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6/13/17: <b>cries because FT is finally open</b></ul><hr><u><b>|| Basic Information ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Names]</b></ul></small><small><b>Spirit Name:</b> Sonoshee</small>
<small><b>Kit Name:</b> <strike>Lain</strike> | Wendigo</small>
<small><b>Nick Name:</b> White-Fire | Wendi | Sono | Firefly</small>
<small><ul><b>[Name Info]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Sonoshee:</i> Pronounced "Soh-noh-shee" | The name of the love interest in the anime movie 'Redline.'</small></li>
<li><small><i>Lain:</i> Pronounced "Ley-n" | A name given out of sheer lack of care or thought | <i>Name given to her by her mother.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Wendigo:</i> Pronounced "Wen-dee-goh" | Name based of the monster-like face on her chest | <i>Name given to her by her father.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>White-Fire:</i> Pronounced "Wahyt Fah-yuh-r" | The label displaying her rank and tribe | <i>Used by distant tribemates/strangers.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Wendi:</i> Pronounced "Wen-dee" | A shortened form of her kit name | <i>Used by Salem.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Sono:</i> Pronounced "Soh-noh" | A shortened form of her true name | <i>Used by her friends.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Firefly:</i> Pronounced "Fah-yuh-r Flahy" | Based on the golden flecks in her dark pelt like the little lightning bugs | <i>Used by Ganohilasa.</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[Sex]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Female</i></small>
<small><ul><b>[Gender Identity]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Female | <i>Prefers "she/her"</i></small>
<small><ul><b>[Age]</b></ul></small><small><b>Arrival Age:</b> 8 moons</small>
<small><b>Current Age:</b> 8 moons</small>
<small><b>Birth Season/Date:</b> <u>IC:</u> Late Summer; Year 104 | <i><u>OOC:</u> October 23th, 2016</i></small>
<small><b>Zodiac Sign:</b> Libra ♎</small>

<u><b>|| Appearance ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Description]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>A small, young cat with a thick pelt of long, fluffy fur colored a dark tortoiseshell. She had a thin, delicate build though the density of her coat easily hides this and tends to make her look stockier than she really is. Shorter than most, she still has room to grow, but her frame seems like it will stay relatively compact as she ages. She sports small paws with tenders pads and a shortish, soft tail similar to down.

           With large, soulful eyes colored a heartwarming orange and her sclera only lighter in color, Sonoshee sports a gentle, youthful face of splotched and spotted markings of sepia, brown, and creamy gold. While her base coat seems to be a chocolately brown, the majority of her form is covered in dark sepia.  Few sports of brown and even fewer of yellow dot her haunches and face, and her small paws are socked in the creamy gold- with only her right hind paw being colored brown. A series of odd markings on her chest appear like the frightening face of a ghoul or monster, from where she received one of her kithood names, and in the dark, it is about the only thing one can make out in the darkness from her body. However, in direct sunlight, her pelt seems to reflect a golden shine from all the inconspicuous flecks of gold otherwise hidden away in the shade as they catch the light. Her whiskers are a dark, ashy brown color and her small nose is a pale pink to match her soft paw pads and inner ears.

           Longer tufts of fur, on the back of her head and the lower portion of her chest respectively, have been tied into tight, messy knots by her father which have become too matted and tangled for her to undo, and thus, she sports them as so.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Breed]</b></ul></small>             <small><b>Most Prominent:</b> <a href="">Bombay</a> | <a href="">Havana Brown</a> | <a href="">Chantilly-Tiffany</a> | <a href="">Minuet</a> | <a href="">Singapura</a> | <a href="">Ragdoll</a> | <a href="">Balinese</a></small>
           <small><b>Least Prominent:</b> <a href="">Korat</a> | <a href="">Nebelung</a> | <a href="">Turkish Angora</a> | <a href="">Siamese</a></small>

<small><ul><b>[Notable Features]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Dense, Downy Fur</b> | <i>Chantilly-Tiffany/Balinese/Ragdoll</i>  | Sporting a dense, downy coat of pure fluff, Sonoshee often looks like a puff ball when left ungroomed. The massive amount of fur helps to mask her small, delicate frame, and is also results in how longer portions of her pelt have ended up in matted knots that she cannot undo herself.</small></li>
<li><small><b>Pelt Palate and Markings</b> | <i>Bombay/Havana Brown/Minuet</i>  | With the rich colors hailing from the first two breeds, it is through the Minuet trait that Sono has received her tortoiseshell markings.</small></li>
<li><small><b>Small Stature</b> | <i>Minuet/Singapura traits</i> | Although not as stocky as the Minuet in build, she carries the length and shortness of the breed, which works well in conjunction with the Singapura's petite and skinny makeup to create a tiny, nimble stature.</small></li></ul>

<small><ul><b>[Distinct Colors]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Dark Sepia | Chocolately Brown | Creamy Gold</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Pelt]</b></ul></small>                <small><b>Pattern:</b> <i>Splotched</i> - Body is splotched and spotted in a tortoiseshell pattern.</small>
              <small><b>Fur Type:</b> <i>Dense</i> - Thick, fluffy coat |  Rather downy, and somewhat silkier on longer portions of fur. Oiliness is semi-average</small>

<small><ul><b>[Scars]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Allergies]</b></ul></small>                   <small>Herbs | <i>Rather than allergic, she simply sensitive to the side effects of many medicinal herbs; specifically marigold and milk thistle.</i></small>            
                 <small>Bees | <i>Mildly allergic, a sting or two will only cause skin irritation and puffiness. Multiple stings lead to worse reactions.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Size]</b></ul></small>                <small><b>Height:</b> 5.5 inches at withers | <i>Smaller than most others, but still growing.</i></small>
              <small><b>Weight:</b>3.9 lbs | <i>Ball of moss-bab</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Build]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Slender and delicate.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Gait]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Swift, but fairly discombobulated and clumsy.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Scent]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>Living within the rocky mountains, she carries the dry smell of clay about her. Along with this could the scent of pine and occasionally fern be distinguished as well.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Muscle]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>Due to the fact that she enjoys swimming, the muscles in Sonoshee's tiny legs are rather lean and strong from constant use.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Tattoo Design]</b></ul></small>                    <small>Based loosely off the legs of a crab, Sonoshee's <u>inactive</u> tattoo is comprised a series of curved teardrop-shaped flames that appear to curl into a circular pattern on the outer corner of her left eye. | <i>Sonoshee's <u>active</u> tattoo resembles the appearance of a crab's legs much more, as a few more limbs, long and pointed, spring out from her eye and small markings like bubbles float out the long limb-like markings.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Blood Type]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>AB</i></small>


<u><b>|| Statistics ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Basic Stats]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Dexterity:</b> <i>5</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Strength:</b> <i>3</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Speed:</b> <i>6</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Stamina:</b> <i>4</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Constitution:</b> <i>6</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Wisdom:</b> <i>1</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Intelligence:</b> <i>2</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Accuracy:</b> <i>5</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Charisma:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sensitivity:</b> <i>12</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Immunity:</b> <i>6</i>/10</small></li></ul>
<small><ul><b>[Health Stats]</b></ul></small>               <small><b>Physical:</b> <i>10</i>/10 | She is in peak shape for one her age and even her muscle mass is more than the average cat in her legs due to her habit of swimming.</small>

             <small><b>Mental:</b> <i>10</i>/10 | A young, naive molly with the belief that everything and everyone are good, she is a bit blind to all the troubles of the world. She is truly oblivious.</small>

             <small><b>Pain Threshold:</b> <i>6</i>/10 | As a young cat, she does not like to get hurt and will surely cry about any injury. However, at the same time, she is rather quick to recover and bounce back.</small>

<small><ul><b>[Specific Stats]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Stealth:</b> <i>8</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Climbing:</b> <i>1</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Swimming:</b> <i>9</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Hunting:</b> <i>5</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Fighting:</b> <i>3</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Memory:</b> <i>7</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Tactility:</b> <i>1</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Depth Perception:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Sight:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Sound:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Smell:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Taste:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Touch:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li></ul>

<u><b>|| Tribe Information ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Tribe]</b></ul></small><small><b>Birth Tribe:</b> N/A</small>
<small><b>Past Tribe:</b> N/A</small>
<small><b>Current Tribe:</b> Fire Tribe</small>

<small><ul><b>[Tattoo]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>White-Fire</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Rank]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Apprentice | <i>Aspiring Blacksmith</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Ability]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Secondary | <i>Shield Manipulation</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Mentor]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i><a href="">Celestia</a></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Soulbond]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><i>1-10; Progression of Mastery</i></small></small><ul><li><small><b>Skill I:</b> Smokescreen
<small><i>You can summon and use smoke in a variety of ways. However, whether you’re using it offensively or defensively, prepare for a wicked cough if you breath in your own smoke.
<li><small><b>Skill II:</b> Furnace
<small><i>You can heat up the air around your body!
1</i>/10</small></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[Signature Move]</b></ul></small>                    <small>N/A</small>

<u><b>|| Pedigree ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Immediate Family]</b></ul></small> <small><b>Father:</b>
Salem ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Location unknown</i></small>
Methuselah ♀ | Black-Fire | <i>Location unknown</i></small>
<small><ul><b>[Extended Family]</b></ul></small> <small><i><a href="">Extended Family Tree</a></i></small>

<u><b>|| Personality ||</u>

<small><i><b>"Wanna go play by the lake or smell the flowers?"</b></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Docile | Modest | Cordial | Gullible | Graceless | Sensitive]</b></ul></small> <small> <b>|| Docile ||</b>
        A mild-mannered girl with a heart of gold, Sonoshee is a soft-spoken young she-cat with a generally calm demeanor. She is not one to get easily worked up unless it is in regards to something emotionally-tasking. Easily managed, she's probably not the most exciting individual, but she is certainly one worth making acquaintances with.</small>

<small> <b>|| Modest ||</b>
        Reserved and proper-mannered, Sonoshee is not one to act inappropriately in the slightest as it is out of her character to do so. She tries to refrain from participation in acts that may be deemed wrong or in bad taste, such as the consumption of herbs; she only takes medicinal herbs in times of great need in order to keep her wits about her. She greatly opposes the actions of younger cats that may seem indecent, and many see her as boring or a bit of a prude because of this determined mindset of hers.</small>

<small> <b>|| Cordial ||</b>
        A friendly she-cat with seemingly no sense of malice towards any soul, Sonshee is as earnest a cat as one could be. Sincere in her actions and bearing the best of intentions, she is one worthy of trust and one anyone can count on for help, no matter how large or insignificant the issue. She easily allows others to feel warm and welcome in her presence, and this seems to help raise the young cat's already high level of charisma.</small>

<small> <b>|| Gullible ||</b>
        Throughout her youth, she was left to question many things, and as such, often sought out answers from all sorts of individuals.
And despite how her father strived to ensure that all her curiosities were met, even he could not provide Sonoshee with all the answers about the world that she sought out. Thus, she was often given all sorts of wild words about false truths by others, and her perception of reality and fantasy were warped. Coupled with her generally oblivious nature, she is quick to believe what others say and this can sometimes get her into trouble.</small>

<small> <b>|| Graceless ||</b>
        Masquerading as one with poise and proper manners, one may be surprised to find out that despite Sonoshee's best efforts, she cannot shake her ditsy, clumsy nature. Easily confused and quick to teeter on her feet when even slightly off-balance, Sono has great difficulty keeping herself out of harm's way when she's running into rocks and tripping on nothing in particular. Yet, some might say it is a charming quality she has, as it often makes her appear more innocent and cute.</small>

<small> <b>|| Sensitive ||</b>
        One to wear her heart on her sleeve and easily pick up on the emotions of others around her, Sonoshee is a sympathetic feeler
capable of understanding how another feels and is quite adept at gauging how to respond in kind. While this is a quality characteristic,
she also acts as a double-edged sword as her feelings can easily manipulated and used against her. Relying too much on the heart and not enough with the mind, she often winds up in trouble where her common sense was swayed by her feelings.</small>

<small><ul><b>[Secondary Traits]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i><b>Jolly</b>
Sonoshee is usually a joyous cat with positive thoughts regarding most everything.</i></small></li>

She greatly desires to understand everything about the world that she can.</i></small></li>

Oblivious to most things, she is especially blind to romantic feelings of her own and others.</i></small></li>

Unlike her density regarding individuals, she is in love with all the wonders and beauty for the natural world.</i></small></li>

Always the optimist, Sono seems to see the good in all things until pushed to the breaking point.</i></small></li>

Sonoshee is one who tends to find herself easily embarrassed or flustered.</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[MBTI Type]</b></ul></small>                      <small>ISFP - The Composer | <i><a href="">Summary</a></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Humor Level]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>"I don't get it."</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Views]</b></ul></small>            <small><b>Political:</b> <i>"All of the tribes seem so great- I want to learn about them all!"</i></small>
          <small><b>Spiritual:</b> <i>"I don't really understand- I was a loner once, and I'm not bad. And I've heard some of the cats from the Enlightened have joined the Tribes, so maybe they weren't as bad as everyone makes them sound..."</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Extras]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Sonoshee loves the water; she enjoys swimming as her favorite pasttime, and even loves it when it rains heavily. She loves gloomy days where she can remain cooped up in her nest and just listen to the thunder.  She is believed to be a bit of a weirdo by her tribemates because of her affinity for water.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i>One of Sonoshee's dreams is to swim alongside sharks, and she cannot seem to grasp that sharks are dangerous, not just giant fish. However, this has not swayed her desire to one day achieve her goal.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i>She is very lost when it comes to romantic love and how to act around it, but she understands platonic love very easily and shares such a feeling for most of those around her.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i>Beside swimming, she doesn't have many hobbies. And coupled with her very modest nature, many find her to be a very boring cat. Thus, she doesn't have many friends her age.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i>Sonoshee desires to learn about all the 'Great Tribes' as her father referred to them as; she has particular interest in Air Tribe's ability to channel lightning and Water Tribe's abilities regarding water, and while she wouldn't trade her own Fire Tribe for the world, she wonders what it would be like to be a member of the other two tribes that she is so fixated on.</i></small></li></ul>

<u><b>|| Sexuality ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Sexual Orientation]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Demisexual</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Romantic Orientation]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Demiromantic</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Preferences]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>As a young cat with no understanding of how romance and attraction works, she currently has no preferences in terms of a partner.</i></small>

<small><i><b>-<a href="">Fluff Tracker</a>-</b></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Sexy Stats]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Flirtation:</b> <i>0</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Romanticism:</b> <i>0</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sexuality:</b> <i>0</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Libido:</b> <i>0</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Passion:</b> <i>5</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Talent:</b> <i>0</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Charisma:</b> <i>9</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sensitivity:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Flexibility:</b> <i>4</i>/10</small></li></ul>

<small><ul><b>[Crush]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Previous Relations]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Current Status]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Single</small>

<small><ul><b>[Current Lover]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Mate]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Kits]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Fertility]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Unknown at current time | <i>To be determined after first litter is born.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Dam Qualities]</b></ul></small>                <small><i>Too young to know yet</i></small>

<u><b>|| History ||</u>

<small><ul><b><a href=""> History in Prose</a></b></ul></small>

<u><b>|| Trivia ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Memes]</b></ul></small>                       <small><i><a href="">Relationships</a> | <a href="">RP Tracker</a> | <a href="">Height Chart</a></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Voice Actor]</b></ul></small>                    <small>Kaori Shimizu as Lain Iwakura | Serial Experiments Lain
                               <i>|| A soft, gentle voice with a soothing cadence. || </i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Sins]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>Purest bab</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Symbolism]</b></ul></small>                   <small><b>The Flower:</b> <i>In respect to her gentle, fragile character, her roleplay titles may allude to flowers.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Likes]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Swimming- it is when she can think deeply, and release any frustrations she has.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Thunder- she finds it soothing to listen to.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Cuddling- she enjoys bundling up with her friends and just existing in their space.</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[Favorites]</b></ul></small>                <small><b>Location:</b> Flower Fields | <i>She loves to smell the flowers and relax by the water.</i></small>
              <small><b>Food:</b> Fish | <i>She especially loves mackerel.</i></small>
              <small><b>Game:</b> Hide and Seek | <i>She finds it thrilling and fun!</i></small>
              <small><b>Activity:</b> Swimming | <i>Nothing beats a nice swim under the sun.</i></small>
              <small><b>Season:</b> Summer | <i>It's when one can swim the most without freezing their pelts off.</i></small>
              <small><b>Time of Day:</b> Afternoon | <i>She likes the warmth, even when it's a rainy day.</i></small>
              <small><b>Skill:</b> N/A | <i>She really hasn't played around much with her abilities yet.</i></small>
              <small><b>Color:</b> Blue | <i>She's not sure why, but she claims its a calming color.</i></small>
              <small><b>Tribe:</b> Fire Tribe | <i>While she fancies Air and Water Tribe, her own is her favorite.</i></small>
              <small><b>Tribemate:</b> N/A | <i>She hasn't really met many others.</i></small>
              <small><b>Outside Triber:</b> Salem | <i>She misses her papa dearly.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Dislikes]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Snow- she recalls how her father complained about the snow during her youth.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Rage- such a negative emotion makes her feel sick when exposed to it.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Thorns- she thinks they make it harder for others to like flowers as much as she does.</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[Least Favorites]</b></ul></small>                <small><b>Location:</b> Northern Pheasant Woods | <i>She doesn't like how dead everything is there.</i></small>
              <small><b>Food:</b> Squirrel | <i>There's a weird nutty taste to them that she doesn't like.</i></small>
              <small><b>Game:</b> Wrestling | <i>She doesn't like playing rough.</i></small>
              <small><b>Activity:</b> Fighting | <i>She's a lover, not a fighter.</i></small>
              <small><b>Season:</b> Winter | <i>When it rains, it comes down as snow, not water.</i></small>
              <small><b>Time of Day:</b> Dawn | <i>The fogginess and morning dew unnerve her a bit.</i></small>
              <small><b>Ability:</b> N/A | <i>Again, she hasn't seen much of the Tribe abilities yet.</i></small>
              <small><b>Color:</b> Blackish Brown| <i>Specifically on plants, it means death.</i></small>
              <small><b>Tribe:</b> Light Tribe | <i>Nothing against them;  she just finds the Poisoner class to be a bit scary.</i></small>
              <small><b>Tribemate:</b> N/A | <i>Really has no qualms with any of her tribemates.</i></small>
              <small><b>Outside Triber:</b> Methuselah | <i>More confusion, really. She doesn't understand the qualms between her mother and father.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Secret]</b></ul></small>                    <small>N/A | <i>This girl is an open book.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Dreams]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Make a best friend</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Make friends with someone from another tribe.</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Figure out how to make a long-lasting flower crown.</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Swim with a shark</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Visit with her father Salem again</i></small></li></ul>
<small><ul><b>[Fears]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Lose a friend</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Have to hurt someone</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Kill someone else</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Get struck by lightning</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Never get to see Salem again</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Lose her powers</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Die alone</i></small></li></ul>

<small><ul><b>[Tidbits]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Similarly to when I created <a href="">Xeno</a>, I based this character and a few of her quirks for of a formerly failed character application for Fire Tribe. I guess you could say that most of my characters were born from this one character who was just too great to make up a single character and just had to be split apart into several different ones XD</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Her name was inspired by the character, <a href="">Sonoshee McLaren, who drives the Crab Sonoshee.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Sono branches two of my characters family trees- Poidzua and Xeno. While she is Poidzua's younger half-sister, she is also the daughter of a loner cat named Salem, who just so happens to be one of Xeno's distant cousins. What a wide, wide world!! <strike><small>I kinda want to reach a point where all of my characters are at least distantly related through their crazy, tangled family trees.</small></strike></i></small></li>
<li><small><i>If she were a Pokemon, Sono would totally be a Krabby, and then later a Kingler.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>She's my wholesome baby- a whole character for the year of wholesomeness.</i></small></li></ul>


<small><i>[RP from PokéPark on Pokefarm - Babayaga the Delphox]</i></small><ul><small>Honey gold eyes leered in the darkness of the rain which was now much stronger than the former sprinkle of droplets it had evolved from. A faint hiss sounded against the pattering of the shower overhead as the droplets evaporated off the plume of fur that the fox Pokemon donned. Babayaga's upper lip curled as a growl escaped her lungs, flattening her large ears to the best of her ability. With her thick tail lashing uneasily, the slender Delphox shrank back further into the underground, which seemed to grow tighter around her the further she moved. In her current size- even being one of the smaller creatures in the breed- was still much more problematic when it came to hiding. So easy it had been to shy away into a tangle of dense vegetation to avoid the rain as a Fennekin- even a Braixen. But now Baba seemed to be the brunt of nature's frustrations as the falling droplets broke through the barrier that the dark canopy of foresty trees had once held in strength before the thin membranes of the leaves grew heavy and limp with water.

<i>Sizzling.</i> Sizzling was not good. It proved too loud of a sound, even for the rain-filled air that gave a soft splatter with every collision between the draining sky and accepting earth. It would only take one Pokemon with the keenest of hearing to pinpoint the sizzle- even higher chances that they would catch sight of the steam- and Baba was doomed. There was hardly a chance she could win a battle on a sunny day, let alone a heavily rainy one. The dangerous threat of being found was too much for the frantic creature to take and the towering Fox Pokemon tore off into a run on all four- appearing quite awkward albeit, but faster than she would've got it travelling upright on her hind legs. She had to get out of this drizzly wood and as she fled, a trail of steam followed more slowly in pursuit as it floated from her hissing pelt. It didn't take long for the Fire-Type to come across a cavern, and though it smelled of foreign scents that made her skin crawl with paranoia, the thought of remaining out in the cold wetness of the outside world when she was already becoming sopping wet was more than enough to send her packing into the cave without a hint of hesitation.

Upon entering the stony mouth of the landscape, Baba had not an inkling as to where she was, what else was in inside with her, and how well she would fare before the weather let up. In an attempt to quash any feelings of terror or regret for entering the unusual cavern, the scrawny Delphox elicited a thin streak of flame from her honey-toned muzzle and grinned a bit at the sound of loud fizzling as the jet of fire evaporated what water she trailed in from the stone floor and charred a small portion of the area. And while the spot was still hot with embers, the tall fox creature hurriedly hunkered down and curled into as tight of a ball as she could ever get. The sudden warmth was enticing and drew a purr from deep within her throat, though the feeling was short-lived as the rest of her damp hide smothered out the lasting little lives of heat. But at least she could dry there in peace. <i>Hopefully....</i></small></ul>
<small><ul><b>[Timezone]</b></ul></small>                      <small>CST |  <i>UTC/GMT -6 hours</i></small>

<small><i>:bulletgreen: | <b>Desirable</b>
:bulletyellow: | <b>Acceptable</b>
:bulletred: | <b>Undesireable</b>
:bulletwhite: | <b>Ask Me</b></small>
<small><ul><b>[I've finally decided on my RP platforms ^^]</b></ul></small> <small>:bulletgreen: <b>Note RP</b></small>
<small>:bulletgreen: <b>Skype</b></small>
<small>:bulletgreen: <b>Discord</b></small>
<small>:bulletgreen: <b>Google Document RP</b></small>
<small>:bulletyellow: <b>Comment RP</b></small>
<small>:bulletred: <b>Chatroom RP</b></small>
<small>:bulletwhite: <b>Drawing/Sketch RP</b></small>
<small>:bulletwhite: <b>Other</b></small>
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All other characters © their respective owners

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