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Post  MewMew100 on Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:24 pm

Sharp, cyan eyes gleamed faintly in the sun, their radiant blue color glossed over by a tint of yellowish white as the cheek of a small girl rested near a window. The day's early light flashed on her striped face as her lashes batted slowly with weary boredom. The droning of her teacher was muffled- near silent- as she spoke at the front of the class and the small lynx dwelled near the back, on the farthest left side of the room. She was lucky enough to be graced by the warm touch of the sun throughout most days where others grew uncomfortable in the chilly room.

Something about a group project caused the class around her to break into loud moans and Yoli felt her large ears flatten in response. Gripping one of her long sleeves, she hunkered down even more, pulling herself away from the window sill and placing her face against the surface top of her desk. The faintest of frustrated hisses escaped her. The fiery girl was known well enough by her peers as one who was hard to get along with- even since she was little- errr...littler, she was found to be one who didn't play well with others.

Twitching one of her ears, she lazily listened as the teacher explained the guidelines which the students needed to follow to receive a passing grade and then prattled off the list of pairs for the project. Yips of excitement and even more groans accompanied the woman's words as the girl's classmates responded in like.

"Dahliola and Smith. Eganforth and Menstreifen. Erickson and Mewlia..."

Raising her head a little, the pink and blue feline scanned the classroom with a narrowed gaze as she searched for the face that accompanied the name of her partner. She furrowed her brow and under her breath, she mumbled, "Great."

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