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Calla Lily Kit Tryout Empty Calla Lily Kit Tryout

Post  MewMew100 on Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:39 am

... </ul><hr><u><b>|| Basic Information ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Names]</b></ul></small><small><b>Spirit Name:</b> ???</small>
<small><b>Kit Name:</b> Calla Lily</small>
<small><b>Nick Name:</b> Calil | Prince</small>
<small><ul><b>[Name Info]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Calla Lily:</i> Pronounced "Kal-uh Lil-ee" | Meaning 'Regality'</small></li>
<li><small><i>Calil:</i> Pronounced "Kah-lil" | A shortened form of 'Calla Lily' | <i>Used by his littermates and friends.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Prince:</i> Pronounced "Prins" | An endearing title give to him and his littermates | <i>Used by Lore.</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[Sex]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Male</i></small>
<small><ul><b>[Gender Identity]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Male* | <i>Prefers "he/him" for now</i></small>
<small><ul><b>[Age]</b></ul></small><small><b>Arrival Age:</b> 0 moons</small>
<small><b>Current Age:</b> 0 moons</small>
<small><b>Birth Season/Date:</b> <u>IC:</u> Late Autumn; Year 105 | <i><u>OOC:</u> August 10th, 2014</i></small>
<small><b>Zodiac Sign:</b> Leo ♌</small>

<u><b>|| Appearance ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Description]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Plump with baby fat and a thick pelt like down, Calla Lily is a chubby little doll with the biggest of eyes and floofiest of cheeks. The size of his paws in comparison to the rest of his body foreshadows a rather large build, but beyond that, anything that could potentially dictate his future stature remains hidden behind the densest of kitten coats. His short tail matches that of the rest of his coat in thickness, and the young tom looks overall clunky and chunky.

           Bearing a pelt of mostly white, only his face, ears, back, and tail bear thick stripes of cream, sienna, and dusty ginger, giving him an autumn-colored coat in appearance. These stripes are thicker than your standard tabby, but are patterned like such and give him a more dulled palette in comparison to his brightly-colored mother. Pink skin colors his nose, pads, and inner ears, and his whiskers are snowy white. His eyes are large for his age and appear very soulful; a vivid, sharp chartreuse which speaks all the emotion that his poker face leaves untold.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Breed]</b></ul></small>             <small><b>Most Prominent:</b> <a href="">Norwegian Forest Cat</a> | <a href="">Turkish Angora</a> | <a href="">British Shorthair</a> | <a href="">Toyger</a> | <a href="">Somali</a> | <a href="">American Bobtail</a> | <a href="">Balinese</a> | <a href="">Singapura</a> | <a href="">Asian Semi-Longhair</a></small>
           <small><b>Least Prominent:</b> <a href="">Munchkin</a> | <a href="">Highlander</a> | <a href="">Korat</a></small>

<small><ul><b>[Notable Features]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Dense, Downy Fur</b> | <i>Asian Semi-Longhair/Balinese/Norwegian Forest Cat</i>  | Sporting a dense, downy coat of pure fluff, Calla Lily's puffball of a pelt foretells a long,
luxurious cat in his future, and one that'll need dedicated grooming to keep up.</small></li>
<li><small><b>Pelt Palate and Markings</b> | <i>Turkish Angora/British Shorthair/Toyger/Somali</i>  | With a snowy white hailing from the Angora portion of his pedigree, it is the color of the Somali and Toyger that marks the brighter portions of his coat, and from the Toyger and British Shorthair that gives him his stripes.</small></li>
<li><small><b>Large Paws</b> | <i>Norwegian Forest Cat/Toyger</i> | From these two massive breeds, Calla Lily will most certainly become a big-pawed, large tom in time.</small></li>
<li><small><b>Shorter Tail and Soulful Eyes</b> | <i>American Bobtail and Singapura exclusives</i> | Each of these respectively given Calla Lily his shorter-than-average tail and his wide, owl-like eyes.</small></li></ul>
<small><i>- Because of the vast amount of white on his body, Calla Lily is affected by Unilateral deafness (deafness in one ear) and thus,
while he isn't completely deaf, he is hard of hearing and quite unbalanced. Over time growing up with this and his short tail, he should be able to get a hold of his balance, but he'll still have great difficulty hearing others speaking to him. It is his right ear which is affected and rendered unusable.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Distinct Colors]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i> Crisp White | Dusty Ginger | Light Sienna | Pale Tawny</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Pelt]</b></ul></small>               <small><b>Pattern:</b> <i>Striped</i> - Body is adorn in wavy, blotchy stripes.</small>
              <small><b>Fur Type:</b> <i>Downy</i> - Soft and poofy | Feathery and airy like a kitten's, with less-than-average oiliness.</small>

<small><ul><b>[Scars]</b></ul></small>                      <small>N/A</small>

<small><ul><b>[Allergies]</b></ul></small>                    <small>N/A | <i>Has yet to come into contact with any allergens</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Size]</b></ul></small>                <small><b>Height:</b> 2.7 inches at withers | <i>Tiny baby.</i></small>
              <small><b>Weight:</b> 1.0 lbs | <i>Made of milk</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Build]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Stocky and chubby.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Gait]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Wide and quite a bit clumsy, but moves well for a chunky kit.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Scent]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>Smells of his mother's milk and overall scent, but occasionally smells of pine like Shiva.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Muscle]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>Mostly milk-pudge, but has more strength than other kits his age.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Tattoo Design]</b></ul></small>                    <small>N/A</small>

<small><ul><b>[Blood Type]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>AB</i></small>


<u><b>|| Statistics ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Basic Stats]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Dexterity:</b> <i>3</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Strength:</b> <i>2</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Speed:</b> <i>1</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Stamina:</b> <i>2</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Constitution:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Wisdom:</b> <i>0</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Intelligence:</b> <i>3</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Accuracy:</b> <i>5</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Charisma:</b> <i>6</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sensitivity:</b> <i>3</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Immunity:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li></ul>
<small><ul><b>[Health Stats]</b></ul></small>               <small><b>Physical:</b> <i>10</i>/10 | Fit as a fiddle, if not a little large for his age.</small>

             <small><b>Mental:</b> <i>10</i>/10 | A content kit with no worries.</small>

             <small><b>Pain Threshold:</b> <i>6</i>/10 | While he's not one to whine or cry over little things, he has been known to squeak when hurt and scuttle to hide by Fuka. He doesn't like pain, but is fairly quick to recover.</small>

<small><ul><b>[Specific Stats]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>Stealth:</b> <i>0</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Climbing:</b> <i>0</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Swimming:</b> <i>0</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Hunting:</b> <i>0</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Fighting:</b> <i>2</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Memory:</b> <i>7</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Tactility:</b> <i>3</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Depth Perception:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Sight:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Sound:</b> <i>5</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Smell:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Taste:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li>
<li><small><b>Sense of Touch:</b> <i>10</i>/10</small></li></ul>

<u><b>|| Tribe Information ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Tribe]</b></ul></small><small><b>Birth Tribe:</b> Water Tribe</small>
<small><b>Past Tribe:</b> N/A</small>
<small><b>Current Tribe:</b> Water Tribe</small>

<small><ul><b>[Tattoo]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Rank]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Kitten | <i>Resident flower prince of Water Tribe.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Ability]</b></ul></small>                      <small>N/A</small>

<small><ul><b>[Mentor]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Soulbond]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Signature Move]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>N/A</i></small>

<u><b>|| Pedigree ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Immediate Family]</b></ul></small> <small><b>Mother:</b>
Fuka ♀ | Blue-Water | <i>Water Tribe</i></small>
<small><b>Adoptive Mother:</b>
Shiva ♀ | Pink-Void | <i>Void Tribe</i></small>
Lore ♂ | Orange-Fire | <i>Fire Tribe</i></small>
Thistle ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Water Tribe</i>
Jasmine ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Water Tribe</i>
Daffodil ♂ | Tattooless | <i>Water Tribe</i>
Tiger Lily ♀ | Tattooless | <i>Water Tribe</i></small>
<small><ul><b>[Extended Family]</b></ul></small> <small><i><a href="">Extended Family Tree</a></i></small>

<u><b>|| Personality ||</u>


<small><ul><b>[Affectionate | Distant | Curious | Thoughtful | Impressionable | Stoic]</b></ul></small> <small> <b>|| Affectionate ||</b>
        While not the most verbal kitten, Calla Lily is not one to refrain from showing his love to those around him. He is very attached to his kinmates and even those who surround him in his home. Love is not in short supply with him. Though he might not show his adoration with his facial features, the wide and glittering gaze he sports and the randomly offered rubs and cuddles he gives to those nearby do well enough to exhibit his affection.</small>

<small> <b>|| Distant ||</b>
         Calla Lily is a cat of few words, and of fewer interactions with most others. While not cold in personality, many see the kitten as somewhat standoffish as he doesn't go out of his way to communicate and chat with others. If he has a problem, he'll either handle it himself or look to his kinmates for assistance. This isn't to say he doesn't like talking with others- he just spends more time in his own thoughts. His emotions are covered by the thickest of veils and only in the rarest of occasions will anyone other than his family know how Calla is really feeling. The reason behind this is currently unknown, but few think it may have to do with his difficulty hearing.</small>

<small> <b>|| Curious ||</b>
        As boundless as his imagination, Calla's sense of curiosity and quizzical nature often leads him into adventure in the hopes of better understanding the world around him. He constantly wishes to feed his mind and have a clearer image of the wild energy that constantly swirls around the lands and tribes. In fact, if he can, Gingivere will study anyone and everyone's actions and listen as best he can to whatever explanation they offer about their duties. Gingivere wishes to learn all he can and isn't a stranger to stalking the scholars when the mood strikes him.</small>

<small> <b>|| Thoughtful ||</b>
        Little Calla Lily is quite the avid dreamer and is often found lost in thought. His colorful and free-spirited thought process more than makes up for his lack of verbal expression and his sky-bound imagination is unrivaled by others. This kitten may have simple wishes, but has vastly expanded desires that linger about his mind, which is constantly awake in the truest sense even when he is asleep. <strike>The boy is woke!</strike></small>

<small> <b>|| Impressionable ||</b>
        Due to his great desire to learn, this kit is very attached to knowledge he receives. Calla takes almost everything he hears with more than a grain of salt and this often leads him to misunderstanding a situation or being completely wrong when he believes incorrect information. Such is a double-edged sword for the tom as though he wishes to learn about everything he can, learning from the wrong source could potentially pose a problem.</small>

<small> <b>|| Stoic ||</b>
        The seriousness of this young cat is nearly unbelievable for the majority of those around him as it is thought impossible for one as young as a kit to be so mature. His emotions are extremely well-guarded and his thoughts rule all of his actions, so he isn't one to be rash, dramatic, or overly passionate. In all truth, he is the most reserved and well-behaved of his generation and takes this with little pride. He doesn't see himself as different from others his age- just as more in touch with his inner thoughts as he takes the time to listen to his brain before acting as others do. However, his lack of luster often makes him seem boring and not worth spending time with until they really know him. Which is hard, since,'s hard to get close to him on a level he can understand.</small>

<small><ul><b>[Secondary Traits]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i><b>Wistful</b>
At times of calm in the camp, with nothing going on, he often longs for someone or something interesting to watch.</i></small></li>

As modest a cat can be, Calla is very respectful to all others, older than him or not.</i></small></li>

Not to say he doesn't believe in hope, but he believes more in reality and taking initiative to get what he wants.</i></small></li>

He can be pretty persistent and inflexible when it comes to learning about the world.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i><b>Cautious </b>
When confronted by danger, rather than become scared or bold, he simple puts the most careful foot forward in handling the ordeal.</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[MBTI Type]</b></ul></small>                      <small>INTP - The Philosopher | <i><a href="">Summary</a></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Humor Level]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>*blinks slowly*</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Views]</b></ul></small>            <small><b>Political:</b> <i>pending...</i></small>
          <small><b>Spiritual:</b> <i>pending...</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Extras]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Calla Lily was initially born with a pelt striped in rather bright ginger like Fuka's coat. However, as he ages, it seems the former color has become to dim quite a bit and the young tom has lost much of his vibrant, dreamy colors that he had once been self-enamored with.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i>Calla Lily is very fond of his brothers and sister and has a very strong respect for his littermates, idolizes them for different reasons.</i></small></li>

<li><small><i>He is a very clumsy cat, and this often frustrates him- though you'll never see him express it. This klutziness is a result of a lack of balance born from his partial deafness and bobtail-genetics resulting in a shorter tail. </i></small></li>

<li><small><i>Calla Lily's large eyes hold much mystery to them. It is believed that they appear even bigger because his face remains so stoic, thus giving the role of showing his feelings and expressions to his little soul windows. Many wonder if the eeriness of his big eyes will dissipate with age, or if he will always remain with jumbo peepers.</i></small></li></ul>

<u><b>|| Sexuality ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Sexual Orientation]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Unknownsexual</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Romantic Orientation]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>Unknownromantic</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Preferences]</b></ul></small>                      <small><i>As of yet, Calla Lily is unsure of what he prefers in terms of love beyond that of a platonic nature. In fact, he might be so enthralled with his own thoughts and dreams that he may not even understand that sex and romance is really a thing...Hoooooowwweveeeerrrrr, he does like brightly colored things <small>(wink wink nudge nudge)</small>.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Crush]</b></ul></small>                      <small><b>NO</b></small>

<small><ul><b>[Previous Relations]</b></ul></small>                      <small><b>NO</b></small>

<small><ul><b>[Current Status]</b></ul></small>                      <small><b>PURE CHILD</b></small>

<small><ul><b>[Current Lover]</b></ul></small>                      <small><b><i>*screeches*</i></b></small>

<small><ul><b>[Mate]</b></ul></small>                      <small><b>NO</b></small>

<small><ul><b>[Kits]</b></ul></small>                      <small><b>NO</b></small>

<small><ul><b>[Fertility]</b></ul></small>                      <small>Unknown at current time | <i>To be determined after first litter is born.</i></small>

<u><b>|| History ||</u>

<small><ul><b><a href=""> History in Prose</a></b></ul></small>

<u><b>|| Trivia ||</u>

<small><ul><b>[Memes]</b></ul></small>                       <small><i><a href="...">Relationships</a> | <a href="...">RP Tracker</a> | <a href="...">Height Chart</a></i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Voice Actor]</b></ul></small>                    <small>Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Yūichi Shibata | Bleach
                               <i>|| A soft, light voice with the faintest of squeaks to it. || </i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Sins]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>Pure child</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Symbolism]</b></ul></small>                 <small><i>pending...</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Likes]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Colors- he adores all the various hues that make the world around him unique.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Touch- he likes to express himself through things like cuddling and sharing tongues.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Dreaming- he spends most of his time lost in thought and greatly enjoys the worlds he fabricates.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Flowers- he finds them to be one of the most beautiful portions of the world.</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[Favorites]</b></ul></small>               <small><b>Location:</b> Flower Fields | <i>He likes to watch and smell the flowers.</i></small>
              <small><b>Food:</b> Milk | <i>It's pretty yummy because it's made with love by his mother.</i></small>
              <small><b>Game:</b> N/a | <i>He doesn't mind games, but he'd rather do this own thing.</i></small>
              <small><b>Activity:</b> Cloud Gaze | <i>Besides daydreaming, it's his favorite pastime.</i></small>
              <small><b>Season:</b> N/A | <i>He hasn't witnessed all of them yet.</i></small>
              <small><b>Time of Day:</b> Midday | <i>All the colors are brightest then.</i></small>
              <small><b>Skill:</b> N/A | <i>He hasn't seen many of the skills of the Tribes.</i></small>
              <small><b>Color:</b>N/A | <i>He loves all of them equally.</i></small>
              <small><b>Tribe:</b> Water & Void Tribe | <i>They're where he and his family live.</i></small>
              <small><b>Tribemate:</b> His Family | <i>He loves them every much.</i></small>
              <small><b>Outside Triber:</b> Shiva | <i>He's bummed that his Momther doesn't live in Water Tribe.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Dislikes]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>Arguments- he finds they make him very uncomfortable.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Darkness- not being able to see gravely scares him.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>Loudness- harsh noise close to his good ear dizzies and distracts him to the point where he cannot think or even keep balanced.</i></small></li></ul><small><ul><b>[Least Favorites]</b></ul></small>              <small><b>Location:</b> Trees of Killian | <i>He's never been, but the stories told about them make him think it is a scary, ugly place.</i></small>
              <small><b>Food:</b> N/A | <i>All he's had so far is milk.</i></small>
              <small><b>Game:</b> N/A | <i>Again, he doesn't hate any games. He just tolerates them.</i></small>
              <small><b>Activity:</b> Sleeping | <i>Unless he can dream during it, sleep is far too boring for him and a waste of time he could spend daydreaming.</i></small>
              <small><b>Season:</b> N/A | <i>He hasn't experienced them all yet.</i></small>
              <small><b>Time of Day:</b> Night | <i>It's too dark for him to see properly.</i></small>
              <small><b>Ability:</b> N/A | <i>He hasn't gotten to see enough skills.</i></small>
              <small><b>Color:</b> N/A | <i>He likes all colors.</i></small>
              <small><b>Tribe:</b> N/A | <i>He has nothing against any of them.</i></small>
              <small><b>Tribemate:</b> N/A | <i>Really has no qualms with any of his tribemates.</i></small>
              <small><b>Outside Triber:</b> N/A | <i>Hasn't met enough cats outside Water or Void Tribe.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Secret]</b></ul></small>                    <small><i>He often find himself frustrated with his lack of balance more so than his lack of hearing.</i></small>

<small><ul><b>[Dreams]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Make a best friend</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Form a family</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Gain a rival</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Become someone's soulbond</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Become a scholar</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Become the Head Scholar</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Learn everything about the world</i></small></li></ul>
<small><ul><b>[Fears]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Lose a family member</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Kill someone else</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Lose his sight</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Lose his powers</i></small></li>
<li><small><b>X</b> | <i>Die alone</i></small></li></ul>

<small><ul><b>[Tidbits]</b></ul></small><ul><li><small><i>He was originally a character I had planned to be born in the original rendition of the Familiar Seasons roleplay group, but the group went for a complete reworking of the world and he was unable to he used.
Thus, he was never technically born, and I though that was sad. So, here he is- refurbished and ready for a family.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>If he were a human, he probably would have had mild autism. I have people in my life that are such and they have the most incredible minds and senses of imagination. I feel that something like that would do nothing to stifle Calla's character, only broaden it vastly.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>If he could be reborn as anything, he would want to be a cloud. Drifting peacefully, aimlessly, and passing over the entirety of the world.</i></small></li>
<li><small><i>He would be the kind of person who would prefer to play as the Dungeon Master in a game of DnD.</i></small></li></ul>


<small><i>[RP from PokéPark on Pokefarm - Babayaga the Delphox]</i></small><ul><small>Honey gold eyes leered in the darkness of the rain which was now much stronger than the former sprinkle of droplets it had evolved from. A faint hiss sounded against the pattering of the shower overhead as the droplets evaporated off the plume of fur that the fox Pokemon donned. Babayaga's upper lip curled as a growl escaped her lungs, flattening her large ears to the best of her ability. With her thick tail lashing uneasily, the slender Delphox shrank back further into the underground, which seemed to grow tighter around her the further she moved. In her current size- even being one of the smaller creatures in the breed- was still much more problematic when it came to hiding. So easy it had been to shy away into a tangle of dense vegetation to avoid the rain as a Fennekin- even a Braixen. But now Baba seemed to be the brunt of nature's frustrations as the falling droplets broke through the barrier that the dark canopy of foresty trees had once held in strength before the thin membranes of the leaves grew heavy and limp with water.

<i>Sizzling.</i> Sizzling was not good. It proved too loud of a sound, even for the rain-filled air that gave a soft splatter with every collision between the draining sky and accepting earth. It would only take one Pokemon with the keenest of hearing to pinpoint the sizzle- even higher chances that they would catch sight of the steam- and Baba was doomed. There was hardly a chance she could win a battle on a sunny day, let alone a heavily rainy one. The dangerous threat of being found was too much for the frantic creature to take and the towering Fox Pokemon tore off into a run on all four- appearing quite awkward albeit, but faster than she would've gotten travelling upright on her hind legs. She had to get out of this drizzly wood and as she fled, a trail of steam followed more slowly in pursuit as it floated from her hissing pelt. It didn't take long for the Fire-Type to come across a cavern, and though it smelled of foreign scents that made her skin crawl with paranoia, the thought of remaining out in the cold wetness of the outside world when she was already becoming sopping wet was more than enough to send her packing into the cave without a hint of hesitation.

Upon entering the stony mouth of the landscape, Baba had not an inkling as to where she was, what else was in inside with her, and how well she would fare before the weather let up. In an attempt to quash any feelings of terror or regret for entering the unusual cavern, the scrawny Delphox elicited a thin streak of flame from her honey-toned muzzle and grinned a bit at the sound of loud fizzling as the jet of fire evaporated what water she trailed in from the stone floor and charred a small portion of the area. And while the spot was still hot with embers, the tall fox creature hurriedly hunkered down and curled into as tight of a ball as she could ever get. The sudden warmth was enticing and drew a purr from deep within her throat, though the feeling was short-lived as the rest of her damp hide smothered out the lasting little lives of heat. But at least she could dry there in peace. <i>Hopefully....</i></small></ul>
<small><ul><b>[Timezone]</b></ul></small>                      <small>CST |  <i>UTC/GMT -6 hours</i></small>

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<small><ul><b>[I've finally decided on my RP platforms ^^]</b></ul></small> <small>:bulletgreen: <b>Note RP</b></small>
<small>:bulletgreen: <b>Skype</b></small>
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