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The Traveller

Post  Rosethorn95 on Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:38 pm

(This is basically me world building by writing a story. The traveller is nameless and faceless, at least at the moment... all I know is he's skinny with a pale skin tone.)

The traveller snapped his journal closed and turned his head. The Valian guide was calling his name and gesturing for him to move, her hand flailing wildly as she pointed to the mist rising from the river. He frowned and packed away his writing kit. Quickly he pushed himself up from the dark rock he’d been sitting on and joined his guide at the edge of the forest.
“The mist rises and the moons are dark tonight, we must return to the village.” She said, her husky voice seeming slightly nervous as the glowing purple mist curled up from the water and moved towards the trees.
“You said the mist is not dangerous, why must we leave.” He asked. ‘I had a sketch to finish’ he added silently.
“Not the mist, but what comes with it when the dark moons rise.” She said, tugging on his sleeve and pulling him into the tree.
“You mean The Others?” He asked peering over his shoulder, as though he could spot them coming from the mist.
“Shh, to speak of them is to call them.” She scolded.
She soon had them at a brisk pace, weaving through half formed hunting trails and squeezing between the twisting trees. Shadowvale had its own sort of dark beauty. The dark tree’s reached high into the sky, branches twisting together blocking out most of the sun, the blue leaves adding an eerie glow even during the light of day when the mist was at its lowest. He had trouble navigating in the fading light but his guide, what was her name? Mavi? Yes that was it. Mavi had no trouble in the shadowy forest, her bright blue eyes, such a contrast to her dark skin and pale hair, glowed in the dim as though lit by an inner light and when he stumbled she would move back and take him step by step over the obstacle. He could appreciate the forests beauty as he could appreciate Mavi’s, dark and mysterious but with an exotic light that made it lovely to behold but unless you knew it well it was best to stay away, unless you had a guide that is. He chuckled to himself and smirked, best not to go down that train of thought. Mavi looked over her shoulder and raised an ivory eyebrow at him, he waved her questioning look away and she continued on her way with a shrug of her shoulders.
They arrived at the village just before sunset and they parted at the inn. He turned to Mavi and clasped his hands across his chest, bowing to her and thanking her for taking him through the forest.
“I will be out when Sehkt’s eye rises to continue your tour.” She said, bowing in return and walking towards one of the small, slate roofed, wooden houses that rested under the shade of the trees. He smiled slightly at the ancient name for Ila’s sun and ducked through the low door and into the inn. Inn was a strong word though; it was a long flat stone building with rushes spread over the river stone floor and several hearths burning. There were mats with straw pillows and thin blankets spread along the walls, only just close enough to the hearths to soak up the heat. The kitchen was outside under a covered stand alone wood roof and he could smell the blue-fowl roasting over the fire from where he sat. The hunters who were passing through on their way back to their own villages sat close to one another on the communal woven mats in the centre, sharing stories and occasionally glancing at the strange traveller, he paid them no mind and went back to his sketch. He put his book and tools away when the cooks handed out the food. He ate sparingly as always, enjoying the seasoned meat and the wild vegetables they had put together on a skewer. He was continually surprised at how willing the reclusive Valians were to share their food and their hearths with strangers. Though they didn’t interact much he had the feeling they wouldn’t care either way if he was here or not. He was a guest and they treated their guests with respect, Mavi had said it was a part of their beliefs, unless he proved unworthy of it he would be treated with kindness. He sighed and tossed the finished skewer into the nearest fire. He moved towards he’s chosen sleeping place and curled up under the sheet, letting the sound of the roaring fires and the raspy tones of the Valians lull him to sleep.

(the Shadowvale part isn't done yet, I just ran out of inspiration XD.)

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