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<b><u>|| Into The Woods ||</u>
<small>:thumb355277568:| Maverick Fragments |:thumb355277568:</small></b>

<sub><b>[:bulletorange: Maverick || Orange-Air || Elder Forest :bulletorange:]</b><blockquote>Maverick's paws grew heavier and heavier as he trod through the thick underbrush. This day trip quickly turned into a bad idea the moment he decided he got to the edge of the forest. He wasn't at all phased by the spooky and overbearing feeling he got from those thick, dark woods, and he mentally kicked himself for not listening to his instincts.

It had probably been well over three hours since he first ventured into the dark woods, and so far, he's gotten thorns in his fur, almost sprayed by a less-than-happy skunk, and had gotten bitten by a hungry mosquito and now his shoulder was itching like mad. The tom had to hold back his urge to sit down and scratch at that nuisance for hours, but he knew he had to get out of there.
<b>"Hello?"</b> the soldier called out into the abyss. <b>"Hellooooo?!"</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Elder Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote><b>"Ehh?"</b>

A single grunt called out in response to the brightly-colored tom's words, though the speaker's form could not be seen. The youthful voice had been clad with the faint rustle of leaves, as if they were in the undergrowth, but the sound seemed to radiate from the sky. Had Maverick looked up, he would've seen a thin cat colored in black about the age of an apprentice. Clinging to a branch of a lower level of the tree, she seemed unfazed as she hung dangerously from it and focused her attention on the Orange-Air. One of her large ears twitched and she blinked her wide eye.

In a tone purely quizzical in nature, Xeno mewed<b>,"You have some problems, or something?"</b> During all her times spent in Nandryx's various woodlands, she had yet to hear someone literally call for help. <i>What's up with this guy?</i></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletorange: Maverick || Orange-Air || Elder Forest :bulletorange:]</b><blockquote>At the sudden sound of a voice, Maverick nearly jumped out of his skin. He heard the trees here were really old; maybe they were possessed by the souls of dead cats?! Crouching down at the root of the unseen she-cat's tree, the tom looked around nervously with his yellow and blue eyes to see if the trees would try and grab him with their long, ominous-looking branches.

<b>"Oh dude, like I'm sorry trees! I didn't mean to wander into your homes! Uh... Please don't turn me into compost, I'm too young to be turned into tree food, man!"</b>

Unaware of the Earth Tribe cat above him, watching him like a hawk, the ignorant cat continued to mew out into the woods, rambling on and on about how he really liked the trees and how he was glad they're there to make leaves and have them fall in everyone's faces during the fall... which, of course, isn't a bad thing!</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Elder Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>A loud laugh erupted into the air as Maverick mewled on like a helpless kitten, Well, all up until the point where the said 'tree spirit' fell from here....well, tree. Xeno landed with a dull thud on the ground, her feet unable to catch her plummeting body, though it felt like something cushioned her fall. Her bony rump wiggled itself as she attempted to feel what was beneath her, though the flooding scent of the other cat gave away the answer. Looking down, and blinked her big eye and mew<b>,"Oh- there you are!"</b> Standing up, she winced and hopped on the brightly-colored tom's tail on tender paws, her face wrinkled up in pain.

<b>"What was...all that...about tree food?" Ehh...heheh....heh..."</b> she groaned with a weak grin on her face. Xeno raised her head a bit to look at Maverick completely, and her eye moved straight to his tattooed withers. <b>"Primary Air Triber? Hey, I've met one of your tribemates just a few days ago....or maybe a week. I'm not sure...but he was a White-Air!"</b> She seemed to be interested in this cat already if he knew Phantom.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletorange: Maverick || Orange-Air || Elder Forest :bulletorange:]</b><blockquote><b>"Ahhh!"</b> Maverick screamed as he heard the she-cat come crashing down through the forest canopy. He had jumped out of the way just in time before he would he been fully smushed under her weight, and for just a brief minute, the bristling tomcat couldn't tell what <i>exactly</i> that thing was that fell through the trees. At least from his perspective, it looked like a giant, clumpy, black hairball.

It wasn't until she moved did he realize that it was an actual cat. <b>"Oh my god, are you okay?"</b> the solider said as he pulled his tail out from under the dazed she-cat. Looking her over, he tried to find any cuts or bruises. Oh no... the last thing he needed was a wounded apprentice on his hands. He's not that responsible!

<b>"Uh..."</b> he said as he continued to examine her, <b>"Well, there's a lot of White-Airs in the tribe, so you gotta be more specific, kid."</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Elder Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Xeno shook her head and tossed away a few of the leaves that had nestled themselves into her thin fur before she blinked her wide eye at Maverick. <b>"His name was Phantom, I believe. However, I guess it wouldn't be odd if you did not know him. From what I learned, he was not a tribe-born cat either."</b> Now, she sneered.

<b>"But forget about that. Why were you crying for help like a lost kit? And what was that about trees? I'm sure if you wanted to, I could help you make it up to them."</b> At this, she turned slightly and the stark white mark of her tattoo upon her black shoulder became visible to Maverick.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletorange: Maverick || Orange-Air || Elder Forest :bulletorange:]</b><blockquote><b>"Uh..."</b> he said as he felt his cheeks heat up with blush. <b>"Look, that's none of your business about me and the trees. But I'm lost, and I've been going in circles around here for HOW long, and this place gives me the creeps. Can you help a brother out?"</b>

Pacing back and forth as he spoke, the warrior felt more and more on edge in this maze of trees. With each passing moment, he felt more and more uncomfortable in the restricting forest, and the sooner he could get out of there, the better.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Elder Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Snickering, Xeno nodded with a shit-eating grin and replied,<b>"Sure thing, <i>brother</i>."</b> The black she-cat stood up and shook her coat, throwing off the crumpled leaves that clung to her tail. Once ready, she spun around with her head raised, her nostrils and mouth agape in order to catch the scent of Air Tribe on the breeze. Once caught, she flicked her tail towards Maverick and started forward. As she walked, she seemed slow and her steps were light- almost limping. She treated them tenderly and the skin on her back occasionally twitched with discomfort.

After a little while, Xeno cast a glance to the tom over her shoulder and purred,<b>"The name's Egg. What's yours, or shall I just call you 'brother'?"</b></blockquote></sub>:thumb457655489::thumb519806120::thumb457655529:

<b><u>|| Paw Pad Pickle ||</u>
<small>:thumb400387748:| Balban Fragment |:thumb400387748:</small></b>

<sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Light Tribe Camp :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote><i>Pain.</i> Such a thought made the black-furred cat's skin writhe. <i>Pain.</i> Oh, how she hated pain, even if it didn't have anything to do with her. Only, now it did. And it was due to her own stupidity that the poisonous blossom finally bloomed. And in four places, nonetheless.

Had it been wise to continue with regular activities after hiking up Mt. Corvo all those weeks ago, leaving bruises and scraps unattended? Probably not, but it wouldn't have killed her. The dull pain she had felt then with Bella and even with Lithium had been bad when she first felt it, but thinking back upon the times of calmer nerves, Xeno dictated that the feeling she had felt then was more along the lines of stepping on a cloud in comparison to how she felt now.

Had it been in her best interest to transverse the Bog of Moving Rocks and slosh through the mysterious and bacteria-filled swamp water and marsh while her wounds were still in the process of healing? Indeed, it wasn't- not even with the reward of getting to see Eponine's fiery familiar- she agreed, but figured her body's natural immune system would have purged any inconsistencies that were found. However, that had not been entirely the case. Such was that apparent to the White-Earth now.

As she sat uncomfortably in a den that carried the pungent scent of herbs and faintly familiar cats, Xeno felt her pelt prickle with paranoia. Her eye darted to the left and right as she took in what she could see of the Light Tribe camp. How long had it been since she was last here? A moon? <i>Maybe longer?</i> She couldn't be sure, but this was most likely because her brain could focus on processing time as her pads swollen and green throbbed angrily. Glancing down at them, she grimaced. How had she let them get to be that bad? At least she was getting help now.

<i>It hurts.</i> Her large ears twitched as she winced, and she turned her attention back to the individual who was to tend to her- a young-looking cat with stars of solid white marking his body. The idea of a cat about her age healing her would've unnerved the she-cat, though her sense of logic and pain worked together to tell her otherwise. This cat surely had spent more time honing his skills than she had, and the injuries she sported on her four paws were in no mood to argue with the help.</blockquote></sub>:thumb457655489::thumb519806120::thumb457655529:

<b><u>|| Reminiscent Roomies ||</u>
<small>:thumb355277568:| Katzen Fragment |:thumb355277568:</small></b>

<sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno | White-Earth | Light Tribe Camp :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>A long-limb, dark creature flopped over from one side onto the opposite as she let a little groan escape her lungs, sounding deflated and defeated as she laid in her unfamiliar nest. A thin ray of light came to life as a single green eye flickered open in the dimness of the den, and Xeno gave a quick sneeze. Bringing a sore paw up to her nose, she rubbed away the tickling feeling she felt and cringed. Her healing paws still burned and the movement sent pain up her veins like wildfire. The foreign scents of Light Tribe swirled around her, and she grimaced as she just began to realize the light filtering into her sleeping space, alerting her to the rise of the sun.

Gingerly, she stood up on shaky paws, and stepped out into the sun-touched camp where cats sporting stars seemed to span in all directions. The lone White-Earth yawned, and sat down quickly as to remove the pressure from her recently treated pads, and brought her tongue to the sleek, but slightly disheveled fur on her shoulder, grooming herself lightly.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletblue: Katzen | Blue-Light | Light Tribe Camp :bulletblue:]</b><blockquote>Katzen sighed, lounging down in the camp and twitching her nose. Sapphire blue eyes flickered around the camp as she looked for something to do, and she spotted a lanky black patient she seemed to have met before, or at least had seen before. The brunette squinted at the patient; actually it looked quite suspicious if you saw Katzen from a distance just staring at a patient. How rude.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno | White-Earth | Light Tribe Camp :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>After uttering a second yawn, having taken a pause from her grooming session, Xeno flashed her singular gaze towards the mouth of a nearby den. Although the sunlight was harsh and washed out most of her vision, the earthy cat's spine prickled as she focused on a small, dark shape just beyond the den's entrance. And the chill she felt despite the warmth coupled with the unusual sight she saw made one thing certain- this cat was watching her. Staring at her.

Xeno felt uncomfortable. Drawing one of her sore paw over herself, as if to protect her slim body from view, she narrowed her emerald eye and gave the distant figure a cross look. After a moment longer, she curled around and tucked her muzzle between her forepaws.

<i>Go away, creepy cat...</i></blockquote></sub>:thumb457655489::thumb519806120::thumb457655529:

<b><u>|| To Find a Rarity in the Rough ||</u>
<small>:thumb355277568:| Kapua Fragments |:thumb355277568:</small></b>

<sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Earth Tribe Territory :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote><i><b>"Too cool,"</b></i> a hushed voice mused as a single eye twinkled with delight at the scene.

The black she-cat had been ecstatic at the invitation offered upon her by a couple of miners allowing her to tag along to study their work, and Xeno eagerly had hurriedly alerted her mentor that she would be busy for the day. Once the journey to find ore had been initiated and the cats had spread out within the territory, Xeno found herself traveling with another White-Earth and the she-cat seemed to be watching the tabby tom with the eye of a hawk. She didn't really know the younger cat who went by the name of Kapua, but had noted him to be a kind- albeit emotional- apprentice. But that didn't deter her from the mission at hand.....or paw?

Xeno's mission was to watch what the miners did in order to better understand their purpose in the tribe, but she also wished to find something cool. Something interesting and worthwhile. And with this young apprentice at her side, maybe they would be able to accomplish something close to her desires. In a chipper voice, Xeno purred cheerily,<b>"So Kapua- have you done anything like this before?"</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Kapua || White-Earth || Earth Tribe Territory :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote><i>The young tom padded through across the stony terrain on nervous paws. Every so often he'd cast a sidelong glance at the black she-cat accompanying him. He was a little frightened to have a tribemate observe his mining so soon in his training, after all, he knew very little. The she-cat was a decent pawful of moons older than he, so he didn't want to appear ignorant in front of her.

His body began to tremble as he soon began to realize that he had no idea how to find the ore he was asked to. He vaguely new what it looked like, but other than that, he felt helpless. <b>"Uhmmmm..."</b> Her question caught him off guard. <b>"Honestly no... I haven't done all that much to tell you he truth..."</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Earth Tribe Territory :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Xeno watched the tom carefully and shot him a sympathetic look when Kapua admitted the truth. However, Xeno still wore a smile. The cat with the egg-shaped spot on her back gave the younger cat a swift lick atop his crown and trotted ahead of him with her neck raised. <b>"Don't worry- I won't hold it against you. I'm assuming this task takes practice. We'll just have to look harder, eh?"</b> Xeno was just excited to be there for the journey- not necessarily the destination.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Kapua || White-Earth || Earth Tribe Territory :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>His large ears drooped a bit, and he offered her a meek smile as she licked his head. It'd take a lot more than that to reassure the little tom--his self-esteem was already in the negative digits as is. <b>"...yeah..."</b> he fretted, padding behind her. His heterochromatic gaze fell on her for a few heartbeats, amazed to see such enthusiasm. <b>"Do you know why you're studying with the miners today?"</b> It seemed odd that a cat from a different trade would be instructed to tag along with miners.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Earth Tribe Territory :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>The black cat quickly apologized when she saw that her attempt at reassurance had failed, Kapua looking as if he had become only more upset. Xeno trotted ahead of him, her ears perked. When his words met her ears, she paused and looked back at the smaller cat, her green eye peering at him over her shoulder. <b>"Oh? Well, I'm a scholar, so I'm supposed to learn stuff, I guess. Firstly, I must learn about Earth Tribe and understand everything about it before I can learn about the other ones. And I know nothing about miners, so I figured it would be good for me to follow and observe. After all, I hear it's your jobs to find cool things out here. Interesting things. But no worries-"</b> She grinned deviously. <b>"I won't hold it against you if you suck."</b></blockquote></sub>:thumb457655489::thumb519806120::thumb457655529:

<b><u>|| The Star-Raving Stone and Reluctant Flower ||</u>
<small>:thumb355277568:| Adalin Fragment |:thumb355277568:</small></b>

<sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Ezrael's Lake :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote><i><b>"Adalin, can we go? Please?! I've heard all the other scholars and their apprentices will be going there- maybe seeing it will help me with my powers!!"</b></i>

Such was the plea that the black she-cat made as she struggled to urge her mentor to take her across Ezrael's Lake in order to see the rumored Star Stone which had supposedly fallen from beyond even Eden, though Xeno still contemplated even <i>Its</i> existence. However, word had spread to the young cat's ears and she was soon driven from her lazy stupor with the idea that if she could somehow prove that this 'starry stone' was somehow related to the Spirits, she would have proof that they existed. Even now, as she lived among the tribes and bore her tattoo, the black cat was skeptical about the seven Spirits' placement in Nandryx.

The egg-spotted cat grinned as she trotted alongside the stone-toned scholar that was Adalin, Xeno's gentle and kind mentor. The younger of the two she-cats beamed and her green eye twinkled as they neared the recently fabled location of the giant fallen stone said to be made of stardust. Or at least, in Xeno's head. Oh, what secrets would they find there? The tall apprentice's thin legs shook with anticipation.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletorange: Adalin || Orange-Earth || Ezrael's Lake :bulletorange:]</b><blockquote>Hesitation had held her at her apprentice's plea, the stone that had fallen was not something she was eager to see, who knows what it was or what it could do? Yet Xeno hadn't stopped asking and she didn't want to quell that excitement that seemed to vibrate from the younger cat. So, reluctantly, she had agreed to visit the foreign stone.

Warily she headed for the place of impact with Xeno by her side, concern strong in her heart, but Adalin did her best not to show it. She knew she should be more curious about the stone, what kind of scholar wouldn't be? But she hardly felt she had the right to call herself one. She glanced at the young black she-cat. Xeno deserved a better mentor, not her. Even now after weeks had gone by, Adalin would still urge her apprentice to ask for a replacement. What could she possibly teach her?

Sighing quietly to herself, she continued on and eventually the stone was in their sight with a few other curious cat nearby it. The plump cat stopped by the edge of the crater, staring down at strange thing with a soft frown. <b>"Well... here we are."</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Ezrael's Lake :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>The scholar apprentice's eye glued itself to the boulder-like object just down the slope of churned earth caused by the crash of the very object of interest. Her legs like a deer's quivered and her ears twitched, though she remained beside Adalin as the older cat stopped at the crater's edge. Looking beside her, Xeno gave Adalin a quizzical stare, wondering whatever could be wrong with her mentor.

Xeno was very aware of Adalin's discomfort in being her mentor and though Xeno was sure that it was because of nothing she herself had done, the black cat still wished to prove the thick she-cat wrong. The younger of the two figured that, by studying her through the time spent in Earth Tribe, the young adult simply felt she wasn't ready to become a teacher to the youth, despite Kokkinos' decision. On the opposite side of the coin, Xeno believed Adalin to be just the cat she needed. Well, at least somewhat. She was nice and tender-spirited, whereas Xeno was rough and crude-cut, and even at her current age, she was sure that she would need some sort of buffering for the future. That, and Adalin needed a little push herself. So Xeno decided to make her own goal in helping prep the stony she-cat to be more confident while hoping that she would help to make Xeno grow a little herself. A little bit of killing two birds with one stone, but more positive.

In a tone calmer than the expression Xeno previous bore, she offered gently,<b>"You can stay up here if you want. I just wanted to look it over a bit, and then we can leave."</b> Her ears quickly perked. <b>"Oh!! We're nearby Water Tribe, so maybe we could go look at the Flower Fields?! Or go visit with the Silver-Water and former Silver-Light! I don't think I've really met them yet, but I've heard a lot about them!"</b> Xeno figured her mentor's reluctance to see the foreign stone could perhaps be quelled by a visit to see her parents in Water Tribe or maybe a peaceful afternoon spent in the land surrounded by sweet-scented blossoms. Either one, the black cat would be happy with. She simply wanted to meet the older cat halfway.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletorange: Adalin || Orange-Earth || Ezrael's Lake :bulletorange:]</b><blockquote>She jolted where she sat, blinking rapidly in surprise at her apprentice's suggestions. <b>"W-what? My pare--"</b> The she-cat stopped in her sentence, turning to look at the younger one. Had she told Xeno about her parents, or did she not know and it was just some weird coincidence? Or had she perhaps found out about it in a different way? Maybe she had spoken of them, Adalin couldn't really recall. Even so, it was quite the surprise to here such a suggestion. She was unsure whether or not it was meant to cheer her up or if it was just Xeno's curiosity.

<b>"No, it's- it's fine, Egg."</b> She said once the shock had settled, a small smile on her lips. <b>"Spend as much time as you want here. We're scholars, we're supposed to be here to study it... I guess."</b> Although she had no interest in it, if Xeno wanted to watch it then Adalin would let her do so. Xeno was younger, her wishes came well before Adalin's wary thoughts, shouldn't they? <b>"I mean, unless you really want to go to the Flower Fields or Water Tribe...?"</b> The offer to go to the fields was tempting, she had to admit that. To ease her nerves amongst the flowers, tempting indeed.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Ezrael's Lake :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote><b>"Really! Actually, I've heard that the flowers looks beautiful, even at this time of season. I would very much like to relax there for a nap after looking this hunk of rock over."</b> She dipped her head to Adalin eagerly before bouncing down the steep drop to the massive ore, pausing halfway to shoot the Orange-Earth a grateful grin before continuing down to the bottom of the pit. Other cats seemed to be moving around the edges of the crater from all different tribes, though there were a lot less cats snooping than the days prior. <i>At least there won't be too many others cramping up the place.</i>

A little while passed that Xeno had spent looking the massive rock over, meddling with a few pebbles that had been dislodged from the mass, and touching it in various places before she had grown bored with the static, unchanging object. Scampering up the side of the short ravine, Xeno sighed and sat down beside Adalin, greeting her mentor once again. Looking tired, the black cat yawned and chuckled,<b>"I guess it really just is a rock. There doesn't seem to be much that's special about it except that the sky coughed it up. Doesn't even look spiritual..."</b></blockquote></sub>:thumb457655489::thumb519806120::thumb457655529:

<b><u>|| Asshole Adolescents Are Asses ||</u>
<small>:thumb355277568:| Peridot Fragments |:thumb355277568:</small></b>

<sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Peridot || White/Orange-Earth || North Pheasant Woods :bulletorange:]</b><blockquote><i>Ugh, idiot.</i>

Silently Peri chastised herself as she felt a sharp tug of her tail as her fur became entwined in the brambles. First, a failed hunt, and as if her day couldn't have gotten any worse, the Spirits decided to prove her wrong. The adolescent could feel the thorns begin to pull lumps of her pelt from her trapped tail and it just fueled her will to escape. With a grunt, the small she-cat's claws scrapped the soft earth as she gave herself a powerful tug, until her fur finally was suddenly torn free from the vegetation. However, the sudden release sent the young Bengal tumbling to the group with a thud. For a moment, she contemplated remaining where she was. Collapsed on the earth. Defeated by the malicious brambles- and for a short time, she did. Her paws ached from the day's travels as well as hunting expeditions and her current state reminded her of how she had been longing to curl up into her nest and sleep- but the day wasn't over and Peri was going to have to will herself onward and suck up her little aches.

The White/Orange-Earth did just that, and with a sigh, Peridot heaved herself to her sore paws before giving her pelt a shake to dislodge any debris that may have found it's way into her fur. The she-cat made sure to spend a bit more time untangling a few stray brambles from her tail, cursing each thorny twig she removed from her messy pelt and finally padding ahead.

Tipping her head upward, she could see the sky through the gaps of the colorful Autumn canopy above. Peri noted how the sun seemed to be past its peak in the sky, signaling the arrival of late afternoon. Where did the time go? She hadn't a thing to show for all her travels- not a single piece of prey and nothing to contribute to her tribe whatsoever. What was it scholars are meant to do? Discover? Discover <i>what</i> exactly? Well, she discovered that Nandryx is filled with a bunch of useless brambles that are just waiting to get tangled in cat fur if that makes the cut for so-called "discoveries". Was there anything worthwhile to be uncovered in this blasted territory that hasn't been already? She couldn't help but wonder. What an odd place to be.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White/Green-Earth || North Pheasant Woods :bulletgreen:]</b><blockquote>A second hiss rose into the air from just a couple of meters away, although the voice was a bit deeper and different. The slim body of a black cat sporting a bi-colored tattoo yanked her head from a thorny throng of vegetation, her muzzle and forehead scratched and sore. Even a tuft of fur seemed to have been torn from under her chin. She spat curses at the tangle of growth before trotted over to stand beside her partner for the day. The pretty Bengal known as Peridot was slightly older than Xeno, but the recently made adolescent found her company to be quite energetic, if anything.

Plopping down on her rear beside the marbled she-cat, the younger cat sighed and groaned,<b>"Why are we way out here, in the boonies? Can't we study elsewhere?"</b>

Xeno had only recently returned to Earth Tribe after the tribal gathering, as she had been holed up in Light Tribe due to injuries surrounding her paws. It had only been for a short period of time, but it felt like it had been an eternity since she had been able to walk around and work freely. And yet, even though she missed it when bedridden, she now- surprisingly- wished she were injured again.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Peridot || White/Orange-Earth || North Pheasant Woods :bulletorange:]</b><blockquote>Peri halted, a voice piping up behind her catching her attention. <b>"You're free to head back to camp whenever you please."</b> The Bengal added grumpily as she swiped a tongue over her aching paw pad,<b>"Don't think I'll stop you."</b> She glanced back at her company, a peculiar-looking black she-cat with a gem fashioned in a vacant eye socket. The cat was only a few moons younger, but the two were of the same rank and found it much easier to travel while in pairs. Xeno was her name. Being stuck with another cat wasn't quite pleasant for Peri, however, this once she found her tribemates company a bit comforting.

The lithe she-cat plopped onto her haunches. <b>"This is what it is to be a scholar. It's exhausting and degrading work,"</b> she mocked. <b>"Perfect for a couple of idiots like ourselves."</b> Peri growled as she discovered another brambles hiding in her chest fur that she'd overlooked. <b>"We can at least let the soldiers know that we determined what happens when a cat gets stuck in a stupid thorn bush."</b> Her electric green gaze eyed a bead of blood that began to bubble from a small prick on her toe from her battle with the undergrowth.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || North Pheasant Woods :bulletgreen:]</b><blockquote>The black cat gave a humored snort at Peridot's words before smirking and adding,<b>"Well, I wouldn't call myself an idiot, but who am I to disagree with your self-image?"</b> Snickering, she shook her head and stood up. Breathing in a sigh, she stretched her limbs and purred,<b>"Ehhh it may be tedious work, but at least we get to see more than the others do. We get to see deeper and for longer, so I guess that means we're getting more out of our lives."</b> With her pelt twitching, she looked over to Peridot with the most genuine, sweetest of smiles and mused,<b>"You know, we could always lead the soldiers <i>into</i> the thorn bushes. Those clods would surely follow blindly as stupid, lumbering badgers."</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Peridot || White/Orange-Earth || North Pheasant Woods :bulletorange:]</b><blockquote>The tabby snorted as she gave her paw another swipe of her tongue. <b>"Hey, I'm not here to stroke your ego."</b> Peri began with a toothy smirk. <b>"Tch, that's what friends are for. I keep you grounded so you're not swept away in some fantasy of your ideal reality. You idiot."</b> There was a hint of teasing in her voice that was usually fairly difficult for another cat to pick up, especially with how genuine the Bengal's attitude may seem. It often played a great part into why the she-cat had difficultly befriending other cats and why she often preferred keeping her distance from others especially she still wasn't totally accustomed to the life of a Tribe cat.

The adolescent took a moment to scan her surroundings with her piercing green eyes. She must admit, overall, she did enjoy her time traveling the areas of this expansive landscape. <b>"Yeah, I guess it's got it's perks. I'm not saying I <i>hate</i> being a scholar. It beats running into battle and getting my tail kicked or being stuck in caves all day mining. And I do like exploring Nandryx as exhausting as it is."</b> It was true, it was tiring at times, however, she enjoyed her profession as whole. It opened so many more opportunities for exploration and discovery, and although she hadn't made much progress yet, she was determined to be a better scholar with each passing day.

Peri couldn't help but smirk, giving Xeno a small chuckle at Xeno's jibe at the soldiers. So far, many of the ones she'd encounter did seem to be egotistical meatheads. <b>"Do you think when a Shadow Triber peeks into the mind of another soldier, there's just this incessant buzzing? Spirits know there's no intelligent thought to be found in most of those empty-headed cats."</b> The tabby snorted, joking half-heartedly.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || North Pheasant Woods :bulletgreen:]</b><blockquote>Xeno chortled at Peridot's comment and loudly agreed with a near breathless voice,<b>"No doubt! Although, I wouldn't mind it if those grinners got stuck listening to those bee-brains. They piss me off just about as much as stupid soldiers do."</b> Xeno flicked her tail and took to a crouch.

Surprise, surprise! A mouse decided to cross her path despite the loudness of her attitude. Perhaps it was deaf. And numb to her voice's vibrations. But whatever the reason, it was the idiot mouse's unlucky day.

The cat crept for a moment before springing. Pouncing onto the small creature, Xeno tromped it to death with her nimble paws quickly before snuffing out its life with a sharp nip to its neck. Plucking it up, she began to carry it back to her marble-furred partner. With her mouth full, she added with a muffled meow, <b>"Wamoh somph?"</b> Dropping it near Peridot, she took a quick bite and chewed it thoughtfully while casting Peridot a glance. It was the soldiers' job to collect prey for the tribe today and it was <i>their</i> job to study the forest today. So, in order to do that, they would need energy, wouldn't they?</blockquote></sub>:thumb457655489::thumb519806120::thumb457655529:

<b><u>|| Wee Weedies in the Snow ||</u>
<small>:thumb355277568:| Connie Fragments |:thumb355277568:</small></b>

<sub><b>[:bulletblue: Connie | Blue-Earth | Earth Tribe Camp :bulletblue:]</b><blockquote>Connie took a deep breath--only to cough a bit as the cold air stung her throat. Sometimes, she forgets just how cold it was. Snow started to fall recently, leaving a blanket of white on the open camp, most had to retreat to the sheltered area to sleep at night, at least for those who didn’t have a den. When she arrived, she made her own sleeping hollow between two big boulders, digging into the ground until she made enough space for herself and then some. The boulders where connected between them which made up the roof. She was sitting at the opening now, watching as the camp came alive and went upon their busy day. Apprentices meeting their mentors, Soldiers gathering for patrols and even some lazier cats sneaking away to explore or meet a lover from a different tribe. She hadn’t made many friends since she arrived, too shy to approach anyone even though she did meet a beautiful she-cat who fixed up a stone she found into an earring, and another she-cat who decided she would look nice with a ponytail behind her head. At least it felt cooler around her neck now. She breathed in again, wondering what to do, she was too old for a mentor so it wasn’t like she had a cat to boss her around right now. <b>”Hm I’m bored…”</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno | White/Green-Earth | Earth Tribe Camp :bulletgreen:]</b><blockquote><i><b>"Pfffft!!"</b></i> A muffled cry of discomfort rose up in the camp, although overlooked by those busy with their current affairs. A thin body of charcoal flopped out of a shadow-touched hiding spot and had fallen face first into the plush carpet of snow. Or, it appeared plush. The she-cat sank someways into the surface before thrashing to get up, her silky tail fluffed up to twice its size.

Once on her feet, Xeno shook her head vigorously and sneezed, blinking her bleary, sleep-gazed eye. <b><i>"Too frickin' cold,"</i></b> she murmured in a shivering voice. She sneezed once more and cringed, feeling slight movement on her face. As her head had shook, a new accessory upon her face shifted slightly and made her wary, though she relaxed quickly. Xeno had only recently received the finished product that had resulted from her scour mission with Kapua earlier in the season, from before the snow began to fall, and now she had something pretty to take the place of the ugly hole she sported on her face. Or, at least she though so.

Having been focused on the jewel painlessly wedged in her eye socket, she had failed to notice the pretty blue-grey cat nearby whom she recognized, but did not really know. After all, it had been only a short while since her return from Light Tribe, and faces and names were only coming back to Xeno now. With her pelt twitching from the frigid touch of the crushing slurry underneath her newly healed pads, she moved over to Connie and greeted her with a yawn-laden <b>"Good morning."</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletblue: Connie | Blue-Earth | Earth Tribe Camp :bulletblue:]</b><blockquote>Connie flinched as she noticed a black cat just pop out of a shadowed spot, she didn’t even notice the she-cat in there as she blended in so well. She briefly thought that cat could go around, pretending to be a ghost and scaring kits! She would be freaked out she was sure. She continued to watch her though, silently chuckling with amusement at her situation, falling into the snow and then having to crawl out! She herself had that problem too, but the cold didn’t bother her much, her plumpness kept her warm. She wondered if she should go over, help her or ask her if she was alright, but it did look like she was okay… seeing her climb out and shiver. Poor thing, she thought. She looked around the camp, wondering what to do… maybe practice her powers or go down into tunnels and find some good digging spots for ores and the like.

While thinking about her day, she jerked as a voice pushed her out of her thoughts and she blinked. It was the very cat she was watching just a moment ago! She grinned in a very awkward manner, head tilted and teeth showing--yet also looking friendly in a goofy way. <b>”Good morning!”</b> she mewed cheerfully, her paws shifted closer to her body nervously, feeling awfully shy right now. <b>”Ahh n-nice--I mean, sure is cold this morning huh?”</b> she attempted to open a conversation topic, cursing herself for being so boring!</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno | White/Green-Earth | Earth Tribe Camp :bulletgreen:]</b><blockquote>Xeno blinked at the plumper she-cat, watching with her tired eye as Connie seemed to hammer out her words nervously. <i>So she's a little skittish? Oh well- she seems nice enough.</i> Xeno offered Connie an encouraging smile and mewed warmly,<b>"Don't worry- it's not like I'm going to eat your tail or anything-"</b> Glancing down to notice he lack of said limb, Xeno looked back up with an uncomfortable grin. <b>"Oops....I guess someone already beat me to it."</b> Chuckling weakly with a slight shiver to her thin-coated body, she added in a more chipper tone,<b>"So, what's your name? Mine's Xeno- sorry if you don't recognize me. I was gone from camp for a little while."</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletblue: Connie | Blue-Earth | Earth Tribe Camp :bulletblue:]</b><blockquote>At the smile, Connie calmed down, oh good! Xeno seemed really nice, she even giggled at her mistake--or was that a joke? Heh, <b>”Yeah~ I lost my tail a loooong time ago,”</b> she mewed with amusement, that mean to be another joke! She was born with a stub for a tail after all, there was no injuries on her~ <b>”Ah! Hi Xeno, you can call me Connie~ And it’s alright, I can’t recognize anyone really, I’m not very good with faces,”</b> she mewed as she shook out her fur, her memory wasn’t that bad, but she can forget names and such. She was better with visuals but some of the cats looked alike as well! Especially black cats… She grinned, <b>”You look like you’re freezing your fur off! You wanna take shelter in my den?”</b> she offered.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno | White/Green-Earth | Earth Tribe Camp :bulletgreen:]</b><blockquote><i>The Spirits must exist because they have just sent me an angel!!</i>

Xeno's body shuttered in response to Connie's words before she could even speak for herself. <b>"That'd be great,"</b> Xeno purred, delighted. <b>"Most of Earth Tribe sleeps outside, but in this weather, I can't bear it."</b> This, of course, was true, but many a cat had seen the Xeno snoozing where she rolled into the snow. Nothing seemed to break the black cat's heavy slumber.

Her silky tail swayed before Xeno grew aware of its movements and quickly shook it to free it from the white flecks that landed on it. <i>Damn snow!</i> However, her demeanor remained positive with her beaming grin. She did not wish to scare this cat away with any foul-thought actions or words. <i>Best play it safe, Egg. She seems cool, so don't freak her out.</i> <b>"So,"</b> she croaked. <b>"About that den..."</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletblue: Connie | Blue-Earth | Earth Tribe Camp :bulletblue:]</b><blockquote><b>”I noticed, I personally don’t like sleeping out in the open, that’s why I made my own den, the leader said we could if we preferred it after all, so I did~”</b> Connie admitted to Xeno, even though the cold didn’t bother her much due to her mass. She smiled, almost forgetting to go inside until the black cat asked and she got to her paws! <b>”Oh of course! Come in!”</b> she mewed, stepping aside to reveal her lovely den shouldered by two boulders and sheltered with a roof, <b>”Make yourself comfortable, there’s plenty of room,”</b> she purred softly, shaking off the flakes that landed on herself earlier.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno | White/Green-Earth | Earth Tribe Camp :bulletgreen:]</b><blockquote>Xeno gave the stocky cat a delighted grin before gentle moving past Connie to reach the den's inside. The young queen's eye was the size of a saucer, glittering with an awed glaze. <i>CONNIE, WON'T YOU MAKE ME YOUR MATE, PLEASE?! No Eg- err Xeno. Chill.</i>

It truly was a stellar spot. Stashed away from the frigidly cold, blowing winds in the camp, the she-cat's nest seemed to be without a hint of snow. The black cat purred in appreciation as she sat down in a spot near the back after circling it a few times for comfort. Once settled, she blinked at Connie with a warm gaze.

<b>"So, are you fitting in well here? How'd you come to find the tribes? If you don't mind my asking."</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletblue: Connie | Blue-Earth | Earth Tribe Camp :bulletblue:]</b><blockquote>The young gray she-cat watched Xeno with a bright smile on her maw, once she settled, she joined opposite from her and settled down too. <b>”Oh! I don’t mind, umm let’s see… my memory is pretty horrible, so excuse me if I get it wrong a bit haha,”</b> she mewed, collecting her thoughts in what to tell Xeno how she came to know of the tribes.

<b>”Okay so, it wasn’t all that long ago that I left the home where I was born to, and I just traveled aimlessly. At some point, after many suns had passed, I overheard some cats talk about this place, I just decided to travel in this direction and… I kinda missed living with a group, so when I was nearby, I met some cats who lived just outside the borders, they showed me the way and that’s how I found this place, my tattoo became one with the earth, I suppose it means that I will be happy as an Earth Tribe cat,”</b> she breathed out after she finished talking, she had her own question for Xeno, but waited in case Xeno had a follow-up question for her.</blockquote></sub></div>

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<b><u>|| Creeping Rocks, Hidden Caiman ||</u>
<small>:thumb355277568:| Eponine Fragments |:thumb355277568:</small></b>

<sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Bog of Moving Rocks :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Warm sunlight broke through the dense canopy as a sleek, black form frolicked forth through the green terrain. Xeno's neck seemed like rubber as she swished her head around to face all the directions at once as best as she could. Today, she had woken up at a rather reasonable hour- or what was deemed reasonable to her; close to sunhigh- with enough energy to willing pull herself from her nest of comfy moss and grass, and thrust herself into her scholarly activities. Xeno had skipped over her breakfast, hunger diminished by her inspiration to explore the still brand-new world that Nandryx's territories had to offer, and Earth Tribe's land was first up on the list to learn about. After all, it was her new home.

The she-cat's flashing eye scanned over everything in motion, down to even the smallest trail of ants marching by. She was just along the edge of the Bog of Moving Rocks, though still well into the safe bosom of Earth Tribe's territorial boundaries. Xeno wasn't sure what she wanted to look for or what she would find, but the swamp that seemed enshrouded by mystery sounded like a fine plan to the young she-cat. The apprentice lurked close to its exterior, examining the softening land and deviation in the type of terrain offered by the space. She had heard very, <i>very</i> few tales about the swamp- just snippets from conversations here and there, but nothing of substantial value. It made the cat think such a queer place had yet to be explored. And if such as the case, Xeno would take it upon herself to scour the bog. Surely it would be a shining badge to mount on her pride if she could claim such a feat, though logic dictated otherwise- such a place must've been explored prior to adding it to Earth Tribe's claim of land. However, her brain was overrun by her sense of adventure, and the she-cat was not about the pass by the opportunity for potential excitement.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Eponine || White/Green-Fire || Bog of Moving Rocks :bulletgreen:]</b><blockquote>Green eyes blazed with concentration as a small gray tabby activated her tattoo. White and green flames swirled from her right eye up and to the back of her head, illuminating her face in a brilliant light. Her eyes focused on something far ahead, trying to make it so she didn't get distracted by something nearby. <i>Come onnnnn.....</i> she growled in the back of her mind, her lips contorting in an agitated snarl. Her legs trembled with effort as she continued to attempt to use her powers, and her teeth had clenched together in effort. Why was it so difficult to summon her guardian? Surely the creature should just pop out of nowhere and greet her? She had been wondering about the power for a while, and when she had become an adolescent, she found that the skill was unlocked. She hadn't really been able to practice it until now, having found some private time to herself. She didn't want Miles or Hazel here to see her if she failed to summon her guardian.

There it was! Suddenly a small green and white creature burst forth, glowing the colors of her tattoo! She had done it! Pride coursed through the soldier apprentice as she regarded the creature, eager to figure out just what the Fire Spirit had chosen for her. It looked like.... a fish?! Had the Spirits given her a damn fish to be her guardian?! That was outrageous! She was so much better than a dumb fish! A fish couldn't do anything cool! It propelled itself towards her, its tail moving side to side, and she cast it a resentful glance. But then... it opened its mouth to reveal... Teeth! This wasn't some dumb fish that her brother and sister in Water-Tribe caught! This was a toothed fish! She recalled that her mother had once told her about these creatures, that lived off the coast of Air-Tribe in the ocean. She'd been to the ocean once as a kit, but she'd never seen one of these before. Her eyes widened as she remembered this animal's name, a wicked grin on her maw. <i>Her guardian was a shark.</i></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Bog of Moving Rocks :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Xeno crept throughout the boggy earth, her paws occasionally sinking into a moist patch of land that really could hardly be considered such. It was really more like dirty water topped with damp grass. Her tail twitched with the faintest sense of disgust as she pulled through to slightly firmer land. She would have to groom herself later before all the mud caked itself into her fur.

Her emerald eye glowed deviously as she felt her anticipation rise with every step she took closer to the thick of the mysterious bog, though her large ears pricked and her nostrils flared open. The scent of what she remembered was Fire Tribe flooded her senses, and although alarmed, the young cat was pleased to note that it as one that was somewhat familiar. She snuck closer in the direction of the sense on tender paws through the dense and twisted undergrowth, not caring how dirty her charcoal-colored pelt would get at this point. Her eye pinned itself to the sleek form of varied grey hues and the queer creature Xeno could easily say she had never seen before.

A small creature with a weird, squirming body wiggled its way through the air with limbs that appeared to be cutting through the sky. Xeno flinched and her hackles raised. It appeared to be a fish of sorts- or so she assumed. The black cat herself had not ever eaten fish, and wondered if perhaps they all looked as fearless and dangerous as the mystical being just ahead of her. If such was the case, Xeno was sure she never wanted to eat fish as long as she lived.

Raising her head to watch as the she-cat whose appearance she remembered- Eponine of Fire Tribe and daughter to Xeno's own tribe leader- the black cat watched the older she-cat use what looked like the powers of her half-hued tattoo to allow the giant fish movement and Xeno was completely dumbfounded. She had seen cats here and there use their powers, but nothing could compare to this. Was this a trick of Fire Tribe's use alone? Was Eponine perhaps bending the heat in the air to produce a mirage of sorts? But the air was not hot. Or, hotter than usual. The muggy humidity of the bog was a little uncomfortable, but not to the point of dehydration. So, as Xeno watched on in hiding, it seemed the search for the Bog of Moving Rocks' secrets were put on hold.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Eponine || White/Green-Fire || Bog of Moving Rocks :bulletgreen:]</b><blockquote>As time drew on the small gray tabby's energy began to dwindle, although it felt like barely any time had passed. In truth, not much time had really passed. The Guardian skill was one that Eponine had only recently been able to use, and this was her first time actually conjuring said guardian. She had tried a few times before, but to no avail. It was only right that upon successfully using her power for the first time that she would be tired.

She watched the shark, still pretty small, swim around her body in an almost protective manner. <i>I wonder if it has a name,</i> she thought curiously. As if that thought had triggered it, a name suddenly appeared in her mind. It wasn't the name of one of her family members or few friends; it was a new name that had no real connection to her. Only it actually did have a connection to her. It was the name of her guardian. <i>Rusalka.</i>

With that last thought, whatever small amount of concentration Eponine had been clinging to faded, as did Rusalka. For a moment Eponine sat there in perfect stillness, too tired to really do much more than just breathe and stare out ahead of her. She had quite liked Rusalka. Hell, she would go as far as to say that she was proud of her guardian. It was nice to have something as fierce as she was. She wasn't like Janek with his silly bat!

It was in that moment that she picked up on the feeling that she was being watched. Her neck fur prickled with suspicion, and even though she would never admit it, a bit of fear. Although, surely no Earth-Triber would bother to hurt her? Most cats probably knew that she was the daughter of the Silver-Earth, even if she didn't really resemble him. Taking a deep breath, she straightened herself out and attempted to look poised. <b>"Whoever is back there,"</b> she called, keeping her voice as devoid of agitation as she could, <b>"I know you're there. So you better not try anything funny or I'll rip your face to shreds!"</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Bog of Moving Rocks :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>With a wry chuckle mixed half with amusement and half unease. <b>"Thanks, but I think my face has gotten enough shredding and I'd rather not have any more!"</b> Xeno pulled herself from out of the shadows, shaking free the leaves and sticks clinging to herself by lashing her tail. Her eye remained pinned on Eponine, glittering in awe like a kit's.

Without thinking, she hurried over to the grey tabby eagerly and added excitedly,<b>"What was that!? It was both horrifying and amazing- like a mountain! Was it a fish?"</b> Xeno's curiosity urged her forth when she would otherwise be wary, however, the fact that this was surely her leader's daughter made her feel as if the stranger wasn't even from a tribe other than Xeno's own.

Snapping out of her stupor, she quickly dipped her head and chirped,<b>"Oh!! My name's Egg!! I'm sorry for sneaking up on you. I was on my way somewhere else."</b> Her large ears then flattened and cheeks warmed in embarrassment. <b>I didn't mean to break you concentration."</b></blockquote></sub>:thumb457655489::thumb519806120::thumb457655529:

<b><u>|| Fair Weather Friends ||</u>
<small>:thumb355277568:| Lithium Fragments |:thumb355277568:</small></b>

<sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Fisher's Outlook :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>The harsh pounding of the rain thundered above, blocking out any thoughts that Xeno tried to recollect about earlier in the day.

The sky had been beaming with warm light despite the occasional autumn gust that raced past as Xeno spent her the leftover time of her day out at Fisher's Outlook. The water rippling beneath the colored sky was radiant beyond compare and the young White-Earth thought it a most fitting place to eat her late lunch of a water vole upon the sunning slab. The fish had been too clever for Xeno's single eye to trace, but she was not displeased with the plump prey that had sat partially eaten between her paws. In all honesty, it was a just what the she-cat needed to relax and unwind before returning home. However, she had not been anticipating what occurred next.

The fall shower had come as a slight surprise to Xeno, and at first, she was pleased by its warm, wet touch. Yet, when the faint pattering of the droplets turning into a cold, droning drum upon everything below it, the White-Earth knew she had to move out of its way. The tiny bombs dropped down exploded upon impact with the once placid surface of Ezrael's Lake and the stone she had just been sitting up, washing out the flavor and scent of the small rodent corpse placed atop it. As for the charcoal kitty, Xeno had managed to nestle herself beneath the stone overhang in the hopes of waiting out the rain for however long it would take, though her thoughts were still somewhat worried. She was fairly damp and the autumn nights weren't always the kindest to wet-furred souls, nor the soft banks of lakes if churned away by the harsh hits of their waves. The she-cat's only saving grace seemed to be the sight of a large, gray form in the near distance and the stunning bluish marks upon his forehead and chest alerted Xeno that he was of Light Tribe's ranks.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Lithium || White/Blue-Light || Fisher's Outlook :bulletblue:]</b><blockquote>Hunting for yourself had some ups and downs, mostly downs however. Lithium loved to hunt just for the sheer fact that he was tracking something down and killing it. But sometimes it took too much work and he got bored easily. The prey pile in the Light Tribe camp was mostly used for sick cats first, elders, kits and then queens. Healthy cats got the last pickings, if there were any, that is. So he’d decided to go out and pick up a few things for the camp, because he’d figured a helping hand was always appreciated and it was technically his duty to do so.

Lithium ventured out west a bit, nearing the edges of Nightwatch Forest. Most of Light Tribes prey was caught there, or near the river banks of Ezrael’s lake. He didn’t mind getting wet as so much it just weighed him down and it took him ages to get dry. He caught a small vole on the outskirts of Nightwatch forest. He didn’t expect much honestly, most of the animals would be hiding deep down in the undergrowth of the forest. And today he didn’t just feel like venturing in.

A few storm clouds approached on the horizon and he took note, he wouldn’t leave immediately, but he would make sure he left before anything got too serious. Now Lithium went higher up north, skimming the outskirts of the forest in hope to find a couple more voles, or even a squirrel if he was lucky. He caught sight of a vole, this time very plump and retreating into the forest. He followed it, not letting this one go to waste. As he was just about to pounce making the kill a loud bang sounded in the sky and the animal scurried away in the blink of an eye. Lithium cursed under his breath as a few drops of rain hit his face. Retreating out into the open to get a better look the storm had come in quicker than he anticipated. It was a steady trickle before it became a harsh downpour. The tom could hardly see in front of him and he knew it was too far from Light Tribe. He bounded towards Fisher’s Outlook. Under the overhang might be a good idea. He though skidding to a halt as he went under. It seemed another cat had already had the same idea.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Fisher's Outlook :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>The hammering thud of the downpour did little to ease Xeno's worries as it seemed to grow ever stronger, but it had managed to lull her into a blank state of mind. At least, up until the point where another body thrust itself into the small area in which she hid, a new scent enveloping her senses with its soggy power. Startled, Xeno's head whipped around to face Lilthium. Her mossy eye was glossed over as she pinned it on the Blue/White-Light and her large ears flattened quickly. She hadn't noticed he was so close as she watched him disappear into the forest before her thoughts were overcome by the rain.

Fluffing up her sleek, short coat as best as she could, Xeno tried to make herself seem less vulnerable, though she wasn't meaning to be hostile. Simply put, she looked weak. A small, skin-and-bones cat with a damp pelt and missing eye didn't seem like much of a threat, and if this new cat so wished it, he could force her out of her hiding spot in an instant. He looked as if he had the power to do so. Xeno studied his face swiftly and stifled a frown. He was a large cat, and a long scar seemed to lace the top of his muzzle. She tried to show no hesitance, but her fear-scent was quickly rising.

<i><b>"Hello,"</b></i> she started in a soft voice, her eye wide and luminescent in the dark shadow that the stone overhang cast upon them. Xeno swept her tail around her curled toes as they gripped the earth beneath them. Her once heavy, huffing breathing was silenced to a mere wisp that traveled in and out through her nose as she tried to regulate her body temperature. <i><b>"So...you get caught out here too?"</b></i></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Lithium || White/Blue-Light || Fisher's Outlook :bulletblue:]</b><blockquote>Lithium could tell the little White-Earth was afraid. She was in a venerable position with the heavy downpour and all. And in a sense, so was he. Trying to not look so intimidating, he dropped his shoulders, no longer looking as hostile or ready to fight the younger cat. Of course, his larger body and daunting scar still made him look scary, despite actually being a quite reserved cat.

He shook out his pelt as the other cat spoke in a low, almost hushed tone. Droplets of water still hung onto the ends of his fur making him uncomfortable to say the least. <b>”Yeah, and I was just about finished hunting too…”</b> His voice echoed in the small space, bouncing off the stone that hung above them.

<b>”So, what were you doing out here before it started raining?”</b> He asked, trying to be polite and start some small talk. Even though he was not exactly in the mood to make a friend right now since he was grumpy from losing his prey and soaking wet. He wasn’t a cat to make things awkward so he pressed on their small conversation. </blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Fisher's Outlook :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Xeno nodded to Lithium's word as she watched with a careful eye as he situated himself beneath the overhang along with her. She was pleased, however, as she noted the actions the tom took to make himself seem less intimidating, and to this, Xeno relaxed a bit. Her own pelt flattened as best as she could get it- which wasn't hard considered that the water it held helped it to cling to her thin body, and her whiskers shook away the few droplets that hung from their tips.

<b>"That sucks,</b> she responded simply as the tom told her about his hunting that had been cut short. In response to the latter question he asked, Xeno sighed and her shoulders sagged. <b>"I had been relaxing after studying today since I had some time off, but I guess the sky just wasn't having it today. And since it doesn't sound like it'll be letting up soon, there doesn't seem like much of a chance that my sleeping spot back home will remain dry for very long."</b> Xeno gave a yawn and blinked her single eye remorsefully. Clearly, this would have been comical to one who wasn't so attached to the peaceful dreamscape of sleep, but to Xeno, a wet nest meant misery.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Lithium | White/Blue-Light | Fisher's Outlook :bulletblue:]</b><blockquote>His brows stayed furled as the other cat spoke, and his expression did not change. Shaking his pelt again before replying, he took his time. Trying to word something that would keep the conversation running for the duration of the rain. He didn’t want it to awkwardly fizzle out when they were both stuck under there. <b>" Yeah I suppose my den will be quite soggy after this too."</b> His tail flicked as he settled down into the dampening ground, his fur was less wet by now and he decided to rest his legs.

<b>”I hope this isn’t too forward and, frankly, I don’t know what else to bring up, but what happened to your other eye?”</b> Lithium tried to be as nonchalant as he could about it, and of course if the she-cat didn’t want to say anything he wouldn’t prod at her about it. It was interesting to him though. She looked different from other cats and he really enjoyed that compared to the average cat.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Fisher's Outlook :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>The she-cat frowned and furrowed her brow, but gave a content sigh as her body seemed to relax at the cue of Lithium's settling down. She let her tail slacken around her paws and she brought one up to her face to flick the lobs of soft sod from it with her tongue before responding. <b>"I don't mind. It was from a hawk assault when I was younger. My littermates and I had been playing and I guess when we caught our father's scent and went out to greet him, we strayed too far and a hawk spotted us. My father chased it off, but only after it had taken my eye and gashed up my sister pretty bad. Last time I saw her, she had this ugly scar on her scruff that had yet to grow fur back. Heck, I don't even know if it would grown back to this day if she's still kicking."</b> Xeno huffed, twitching her nose as she recalled the moment in vivid detail. However, she seemed unfazed by the ordeal.

Flicking her one eye to Lithium, she murmured in addition,<b>"What about you? How'd you get that little blemish on your schnoz?"</b> She almost chuckled, as the scar she had been referring to on Lithium seemed to span the whole area that was at the top of his muzzle, from eye to eye.</blockquote></sub>:thumb457655489::thumb519806120::thumb457655529:

<b><u>|| Fallen; Of Far-fetched Friendships ||</u>
<small>:thumb443630994:| Phantom Fragments |:thumb443630994:</small></b>

<sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom felt his paws burn a little. He had been walking for a while, lost in thought and was now in a part of Nandryx that he didn't recognize. The trees towered above his black head and darkened the already grey sky. It was only a few more hours until sundown and the grey rainy sky had made it hard to track the time. Phantom sighed and made his way through the forest, making sure to keep his senses pricked and sharp, just in case.

He padded into a small clearing, and smiled at the pretty scenery. The flowers around the clearing were small and colourful, and had a lovely aroma. Phantom stopped near the middle and sat down, wrapping his tufted tail around his black paws. He focused his bi-coloured eyes around the tree-line, his bat like ears up and listening.

He waited for a moment, to make sure everything was safe and sound, before drawing his tongue over one paw and running it over his long ears.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>The sleek, dark shape that moved throughout the shadow-laden forest did went to avoid the draining sky's drizzle as the wayward droplets scattered with faint <i>plops</i> onto the dark canopy above. Still, from transversing through the sodden wood, Xeno had indeed become a little damp. Her brow furrowed as she clamped down a little harder on the trio of squirrels that she held from their tails in the hopes of not dropping them as she broke out into a run. Yes, the rain seemed to have had stopped, but didn't mean she wanted to stay out for too long and allow the fresh kill to go bad from being wet.

As she reached close to the center of the dense woodland, the she-cat slowed her pace to look around. Despite being an Earth Triber, she had yet to fully scour the mysterious forest, and this was a portion she had not yet seen. The light fragrance of flowers rose to meet her nose as it lightly buffeted her face, and curiously, she trotted forward into the tiny clearing ahead of her. However, she paused in her tracks as a foreign scent filled her senses. With a careful, scanning eye, the White-Earth noted a black figure sitting among the blooms as they drew a paw over themselves. <i>Who is that?</i>

On tender foot, Xeno continued over a few steps before stopping to get a better look at the cat. It was a tom with large ears, and as she had managed to approach him from behind, she could clearly make out the vibrant pattern of the white wings of an Air Tribe apprentice as it clashed with his dark pelt. Tentatively, she waved her silky tail and meowed out in a muffled voice<b>,"Hemfo?"</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air|| Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom stiffened at the sound of a strange voice. His black fur instinctively fluffed up along his spine and he pricked his ears, swiveling them towards the sound. He turned his head around and spotted a dark cat near the edge of the clearing. It took him a few moments to identify the cat as a young she-cat, close to his age by the looks of it. He remained wary as he turned his whole body towards her direction.

<b>"Hello,"</b> he replied, his voice a little stiff. He hadn't gotten used to the fact that there were so many cats living in this area. He knew that it would take him a while to get used to the environment and tribe life, so he tried not to be too hostile.

<b>"Where did you come from?"</b> he added with a lighter tone, just to soften up the atmosphere of the conversation.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Xeno remained silent for a moment as she stared at the scar-marked face of the tom, studying his expression as well as his bristled posture. She herself remained flat-furred as she had been the one to startle him and not vice versa, even when he fluffed up. She simply blink her single, wide eye as she contemplated his words, then rose one of her dainty paws up to her mouth as if she were trying to readjust the stuffing in her maw. Another moment passed of odd silence before another voice was heard, slightly less muffled than before. <b>"Came fromph pha woophs. Before phaph, cam fromph Eurph Phribe. And before phaph, supposabphy my mopher's stomaph."</b> She remained straight-faced as she spoke, though their was a humorous twinkle in her eye, and only a few seconds passed before her thin facade crumbled.

Breaking into an amused laughter, she took a few more steps forward until she broken from the tangled undergrowth that she had been standing in and entered the soft grass of the clearing. She gently craned her head downward to drop her kill in a makeshift pile before pulled her head back up once more and offering Phantom a grin. With a giggle cracking through her gasps for breath, she added playfully<b>,"Does that answer you question? I would ask you the same, but considering the immaturity of your tattoo, as well as its shape, I can infer you came from Air Tribe. And, just as most cats, unless you are some all omnipotent spirit, you came from your own mother. So there's no real point in me asking, I suppose."</b> Her snickering soon settled down to a more calm, but remarkably cheery look. She carried herself lightly a few paces closer as if to enter the flowery patch as well, having already picked up her prey again to move it with her. As she neared its edge, she paused, giving Phantom a quizzical gaze. It were as if she were asking if he minded her sitting in his cushion of space or if he felt threatened by her presence. This cat was a stranger to her, and while she might not be offended by his presences, there was no telling if he felt the same.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom couldn't help but smile a little at the she-cats muffled speech. She was friendly for a cat from another tribe. During his short time in the tribes, he had wondered if the tribe cats were nice to one another or hostile, or if this she-cat was an exception. He laughed a little as she dropped her kill and actually talked to him properly. Her voice was smooth and friendly. He was glad that she <i>wasn't</i> hostile. He hadn't had the chance to talk to cats from the other tribes yet and had to admit that he was eager to meet some.

<b>"The name is Phantom, and you're spot on! I am from Air Tribe,"</b> he added, winking his green eye at the dark she-cat as she came over and sat nearby. <b>"And you? What is your name, or,"</b> he added with a confused glance at her tribe tattoo <b>"What tribe are you from?"</b>. He still hadn't made himself familiar to the tribes markings. This one looked a little like some sort of plant, but he wasn't sure. He had roughly heard of all the names of the tribes, but knew it would take him a long time to remember them all by the looks of their tattoos.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>The she-cat listened thoughtfully as Phantom spoke, the gleam in his eyes catching her own. As she took in his tone, the substance of his words, and the change in his demeanor, Xeno figured he was just as curious about her as she was about him. Carefully moving into the land marked with delicate flowers, she tried her best to maneuver around each blossom to avoid crushing them, but ultimately had to sit down on a few. Dropping her catch at her side, she returned her attention to her new conversational partner and nodded. <b>"Well, most others call me Egg. After all, it was the name I've known since birth. I-"</b> Her words seemed stuck for a moment, sounding as the air had been snatched from her lungs. Her gaze trailed down to the grass at her paws before returning her gaze to Phantom. <b>"Heh- sometimes I forget if that's really my name or not, though. Nevertheless, I'm from Earth Tribe. My tribemates sport coils of leaves on their right shoulders, so it's easy to tell if you can make them out. I'm currently studying as a scholar apprentice. What about you, Phantom?"</b>

As she awaited his response, she glanced over to the limp bodies beside her and felt hunger tug at her belly. She had been out in the Nightwatch forest since morning, examining things she deemed worthy and was allowed to catch what she she found. Throughout the whole day, she had only managed to swipe the three squirrels, but that was better than nothing at all. She was sure that the tribe would be happy to have more kill to share in, even if it wasn't her task of the day to replenish the pile. But now, the thought of eating one of them was excruciating to try and suppress; even with adding up the thought of possible punishment from her tribe for doing so. Throwing Phantom a wayward glance, she wondered if it would be alright if he were okay with it. <i>At least then I won't be alone...</i></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom mewed in sympathy for the she-cat/s name dilemma. He hadn't expected his name to change when he had decided that he wanted to be a part of the tribes, but he had to admit, he didn't really mind. He liked his new name. It as unique and seemed to suit him, although a part of him missed the name that his parents had given him. <I>Egg</i> he thought to himself for a moment. It was a strange kit-name he had to admit, but he wasn't about to judge. He liked this she-cat so far, she seemed to be interesting and nice enough, as he was kinda worried that their encounter would turn claws up for a moment. He pricked his ears when she mentioned the name of her tribe. He <i>had</i> heard of Earth Tribe, but never thought to associate her tattoo with the name. Now that she had told him, it did make a lot more sense. <b>"I am a Soldier Apprentice,"</b> he mewed in reply after she finished her little self-explanation. All he knew about this position was that the cats were trained to protect, and that it what he wanted to do most. Protect the cats that were important to him.

Phantom followed her gaze with an amused glint in his eyes as she gazed hungrily at the fresh kill. He jerked his head towards it with a sneaky grin, <b>"Go on, I don't think anyone would mind!"</b>

<b>"It's not like there are many cats out here to tell you off anyway,"</b> he added with a swish of his tufted tail.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Xeno sent Phantom a thankful look and craned her neck over to snatch up the scruffs of two of the rodents. Dropping one at her paws, she haphazardly cast the other in her possession over to the tom. <b>"You can have that if you want. It wasn't my job to bring home kill today, so I can just drop off the last one later."</b> She gave a purr of encouragement as she urged him to eat before she took a bit from her own squirrel.

After swallowing her mouthful, she nodded to Phantom's words and asked,<b>"That makes sense. Is it fun to train as a soldier? I can't say my work is always fun, but at least I get to learn some fighting here and there. It doesn't help that my mentor's a big softie, but I like her just as she is."</b> Xeno gave a sympathetic look as she thought of the daughter of the Water Tribe leader who had been named her mentor and at how passive Adalin was in terms of training.

Her eyes flickered once more back to the long scar spanning his face and she took another bite of meat into her mouth. Chewing it thoughtfully, the air about her person seemed more soft and hushed. As she swallowed, she meowed quietly,<b><i>"Did you get that from training...?"</i></b> She didn't want to seem rude, however, her curiosity got the best of her. Hopefully, this tom wouldn't be shameful of his scar.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom cocked his head lightly, his eyes slightly narrowed as he listened to the she-cat speak. He dipped his head to her when she cast the prey at his paws, and bent his head to take a neat bite, smiling a little at the soft but delicious flavours. He chewed while he listened to her explaining about her role in the tribe. He nodded at her question about training, although he hadn't had much experience yet. <b>"Yeah, I like it! It's good, and it helps me to learn the most about this new land,"</b> he added thoughtfully, flicking his head around and scanning the trees with his eyes to emphasize his point.

He swallowed sharply at her last question and thought about what he was going to say for a moment. It wasn't often that cats asked about his scar, but to be honest he preferred that they were just open and truthful about it, rather than stumbling over their words tryout to sugarcoat things. He shook his head and mewed carefully, <b>"Nah, this happened a long time ago, when I was still a kit."</b>

<b>"I was attacked by a hawk actually,"</b> he added with a flick of his tufted tail. <b>"My mum made sure it didn't get away unscathed though,"</b> he finished with a side smile. Stopping, he looked at the black she-cat face, and added while the conversation was in his favour,<b>"What about you? What happened to your eye?"</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote><b>"How weird.....?"</b> Her words were slow as she swallowed her mouthful dryly before responding, her eye twinkling in astonishment as she looked at Phantom. His words had surprised her, though she didn't know why.

Flicking her ears, she listened to the rest of his explanation, then mulled over his own question that so well applied to the topic. With a wry chuckle, Xeno snorted. <b>"I guess those birds are pretty nasty, huh? It was a hawk that did this to me as a kit, actually. Plucked up me and my sister and it took my dad crashing into it to get the bloody bird to drop us. But even then, the bird-brain still got away undamaged. I lost my eye and my sister's scruff got this ugly scar, but at least we lived."</b> She took another bite of her meal before adding with her mouth full,<b>"There really should be some sort of club against the hawks, or something of the like. 'Hawk Haters Anonymous.' That'd be funny."</b> A hearty laugh reverberated in her throat and her silky tail swished along the flowering ground to cover her paws.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom looked at the she-cat with a curious glint in his eyes as he took another bite of the prey. His bi-coloured eyes widened a little as she gave him the back story of her own life. He cocked his head when she mentioned that it was a hawk that did that injury to her when she was a kit. He chuckled at her suggestion. <b>"Oh, I am sure that I could find one or two other cats who would definitely join <i>that</i> club,"</b> he mewed with a hint of laughter in his mew.

<b>"Thank you for sharing your prey with me, by the way,"</b> he added when she had finished speaking. He forgot that he had been yet to thank her for being kind to him, after all, she was from another tribe and it was custom to be hostile towards strange cats, and yet she remained civil. He would remember that. <b>"Getting used to your new powers now that you are in the tribes?"</b> he added, becoming a little more talkative now that the ice had been broken.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote><b>"Perhaps we'll make it a reality some day and we can wipe out the hawk population as our main goal!"</b> Her single eye gleamed with a grinning shine as the pair seemed to be speaking so comfortably and open now. Her face wore a pleasant expression, even as they spoke of general unpleasantries, and when Phantom thanked for her for the prey, she seemed to beam even brighter.

However, as the young tom mentioned the use of powers, Xeno shuffled uneasily on her paws and her gaze glued itself to the ground as her shoulder suddenly dropped. It was almost as if she had been a peppy kit playing outside and returned to its nest only to find its mother dead. All Xeno's former pep seemed gone.

<b>"I...."</b> she started, her once exuberant voice now dry and weak. In a hushed, almost shameful tone, she continued,<b><i>"I can't say that I've gotten to use them at all, really..."</i></b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom widened his eyes a little as the she-cat's face dropped as she heard his question. He hoped that he hadn't made her upset, as he was rather enjoying her company. He tipped his head as she questioned her ability to control her powers. <b>"That's okay though,"</b> he reassured her when she finished, <b>"There is nothing to be ashamed of. I am not quite sure I have got used to my new abilities myself either! They are not exactly the most normal of....adaptation,"</b> he added with a wink of his orange eye.

He stopped and looked at her for a moment before adding, <b>"Here, watch this"</b>. He concentrated and felt his tattoo surge up his back and across his face. He lifted one paw and small electrical sparks flew from them, spiraling in the air for a while before fizzing out. Phantom stopped, his tattoo receding. <b>"That is the best I can do so far!"</b> he announced. <b>"So you have nothing to worry about, I am sure!"</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Xeno watched Phantom with a small smile, as she understood how he was trying to console her. She chuckled lightly and sighed, allowing her body to relax to its former state. However, her face was still a bit melancholy. <b>"I guess,"</b> she mewed. <b>"But I'm not so sure. Apparently, I have a mental block on it or something. But that's whatever. I didn't need powers before and I'm sure I'll be just fine without them now!"</b> The boldness in her voice returned as she gave a second laugh, this one being more hearty and strong.

With a snort, she added through her cackles,<b>"But that little spark....that was.....really funny..!"</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom tried to look offended at her last statement, narrowing his eyes in mock offence. <b>"<i>Little spark?"</i></b> he snorted. <b>"I will have you know that that was the basis of a magnificent lightning bolt that I will be able to summon one day!"</b> he began, putting on a very arrogant face for amusement. <b>"And then we will see what <i>little spark</i> I can bring forth"</b>. He stopped, laughing a little at his little act. He enjoyed this she-cat, she seemed to make him loosen up a little, which was saying something.

He looked around for a moment, then glanced towards one of the large trees that surrounded them. <b>"Would you be interested in exploring the treetops?"</b> he mewed curiously, jerking his head towards the nearest one.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Xeno snorted loudly before erupting into laughter, threatening to fall over onto her side. <b>"S-sure..."</b> she snickered through her giggling gasps. <b>"And when that day comes, I'll make sure to have mastered my skills enough to grow a tree. We'll gather all the hawks onto one tree and strike it till they're cooked!"</b> How gruesome the humor would appear to others, but to Xeno, the joke meant something. It meant she had someone to connect with, even over something so stupid as a far-fetched dream or something as somber as permanent scars. But she was happy.

As she listened to his quick addition, her eye twinkled and she jeered,<b>"So long as you don't use those wings of yours to fly away."</b> Beaming, she took a last bite of the squirrel, and swiped her tongue over her lips as she stood up and looked for a particular tree to climb. For a moment, she glanced to Phantom to see if any of the arbors had caught his eyes.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom laughed at the she-cat's suggestion. He didn't even think about the idea of flight, although he knew that some of his fellow Air-Tribe members did have the power to summon wings and actually <i>fly</i>. But as far as he knew, that was only for the Secondary Air-Tribers, and not for the Primary members, like him. <b>"Don't worry, I am not about to cheat,"</b> he mewed with an amused tone. He followed the she-cat, flicking his tufted tail in thought as he gazed around. He spotted a tree closer to them, with a lot of lower lying, close together branches. Easy to climb. <b>"Here we go!"</b> he mewed, leaping towards the tree, and latching onto the trunk with sharp claws. He hauled himself up the tree, clinging to the bark and hauling himself up onto the lowest branch. <b>"Come on, Egg!"</b> he mewed down to the black she-cat.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest "bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>By the time the tom had called her name over his shoulder, Xeno was already racing up the very same tree as Phantom's. Though her pads yelled their displeasure at her in the form of pained waves, Xeno's sense of exhilaration was enough to propel herself upward with great ease. Her long legs quickly flicked and snatched the bark with barbed claws before releasing with a sharp snap, sending her further upward. Climbing trees was one of her other favorite sports, alongside running. At least her opponent was a primary user; she had deduced from his electrical abilities. He wouldn't have any speed-based skills to oppose her with.

After a moment, Xeno closed the distance between her belly and the tree's surface, clinging to it tightly as if she were hugging it. With a few pants, she attempted to regain her breath and give her screaming paws a chance to rest. Glancing over to Phantom, she scanned her eye over the length of the woody vegetation in order to calculate the distance between the two of them. Who was in the lead thus far?</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom bobbed down as he watched the black she-cat followed him up in another tree. When she reached the same branch as he, the tom wasted no more time in continuing up, bunching his muscles and clearing the distance between them and the next branch a few cat-lengths above them. It was an easy climb from here on out it seemed, as the trunk was the only part that was too high to jump. The rest of the branches were very close together, and rather thick, making this a very spectacular and rather simple tree to climb.

Phantom loved the feeling of the soft bark underneath his paws and realized that it had been far too long since he had been able to practice his tree-climbing skills. He turned his head as he made another jump, his orange and green eyes sparkling. <b>"Enjoying this so far, Egg?"</b> he asked, his grin spreading across his black face, flashing the white markings underneath his eyes. </blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Xeno snickered as she hurried to match levels with the tom. With a loud purr, she grinned. <b>"Totally! Nothing's better than winning a race!"</b> And with that, she launched herself onto the next branch, climbing the tree like a tiny black spider in contrast to the woody surface.

Her silky tail lashed as she maintained her balance and composure, as to not lose track of herself in her fun and accidentally fall off. However, there would be a point where the pair would have to eventually climb down, so the she-cat couldn't help but wonder at what height would be their breaking point.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom narrowed his eyes at the challenge gleaming in hers and pushed harder, flexing his muscles strongly as he leapt up from tree branch to tree branch. Ever since he was a kit, tree climbing had been his most favourable and most skillful task. His lithe body and tufted, but very long tail made balancing easy, and jumping just as much so. He was glad that Air Tribe was now his tribe of residence, as they seemed to focus a lot on speed and quick movements, which was what he specialized in.

The tom's chest heaved as they made their way to the top of the tree. The branches were beginning to thin out the higher they went, until eventually they became unsafe to climb. Phantom jumped up onto the last climbable branch with a triumphant mew. He had just beaten the White-Earth, who was literally nipping his heels. <b>"Sweet ancestors, you put up a good race,"</b> he panted, taking some time to catch his breath again. </blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhte:]</b><blockquote>Huffing harshly, Xeno clung to the tree at the sound of Phantom's cry of victory. A weak grin plastered itself across her face and she snorted. <b>"Well, I'll be damned. I guess I can't win them all."</b> Her silken tail lashed to maintain her equilibrium as her adrenaline began to deplete from the lack of drive and movement.

With her ears twitching, she focused her attention onto the surroundings of the area. The light vastly differed in hue from when she first entered the dense woodland and the she-cat surmised that they must have let the time fly past them during their chat and race. However, Xeno worried not. The dull throbbing in her legs and sharp, dry breaths her lungs ached in taking in did nothing to dampen her spirits or cause her to regret the afternoon of peace and fun that she had been allowed to share with her new acquaintance. Flipping her gaze back up to Phantom, she mused,<b>"So? How long are we going to play prey for the hawks up here?"</b> There was a challenging snigger to her words and expression.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom smiled, a gleam of triumph in his eyes as the she-cat accepted his victory. He sat perched carefully on the branch he was on, taking in the beautiful surroundings. This was always the best part. Seeing the terrain, taking in the breathtaking awe of it all. He was very privileged to be able to live in such a peaceful and yet dangerous place. Phantom pricked his large ears at the she-cat's comment and smiled broadly, flashing his fanged teeth.

He lifted his head a little, strolling along the branch with a rather dignified walk. He flicked his tufted tail back and forth and mused, <b>"Until we have killed every single one of those bloody birds."</b> Sighing the tom looked back at his companion and added, <b>"Sound good?"</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote><b>"Not the smartest idea, but I suppose I'm too clever to be such a brute,"</b> Xeno snickered with a challenging glitter to her singular gaze. <b>"Why not throw one of those threatening sparks out into the sky and see what you can catch?"</b>

Xeno knew she was pushing him rather a bit for someone she had just met, but it seemed that a rare comfort had blossomed forth from the equally rare circumstances surrounding the two dark-colored youths. Her pointed teeth flashed in a grin before she skittered down a tail-length to the nearest branch and scrabbled from the tree's trunk surface onto the narrow, but sturdy-enough perch. Positioning herself with her silky tail managing her sense of balance, she steadied her eye on Phantom and purred him on with eagerness. Beforehand, witnessing another use their abilities annoyed her and bred jealousy within her heart. However, in watching Phantom's exuberance in how hard he tried, it made Xeno feel excited. Almost sure that she would be able to do so in time. Almost sure that she would actually want to experience it herself, whatever powers were held locked away in her soul.

<b>"Come on then! Or else all those bloody birds will fly away!"</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom grinned at the she-cat as she made her way towards another branch, turning around to look at him. The challenge in her eye only made the enthusiasm in the young tom stronger and he nodded at her mew, turning his head back towards the sky. He concentrated harder this time, focusing the currents that ran through his body as he tattoo activated with bright white colours. Holding back for a moment, the tom opened his mouth, attempting a different technique. Electric sparks shot from his jaw and streamed up in front of him in a display of white and light blue fiery colour. The sparks flickered around a half-cat length away from his muzzle, before fizzing off into the background. Phantom de-activated his tattoo and stared at the space where his powers had displayed themselves a moment before, his eyes wide in shock. He hadn't done something like that before! <b>"Woah! That was new,"</b> he mewed, his voice enthusiastic and happy at his achievement. <b>"I think I scared away more than just those birds, what do you reckon?"</b> he added with a wink at his female companion.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Xeno sat, slacken jaws agape and eye wide in astonishment. Regaining her wits, she swiped her tongue around her muzzle and narrowed her eye. <b>"Well, I'll be damned! That looked like actual lightning!"</b> <i>Not bad. Not bad at all.</i> Although she had been stationed nowhere near where Phantom had unleashed his attack, Xeno's body felt electrified. The excitement zapped as it rippled through her veins from the power in the air and it took all she had to not giggle aloud giddily.

<b>"Most definitely! Nothing within Nandryx will come within a lake's length of this forest with you spouting thunder like that! I misjudged your abilities, I suppose."</b> No longer did she snicker. Simply, she watched on in awe with a wondering gaze.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Phantom || White-Air || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Phantom turned his head toward her, his eyes sparkling with happiness at her compliment. That was always the best thing for the young tom to hear! He knew that it would take a long time for him to get a real grip on his powers, but hearing someone's praise was always very encouraging. <b>"Hahaha thanks, Egg. That's really cool of you to say,"</b> he mewed, a smiled on his maw, exposing his long fang-like teeth.

He ducked his head and leaped down to the branch she was on, before adding with a quieter tone, <b>"You can always give you powers a go if you like? If not, it's cool."</b>

<b>"Just want you to know that you don't have to feel embarrassed, alright?"</b> he added with a friendly smile.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>Xeno wrinkled her nose and flicked the tip of her tail. <b>"It's not that I'd be embarrassed to. It's just that I can't."</b> She turned her head away. <b>"I'm a weird exception. Can't warp vines or rattle rocks without the use of my paws. But that's fine. I guess that if I remain normal in a group of cats with special powers, then that makes me my own sort of special, right?"</b> Her gaze had traveled back to look expectantly up at Phantom, quizzical and bright as if she were seeking his agreement.</blockquote></sub>:thumb457655489::thumb519806120::thumb457655529:

<b><u>|| False Fame ||</u>
<small>:thumb355277568:| Brinn Fragments |:thumb355277568:</small></b>

<sub><b>[:bulletblue: Brinn || Blue-Light || Nightwatch Forest :bulletbue:]</b><blockquote>The leaves above her were like a canopy, providing a warm iridescent light. She made her way from tree limb to tree limb, regretfully on her way to a tribe meeting. She squinted at the light that had somehow managed to squeeze itself between the leaves. She absolutely loved and hated the summer. The good thing about summer was that thick foliage helped conceal her as she climbed from branch to branch as well as it provided shade from the heat that her dark fur tended to attract. The bad thing was that she was persistently forced to swat leaves that hindered not only her vision, but also her focus. Just as she was about to swat at some leaves dangling in front her, a smell caught her nose. It smelled like sod, and grass and…rodent musk?

Yes, she knew this she-cat; well, everybody knew this she-cat. It was Egg, a spunky spirited she-cat whom Brinn had yet to really meet in person. But yet again, who had she really met? However, she had seen her around a few times, always surrounded by an entourage. Yes, she was very popular, unlike Brinn, who had always preferred to keep her identity anonymous. Just as she was about to continue on to the next branch, the last thing she had heard was the splintering of a branch before she had hit the ground instinctively on all fours. She rapidly took shallow breaths, looking up at the branch that she fell from. Luckily, it was a low hanging branch.

Her breathing stopped when she looked at the she-cat, which she could only assume was the Earth Triber right in front of her, but she was still trying to collect her thoughts after her unexpected descent. Had she almost landed on her? She breathed out and toppled over onto her side.</blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:buletwhite: Xeno || White-Earth || Nightwatch Forest :bulletwhite:]</b><blockquote>The charcoal cat of whom Brinn recognized had been stalking a mouse in the darkest shadows of the forest in the hopes of avoiding the heavy heat of the day that blazed on beyond the dense canopy of the woodland. However, when the form of the Light Triber came crashing down into the ground just beside her, Xeno's body retracted in a flinch and her fur flew up in a tizzy. The light of her single green eye penetrated the darkness of the deep woods as she pinned her gaze to Brinn and blinked in surprise. She wasn't upset about losing her catch- as the mouse had dashed off- but instead grew worried about the cat who had just plummeted down to earth. Carefully, she prodded the cat sporting a blue-starred tattoo and quizzed in a worried voice,<b>"Hey? You okay there? You're not dead, are you?"</b></blockquote></sub><sub><b>[:bulletblue: Brinn || Blue-Light || Nightwatch Forest :bulletblue:]</b><blockquote>Still in a bit of shock, she looked sideways at the ground and then up again at the branch barely hanging on the tree. She then looked at Xeno again and blinked. Well…this was awkward, but she had to say something. She slowly got to her paws.

<b>“Um, sorry about that… I’ll just be on my way.”</b> A small slivered of sweat rolled down her temple as it usually did when she had to talk to cats… especially in this very embarrassing situation. She slowly backed up before turning around to go about her way. She sulked, hanging her head and blowing a stubborn strand of hair that had fell between her eyes.</blockquote></sub></div>

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