appears more of ruddy cinnamon in color, with a streak of white running down the front to match her brows and inner ears. Her pale face is laden in sparsely spread spots of various shapes and colors, and her wide paws are socked in dusty tan. Her queerest trait is her thick, deeply-hued tail nearly plum in color to match her birth name, and her eyes are a light hazel, with her sclera being paler in the same color.

           Adorn by her thick fur are the golden accessories once worn by her proclaimed grandmother and while the location of the pieces may occasionally change, she is never without them.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Breed]</b></ul></small>            <small><b>Most Prominent:</b> <a href="">Somali</a> | <a href="">Norwegian Forest Cat</a> | <a href="">Chausie</a> | <a href="">Siberian</a> | <a href="">Maine Coon</a> | <a href="">Chinchilla Persian</a></small>
           <small><b>Least Prominent:</b> <a href="">Ragamuffin</a> | <a href="">Turkish Angora</a></small>

<small><ul><b>[Notable Features]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Bulky Body</b> | <i>Chausie/Siberian/Norwegian Forest Cat/Maine Coon traits</i>  |  A massively large cat, Plum's size is astonishing for most. Coming close to one of the largest cats currently in the land of Nandryx, she tends to throw herself around to appear more intimidating.</small></li>
<li><small><b>Peculiar Pelt Palate</b> | <i>Somali/Chinchilla Persian traits</i>  | It is firmly believed that Plum's rich, cinnamony fur colors are in direct relation to her birth father, as told to her by Boston. The bright colors to which her name refers- her massive tail in particular- often end up as a focal point among other coats.</small></li>
<li><small><b>Cocoa-Esque Eyes</b> | <i>Chinchilla trait</i>  | Her eyes of chocolately brown are indeed a queer sight to behold. Unusual and often hypnotizing, she has received these from her mother.</small></li>
<li><small><b>Hair-Like Fur</b> | <i>Somali/Siberian/ Norwegian Forest Cat traits</i> | Plum's long, silken fur is a similar in appearance to hair, though it matches how her mother's thick pelt appeared. It is especially thick around her head and neck, appearing like a lion's mane, with bangs an all.</small></li></ul>

<small><ul><b>[Distinct Colors]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Ruddy Cinnamon | Rosy Cream | Pale Russet | Dusty Tan</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Pelt]</b></ul></small>               <small><b>Pattern:</b> <i>Splotched</i> - Body is laden in overlapping patches and slabs of colors in various sizes..</small>
              <small><b>Fur Type:</b> <i>Silky</i> - Long and feathery | Fairly sleek and satiny, and softer on longer portions of her pelt. Oiliness is semi-average.</small>

<small><ul><b>[Scars]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Allergies]</b></ul></small>                    <small>N/A | <i>As of yet, she hasn't had any allergies</small>

<small><ul><b>[Size]</b></ul></small>               <small><b>Height:</b> 16.0 inches at withers | <i>Taller than most others, thanks to her breed.</i></small>
              <small><b>Weight:</b>15.5 lbs | <i>Heavy, body-builder kitty</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Build]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Stocky with well-build muscles</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Gait]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Surprisingly deft despite her heavy-footedness.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Scent]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>Attracted to the streams and lakesides, her scent is more exotic and rather fresh, like water and rock salt. And on specially occasions, she tends to dress her luscious coat in the romantic scent of lotus and lilies as she takes them from where they grow on the water.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Muscle]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>Her massive build is created by pure muscle, honed and refined by lots of practice in the art of chase, battle, and agility over stream rocks.

<small><ul><b>[Tattoo Design]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Blood Type]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>AB</i></small>


<u><b>|| Statistics ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Basic Stats]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Dexterity:</b> <i>7</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Strength:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Speed:</b> <i>3</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Stamina:</b> <i>8</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Constitution:</b> <i>9</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Wisdom:</b> <i>2</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Intelligence:</b> <i>4</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Accuracy:</b> <i>6</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Charisma:</b> <i>5</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sensitivity:</b> <i>9</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Immunity:</b> <i>7</i>/10</small></li></ul>
<small><ul><b>[Health Stats]</b></ul></small>              <small><b>Physical:</b> <i>10</i>/10 | She is in peak shape and health. Muscular and fit and without ailments, she is in full control of her body.</small>

             <small><b>Mental:</b> <i>6</i>/10 | Generally sound of mind, her only difficulties are emotional deficiencies in the form of anxiety and loneliness as a result of her need for affection.</small>

             <small><b>Pain Threshold:</b> <i>6</i>/10 | Although most physical pain Plum can get over with general ease, she has great difficulty dealing with emotional pain and often ends up inconsolable and broken when faced with emotional turmoil.</small>

<small><ul><b>[Specific Stats]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Stealth:</b> <i>2</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Climbing:</b> <i>0</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Swimming:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Hunting:</b> <i>7</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Fighting:</b> <i>9</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Memory:</b> <i>6</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Tactility:</b> <i>4</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Depth Perception:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Sight:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Sound:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Smell:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Taste:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Touch:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li></ul>

<u><b>|| Tribe Information ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Tribe]</b></ul></small><small><b>Birth Tribe:</b> N/A</small>
<small><b>Past Tribe:</b> N/A</small>
<small><b>Current Tribe:</b> The Enlightened</small>

<small><ul><b>[Tattoo]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Rank]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Adult | <i>Grunt</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Ability]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Secondary | <i>Modification Manipulation</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Mentor]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Soulbond]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

                     <small><i>N/A</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[Signature Move]</b></ul></small>                     <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<u><b>|| Pedigree ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Immediate Family]</b></ul></small> <small><b>Father:</b>
<strike>Planty ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown [buried]</i></strike></small>
<strike>Ruby ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown [eaten]</i></strike></small>
<strike>Tang ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown [buried]</i></strike>
<strike>Twist ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown [eaten]</i></strike>
<strike>Peach ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown [buried]</i></strike></small>
<small><ul><b>[Adoptive Family]</b></ul></small> <small><b>Adoptive Uncle:</b>
<strike>"Tío" - Boston ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Void Plains outskirts [buried]</i></strike></small>
<small><b>Adoptive Grandmother:</b>
<strike>"Abuela" - Amelia ♀ | Black-Water | <i>Location unknown [buried]</i></strike></small>
<small><ul><b>[Extended Family]</b></ul></small> <small><i><a href="">Extended Family Tree</a></i></small>

<u><b>|| Personality ||</u>

<small><i><b>"Hurry up, you slow-ass!! Errr- it's not like I want you to spend time with me, or anything....<strike>b-baka</strike>!"</b></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Boisterous | Outgoing | Vociferous | Fiery | Audacious | Egotistical]</b></ul></small> <small> <b>|| Boisterous ||</b>
        To say Plum is a bummer to be around would be a bold-faced lie. She may not be the most approachable cat in the world, nor the easiest to get along with, but she's almost always on the move or doing something interesting. She cannot sit still for long unless she's busy with a task where she can indeed sit, and some can even find her energy to be rather infectious. Whether she riles you up in the sense of positivity or negativity, you may not know until you interact with her, but she certainly will be very animated in however she interacts with you.</small>

<small> <b>|| Outgoing ||</b>
        Whether you need a cat to go with on an adventure or merely a trip to the Dirt Place, Plum's not one to decline. With the boundless energy that she sports, it's not strange to find the large cat following others around for  something to do. If on a patrol, she'll do her best to extend the excursion as long as she can by stopping at each and everything thing that she comes across. Hardly is the cat every brought to the point of pure exhaustion, and her determination to find something unique wherever she ends up is a goal in and of itself that Plum cherishes deeply. If she's arguing with someone, they'll be sure to know how strongly Plum feels about a topic, and how brutally difficult it is to maintain the energy to butt heads with her on an equal plane. Unafraid to stick her neck out and call the attention of the public to herself, she would almost seem as if she has not a shred of shame.</small>

<small> <b>|| Vociferous ||</b>
        As mentioned before, Plum is quite animated. Thus, one can expect a loud voice and way of speaking to accompany her loud appearance and actions. Plum is one to be very easily riled and excited, and if given enough reason to be wound up, she's almost guaranteed to go off like a dozen firecrackers in attitude and volume. When she isn't being louder than others can manage, she also can be found sharing tongues eagerly with others as gossip is practically her drug. Though she's easy to get along with once you start speaking to her, she's one who can easily annoy others with her mannerisms and general attitude. Along a similar line, she also has no filter to her words. Often times, she ends up blubbering out things that should otherwise remain unsaid, and she cannot be trusted with secrets of any kind if they are meant to remain as such.</small>

<small> <b>|| Fiery ||</b>
        Along with her highly animated demeanor, Plum carries with her big body some rather big emotions. Passionately-driven, Plum runs with her heart on her sleeve, so to speak, and often ends up being blinded by her feelings in moments of distress. She gets hot-headed quickly and is extremely fast to snap when her emotions are crossed. However, she is also easily rallied by her allies and can be easily led in a direction that one close to her points out and insists she follow. She is very loyal to causes she defends and is stubborn in protecting what she believes is right. And while this is all well and good, it also poses as a problem when she is improperly led by false information or triggered emotions.</small>

<small> <b>|| Audacious ||</b>
        Slow and steady? Nope- none of that here. Plum may be a blundering idiot at times, but she's quick to act. However, she's not one to think before acting, and like those fools who lash out before thinking over a situation, she often does more damage to herself than the one she is targeting. For one so worried with maintaining her appearance, though, she's often the first one to throw herself into harm's way if it's to protect one close to her. Plum is an excellent warrior in that aspect, but when she mistakes peace for conflict, she's a real issue to put up with.</small>

<small> <b>|| Egotistical ||</b>
        Plum's hardly ever half-cocked. Always trying to see herself in the limelight, Plum is constantly full of herself. While she doesn't deny when others are better than her in some aspects, she never seems to point out where she is weak in comparison. It has reached the point where she thinks so highly of herself that she seems to have fallen in love with her own self image, even in a sexual manner. And while some find it absolutely annoying, others see it as sad that she literally has to rely on herself for love and attention. However, Plum seems to have no problem with it and lets no one bring her down.</small>

<small><ul><b>[Secondary Traits]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i><b>Vindictive</b>
A nasty individual to interact with when pissed, she is easily referred to as 'catty' or 'bitchy.'</i></small></li>

When upset, she tends to swing between emotions and acts out unexpectedly.</i></small></li>

As she thinks so highly of herself, she tends to hold herself upon a pedestal and often acts accordingly.</i></small></li>

Because she thinks only of herself, she tends to want everything to herself.</i></small></li>

When even remotely attached to someone, she tends to not want to leave them alone for very long.</i></small></li>

She tends to act as a whiny princess when proven wrong or denied something she wants.</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[MBTI Type]</b></ul></small>                      <small>ESFP - The Artisan | <i><a href="">Summary</a></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Humor Level]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Puns.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Views]</b></ul></small>            <small><b>Political:</b> <i>"I don't get much of this shit with those Triber cats- Boston said Abuela was once one of them, but that was a long time ago. I guess the times have changed and they aren't the same as then. If they threaten us though, I swear I'll tear them down. I don't like others who attack my family, former home of my fam or not!"</i></small>
          <small><b>Spiritual:</b> <i>"Do only Tribe cats go to to Eden? I hope not- I'm certain Abuela and Boston are both there, and I want to end up with them. But if the Enlightened don't get to go there, I don't want to leave them behind either..."</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Extras]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>While a narcissist in the extremest sense, Plum truly does love her family and friends. She displays this in her actions of stubborn loyalty and clingy nature towards those important to her- even more so to those she is particularly attached to. She feels familial bonds to be the strongest ones in the world, even more so than how she perceives tribe-related bonds, and would do anything uphold her ties with her family. However, if she or a cat close to her were to be wronged in the more severe of senses by another, she would ultimately break down and refuse to interact with then, effectively shunning the one who wronged the cat offended.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i>Though she may appear to be quite the independent she-cat, which she is more or less, Plum has a strong desire to have the attention of others. Whether it be in the center, or just having a single other soul with her, it keeps her from suffering the crippling loneliness she was plagued with as a younger cat. Even today, when left alone for too long, she loses her head and begins to panic, shutting down whatever logical thought processes she has.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i>Despite her loudmouthedness, Plum is a very good listener. While she enjoys simply listening to another venting to her or speaking aloud their thoughts, she also preys upon gossip as if it were an addiction. She can almost find dirt on anyone simply by listening and taking in all she hears about others. In this sense, she's rather good at collecting information and memorizing things. However, it seems she only retains info that she finds interesting and forgets things she feels is meaningless. Thus, it equally poses as a weakness.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i>Many find Plum's arrogance to be annoying, but in all actuality, her pompousness is a defense mechanism. The profuse love she has for herself is to make up for when she's lonesome and gives rise to the thought that she isn't truly alone if she has herself to rely on. Bolstering her confidence to obnoxious heights is the only way the large she-cat doesn't completely shut down emotionally.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i>While appearing to be a rather vile cat in personality, Plum's temper is fairly easy to tamper with. A well-placed joke or humorous action is all it takes to put the cat in a good mood, no matter how stupid or wild. At the same time, the simplest smile sent her way can pull her out of a gloom, and a wink of attention is enough to get rid of any funk she's stuck in. Honestly, if you can put up with her, she can and will most definitely put up with you.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i>With how little true attention she receives, Plum can be a bit clingy to those who show genuine interest in her. If she makes a friend, she will immediately devote herself to them with her loyalty and sideways sense of affection. In this regard, she is quick to give her trust to others. However, if a cat she mistakenly believes to be close to her shows more interest in another, she quickly grows envious and she can be quite the spiteful little shit.</i></small></li></ul>

<u><b>|| Sexuality ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Sexual Orientation]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Selfsexual</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Romantic Orientation]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Demiromantic</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Preferences]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>From what others can see, such as the cover of a book, Plum greatly focuses her attention on presentation and how beautiful a cat may look, whether in their appearance or in their actions. And while this may be partially true, a cat who can see deeper into Plum can tell that she really seems to only have love for herself in a lusting manner. When it comes to desire, she only has eyes for herself and shows extremely narcissistic qualities which often leaves others in two camps when they think of her- where they are pleased with her being self-sustained and not problematic, and the others who worry about her mental health because of the fact. This isn't to say she doesn't have enough love for those close to her- she's capable of feeling true love in a platonic way, but anything not as such is a lie if shown unless it's in regards to herself.</i></small>

<small><i><b>- <a href="">Fluff Tracker</a>-</b></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Sexy Stats]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Flirtation:</b> <i>7</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Romanticism:</b> <i>1</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sexuality:</b> <i>9</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Passion:</b> <i>8</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Talent:</b> <i>5</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Charisma:</b> <i>3</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sensitivity:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Flexibility:</b> <i>4</i>/10</small></li></ul>

<small><ul><b>[Crush]</b></ul></small>                      <small>N/A | <i>Besides herself</i></small>
                              <small><small> || <b>"I know- I'm perfect!!" *beams*</b> || </small></small>

<small><ul><b>[Previous Relations]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Current Status]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Single | <i>Unless you count herself</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Current Lover]</b></ul></small>                      <small>N/A | <i>Herself :3</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Mate]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Kits]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Fertility]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Unknown at current time | <i>To be determined after first litter is born.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Dam Qualities]</b></ul></small>               <small><b>Pros: </b>Wide Hips | <i>Kitting would most likely come easily to her.</i></small> <small>|| Large Build | <i>Healthier large litters would surely be a possibility.</i></small>
              <small><b>Cons:</b> Fewer Teats | <i>With only six, she may be unable to feed a larger litter.</i></small>

<u><b>|| History ||</u>

<small><ul><b><a href=""> History in Prose</a></b></ul></small>

<u><b>|| Trivia ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Memes]</b></ul></small>                       <small><i><a href="">Relationships</a> | <a href="">RP Tracker</a> | <a href="">Height Chart</a></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Voice Actor]</b></ul></small>                <small>Laura Post as Bosbos | Redline
                                   <i>|| A very powerful and surprisingly rich soprano;  It remains almost sultry-toned in regular occurrences, but when upset, can become a harsh, grating screech of a cry risen two pitches too high. || </i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Sins]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>Damn...probs <u>Envy, Lust, Greed, and Wrath.</u> Maybe more...</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Symbolism]</b></ul></small>                <small><i>Currently N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Likes]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Herself- she loves groom herself or stare at her reflection in the water.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Humor- anything fun or that can make her laugh is good in her book!</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Cuddling- unsurprisingly, she enjoys the shared contact with others.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Attention- despite what you may think, she feeds off attention and cannot function without it.</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[Favorites]</b></ul></small>               <small><b>Location:</b> Enlightened's Camp | <i>Technically, she would prefers areas by bodies of water, but the only set-in-stone location she can safely enjoy is her camp.</i></small>
              <small><b>Food:</b> Fish | <i>She likes the salty flavor it has.</i></small>
              <small><b>Game:</b> Tag | <i>She likes having a reason to touch the other players.</i></small>
              <small><b>Activity:</b> Swimming | <i>It's the only time she can clear her mind.</i></small>
              <small><b>Season:</b> Summer | <i>To avoid the heat, it was the time when she swam the most with Boston.</i></small>
              <small><b>Time of Day:</b> Midday | <i>She enjoys the touch of the sun despite her thick pelt.</i></small>
              <small><b>Skill:</b> N/A | <i>She does take pride in her ability to swim.</i></small>
              <small><b>Color:</b> Creamy Red | <i>It was the color of tree orbs that Boston claimed were plums.</i></small>
              <small><b>Tribe:</b> Water Tribe | <i>Despite being a part of The Enlightened, she has a great fascination with her kinmate's former tribe.</i></small>
              <small><b>Tribemate:</b> N/A | <i>She likes all of those among The Enlightened</i></small>
              <small><b>Outside Triber:</b> Boston | <i><b>"H-he's in Eden, but he still counts!! R-right?!"</b></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Dislikes]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Stillness- a static world makes her upset and she prefers to be moving around.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Loud Cats- quite the hypocrite, she doesn't like cats who draws the attention of others.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Secrets- being as outspoken and the listener as she is, she dislikes the lack of trust shown in secrets.</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[Least Favorites]</b></ul></small>               <small><b>Location:</b> The Breathing Caldera | <i>The stories of it that Boston told her when she was young has made her fearful of the place.</i></small>
              <small><b>Food:</b> Shrew | <i>Ironically, she thinks they taste bad because they are 'bitter.'</i></small>
              <small><b>Game:</b> Hide and Seek | <i>She doesn't fancy the idea of others hiding from her.</i></small>
              <small><b>Activity:</b> Debate | <i>She has great difficulty in keeping her composure when being opposed.</i></small>
              <small><b>Season:</b> Autumn | <i>The red and orange of the leaves reminds her of the blood split from her family and the pelt of the fox that dealt the damage during the very same season.</i></small>
              <small><b>Time of Day:</b> Morning | <i>The dewy dampness makes the air feel dreary to her.</i></small>
              <small><b>Ability:</b> N/A | <i>Though the Enlightened don't have any of them, she finds the Tribe's powers interesting.</i></small>
              <small><b>Color:</b> Black | <i>It is the color of loneliness; completely devoid of all else.</i></small>
              <small><b>Tribe:</b> N/A | <i>She really don't hate the Tribes. She just don't want to be left by The Enlightened.</i></small>
              <small><b>Tribemate:</b> N/A | <i>Really has no qualms with any of her allies.</i></small>
              <small><b>Outside Triber:</b> N/A | <i>She doesn't really know any cats outside The Enlightened; even more so that she doesn't like.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Secret]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>For now, she doesn't have a secret. If you ask her something about herself, she'll just straight-up tell you. <strike>She's a virgin.</strike></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Dreams]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Make a best friend</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Form a new family</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Gain a rival</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Find a way to wed herself</i></small></li>
<li><small><strike><b>X</b> | <i>Lowkey join Water Tribe</i></strike></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Make the Tribes realize the familial bonds of a unified Tribe.</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Reunite with her tío and abuela in the afterlife</i></small></li></ul>
<small><ul><b>[Fears]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Lose a friend</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Have someone close betray her</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Become shunned</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Lose her beauty</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Kill someone</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Unable to protect another</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Die alone</i></small></li></ul>

<small><ul><b>[Tidbits]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Her tail garners the majority of the attention directed at her and although its color is of no particular significance, Plum still cherishes her tail as a gift of sorts from whom Boston referred to as the 'Spirits.'  Plum is often seen spending a great deal of her grooming time on her tail. She takes particular care in making sure her tail-worn accessory also remains secure and cleaned.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>It occasionally takes longer to groom her coat because of its silkiness, but things hardly remain caught in it for long as they fall out easily with a quick shake of her body. When wet, her fur does't really weight her down, but it does make it tricky for her to see. The same goes for windy and foggy days where her neatly groomed fur becomes unruly and frizzed.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Surprisingly, she is one of the easiest cats for me to draw because of all of her fur. There's more room for mistakes to be covered up as just excess fluff.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Plum knows another language. Now, I'm not saying this is a full-on different collection of speech, as I'm sure that Tribe cats only speak in the tongues that the land of Nandryx knows. However, when Plum was with Boston, the tom had taught her 'Slip-tongue,' a small collection of words which held no meaning to anyone besides his family in the Outlands. Such was the creation of Amelia in the hopes of masking her kinmates' words to any outsiders who may have tried to track her down, and was a secret tongue for only them to know. Plum only knows a few key words that she heard Boston speak to her repeatedly, and sometimes incorporates them in her own speech, typically when talking to herself. <strike>This language known as 'Sliptongue' is a rather botched attempt at me trying to use the Spanish I learned in high school. I also picture Plum with a slightly Spanish accent because of this.</strike></i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Poidzua's prized gemstone is in Plum's current possession as one of her spoiled of war.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>She would be a Poison/Water type if she were a Pokemon ^^'</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>As I've had her planned out for some time, it was a part of my headcanon that she and Xeno hated each other.</i></small></li></ul>

<u><b>|| Roleplay Information ||</u>

<small><i>[RP from PokéPark on Pokefarm - Babayaga the Delphox]</i></small><ul><small>Honey gold eyes leered in the darkness of the rain which was now much stronger than the former sprinkle of droplets it had evolved from. A faint hiss sounded against the pattering of the shower overhead as the droplets evaporated off the plume of fur that the fox Pokemon donned. Babayaga's upper lip curled as a growl escaped her lungs, flattening her large ears to the best of her ability. With her thick tail lashing uneasily, the slender Delphox shrank back further into the underground, which seemed to grow tighter around her the further she moved. In her current size- even being one of the smaller creatures in the breed- was still much more problematic when it came to hiding. So easy it had been to shy away into a tangle of dense vegetation to avoid the rain as a Fennekin- even a Braixen. But now Baba seemed to be the brunt of nature's frustrations as the falling droplets broke through the barrier that the dark canopy of foresty trees had once held in strength before the thin membranes of the leaves grew heavy and limp with water.

<i>Sizzling.</i> Sizzling was not good. It proved too loud of a sound, even for the rain-filled air that gave a soft splatter with every collision between the draining sky and accepting earth. It would only take one Pokemon with the keenest of hearing to pinpoint the sizzle- even higher chances that they would catch sight of the steam- and Baba was doomed. There was hardly a chance she could win a battle on a sunny day, let alone a heavily rainy one. The dangerous threat of being found was too much for the frantic creature to take and the towering Fox Pokemon tore off into a run on all four- appearing quite awkward albeit, but faster than she would've got it travelling upright on her hind legs. She had to get out of this drizzly wood and as she fled, a trail of steam followed more slowly in pursuit as it floated from her hissing pelt. It didn't take long for the Fire-Type to come across a cavern, and though it smelled of foreign scents that made her skin crawl with paranoia, the thought of remaining out in the cold wetness of the outside world when she was already becoming sopping wet was more than enough to send her packing into the cave without a hint of hesitation.

Upon entering the stony mouth of the landscape, Baba had not an inkling as to where she was, what else was in inside with her, and how well she would fare before the weather let up. In an attempt to quash any feelings of terror or regret for entering the unusual cavern, the scrawny Delphox elicited a thin streak of flame from her honey-toned muzzle and grinned a bit at the sound of loud fizzling as the jet of fire evaporated what water she trailed in from the stone floor and charred a small portion of the area. And while the spot was still hot with embers, the tall fox creature hurriedly hunkered down and curled into as tight of a ball as she could ever get. The sudden warmth was enticing and drew a purr from deep within her throat, though the feeling was short-lived as the rest of her damp hide smothered out the lasting little lives of heat. But at least she could dry there in peace. <i>Hopefully....</i></small></ul>
<small><ul><b>[Timezone]</b></ul></small>                      <small>CST |  <i>UTC/GMT -6 hours</i></small>

<small><i>:bulletgreen: | <b>Desirable</b>
:bulletyellow: | <b>Acceptable</b>
:bulletred: | <b>Undesireable</b>
:bulletwhite: | <b>Ask Me</b></small>
<small><ul><b>[I've finally decided on my RP platforms ^^]</b></ul></small> <small>:bulletgreen: <b>Note RP</b></small>
<small>:bulletgreen: <b>Skype</b></small>
<small>:bulletyellow: <b>Google Document RP</b></small>
<small>:bulletred: <b>Chatroom RP</b></small>
<small>:bulletwhite: <b>Drawing/Sketch RP</b></small>
<small>:bulletwhite: <b>Comment RP</b></small>
<small>:bulletwhite: <b>Other</b></small>

Plum & fam © :iconmewmehh:

All other characters © their respective owners

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