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    Humor : "Joy to the world, Carl has come... Let Carl recieve Blake's skin! Let Carl's stomache Prepare the skin some room... Carl must go to the bathrooooom... Carl must go the the bathroooom... Carl MUST go-oh-oh-oh to the bathrooooooooooommmm....!!!"
    Usergroups: Frostclan Roleplayers
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    Humor : Goodness gracious- running this place is painful!!! But someone's gotta do it.....FROSTCLAN UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND CLEAN-UP!!
    Usergroups: Administrators, Frostclan Roleplayers, Moderators, Trainees
    Rank: Admin
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    Humor : A Nord and an Argonian walk into a bar.
    Usergroups: Frostclan Roleplayers
    Rank: Mod

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