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Post  MewMew100 on Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:48 pm

"Run! Run Ebonypaws! RUN!!"

His long, sleek and slender body streaked across the flat, springy ground, flashes of tawny, ginger, and brunette fur flying past him, pale tan fur prickled in thin, sharp spines. He froze, as one of the other bodies, a dark brindle and grey one with deep, midnight blue-black eyes glistening angrily, spun around to oppose the darting creature, who own hazel-tinted noir gaze had shown a flash of unease.

"Just make it past him! Do it!!"

Baring his tiny, white fangs, the protagonist flew forward, his stumpy, young legs carrying him forward towards the dark beast only slightly bigger than himself. "I will not be beaten!" he squeaked, his pink tongue lashing the determined words out, causing the other male to pin back his rounded ears.

"You stupid moss-for-brains! I'll tear your tail off-" the opposing mammal reared back quickly in response to the youth's charging in his direction, and he released a yowl of rage as he watched his black-footed rival slip around him and bolt into the hole. After a second of waiting, soaking in his fuming anger, the lost male poked his down-soft head out of another, slightly further hole, a cheeky grin on his face.

"Splattercream! Did you see?! Did you see me win!? I can't believe I beat Snarkypuddle at his own game!"

"That you did, my dear! I'd say you're even ready to leave the Nursery and nest in with the rest of us!" It was the same voice that had rooted the youth onward, her tone gentle and warm, her voice raspy, yet endearing and very attractive. The white-flecked cream body of Splattercream moved toward Ebonypaws, her slender, furry tail waving to and fro.

"Woah, did you see that Pikepicker?!" A younger sounding voice exclaimed as a bright ginger and brown body hurried over, her wide, swollen belly bouncing as she ran to meet up with the other, leaving her pale yellow and brown mate, Pikepicker, trailing calmly after her.

"So Snarkypuddle, do you think Ebonypaws has reached the proper age for his first hunt?" the calm creature mused, a happy twinkle in his keen eyes.

"Yeah," a low, gruff snort sounded. "And I'll be the one to lead him there." Snarkypuddle muttered a short grumble, walking side by side with the older male as he watched Splattercream, Aspsnaps, and Ebonypaws, the two females chattering eagerly with the young male as they walked ahead back to home.

Splattercream sighed, smiling at her young pupil as he chittered busily with the younger female who was already expecting, the cream creature's eyes glowing affectionately. [i]Oh Ebonypaws, my dear. You will accomplish great things, love! Great, great things! And you will survive despite what the others say. You are....the fabled Black-Footed Ferret."

Splattercream [f]
Gingergrasses [m]
Snarkypuddle [m]
Sootfray [f]
Pikepicker [m]
Aspsnaps [f]
Slendershadows [m]
Starfalls [f]
Ebonypaws [m]
Poppycat [f]
Brassapple [f]
Cometrunner [m]
Misty Yew [f]
Chestnutpummel [m]
Fancyflax [f]
Charredthistle [m]
Sablecrest [f]

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