The Quaking of Rome: A Nation Divided

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The Quaking of Rome: A Nation Divided

Post  Torchiclove on Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:47 pm

I was thinking of Frostclan's inactive members, specificly DN, since the Cold Blades RP started up again. He wanted the Romans in the second instillation of Cold Blades, which we've already begun.
But why make Romans the bad guys, as I intended?
This is an RP about Roman campers. They do Roman things, live in a Roman world. Except for the fact that things have since changed.

A civil war has started, spurred by two conflicting preators(Sorry if spelled wrong.) Different ideas have torn this nation, New Rome, into two. One on hand, there is Damen, a strong-willed preator that leads the rebels of Rome. He believes in a new, stricter, battle-ready Rome. He knows of the Greeks-and he wants to destroy them.
The other preator is Reanne. She is confident among the crowds, but alone, she becomes antsy and skittish. She believes in the old ways of Rome, as have been passed down since the times of the Seven. A begrudged peace with-or seperation from-the Greeks sits well with her.

There are two sides-which do you choose?

Use the Cold Blades form or make your own or I don't care uguu.

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